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Producer Notes

Greetings Everyone,

We are excited to announce that Forgotten Treasures is available worldwide!  With this release we focused on introducing a major update to the Treasure Hunting profession.  With the help of the community and their feedback we have increased the overall quality of the loot available, added the ability to target specific loot that you are looking for, and introduced new cosmetics such as the Skull Longsword & Gnarled Staff!  Some of the other publish highlights include, 
  • Forgotten Treasures – a mini-event that continues the story of the nefarious pirate called Hook and introduces a new organization to Britannia – the Fellowship!  Visit the in-game Town Cryer to learn more!
  • Treasure Hunting Update – we have revamped the treasure hunting experience and introduced new loot to treasure chests!
  • New MIB Salvage Loot – take to the High Seas and drop your line, fish up new salvage items including new paintings, ship artifacts, and more!
  • Update to Cleanup Britannia Turnins – now you can throw out more of that unwanted clutter and claim some points!
  • New Keeps from the Keep Design Contents!
If you haven't already, head on over and check out the full Forgotten Treasures release notes for full details!

We are currently working on Forsaken Foes which includes seasonal favorites such as new Anniversary Gifts, our Halloween content and new rewards for the Huntmaster's Challenge.  We look forward to sharing additional details with you about our next release as we complete these features!

Following is the Meet and Greet schedule for July:

Formosa, July 15th at 10 AM ET
Chesapeake, July 29th at 7pm ET

Finally I would like to reiterate that multiboxing is illegal and you will be banned for it.  For those that are coming back to Ultima Online, welcome back! Please be aware though that we will permanently ban you if you are caught multiboxing.

The following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended during the month of May:

6   - Disruptive Behavior
19 - Macroing 
2   - Solicitation
1   - Illegal house design
4   - Multiboxing

See you on the High Seas and Happy Summer,

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Forsaken Foes

With the worldwide release of Forgotten Treasures the seas appear to be somewhat safer as brave sailors from across the realm have dispatched Hook's plunderbeacons and ensured maritime trade cargo is reaching its intended destination - for the most part!

The next chapter of our story introduces The Fellowship, a new organization to Britannia that promises to help those in need & spread good across the realm.  Many of you have already assisted the Fellowship in their efforts and as our story unfolds you must decide on which path you will walk...

As we look at our major goals in Forsaken Foes a large part of what we want to accomplish is related to enhancing the experience for several encounters from both a path of entry and reward perspective.

For Corgul and Scalis this means adding additional items to their loot drops to keep those encounters enticing.  For Charybdis this means easing the path of entry by providing additional means of acquiring both bait & the Oracle of the Sea, and enhancing the loot drops.

Recently there was a thread posted on the forums that asked about everyone's favorite artifacts.  The purpose of this thread was to provide a basis for loot drops as we move through the next several publishes.  Our goal is to use player reported preferences and release new cosmetic options for those artifacts.

Here are some of the early concepts for new equipment that we are working on - note these are a work in progress and may not reflect final implementation.

As we look at the viability of drops and rewards from new and existing content, especially as it relates to cosmetics, we have to keep an eye on Blackthorn's dungeon.  Blackthorn's dungeon offers some of the most desirable equipment, however the challenge offered by the majority of the dungeon (the non-captain area) promotes unattended gameplay.  This is always something we want to address and are currently brainstorming ways to re-release these items to move away from their availability as the result of unattended gameplay.  We look forward to conversations with the community regarding future changes.


Question & Answer

1.  Can we please revisit the Tokuno Champ spawn and make it fun instead of frustrating to do?

This is something we have in our backlog as something to address for a future publish.

2.  Will we ever hand equippable bottles of ale for role playing purposes?

Yes! We are planning to add a number of new equippables starting with bottles of liquor and moving on to additional cosmetics like instruments, and more!

3.  Where do the 10-14ish mod items have the POSSIBILITY of spawning anymore? OR, as is being bounced around, did y'all make changes to keep anything over 8-9 mods from being available anymore?

Items with 10 - 14 mods are still available on creatures such as Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer and other high end encounters. There is a cap on the total intensity an item can have but there is not a cap on how many mods are selected other then the available intensity to apply them.  New item mods can only be applied if there is available intensity on the item.

4.  What's the deal with the mysterious fragments being found in Treasure Chests?

They are, in fact, mysterious.

5.  What do I do with all the Fellowship Coins I'm collecting from the Fellowship?

Fellowship Coins will have a more direct use once we get to Forsaken Foes.

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