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Producer Notes

Greetings Everyone,

The UO Team is doing well and continues to work from home and we hope you and your families are safe and well.  We have seen a surge of players returning to Britannia and would like to take the time to welcome back a lot of old friends!  It is always nice to see familiar faces and to welcome new ones!  Britannia has been a second home to many of us over the years.  We invite you to share your Britannian legacy with us!  Share your favorite stories from your time in Britannia!

We are currently working hard on Publish 109 which we are planning a worldwide release in July.  We have talked about new tool upgrades that will be included for Event Moderators in Publish 109 which will offer us exciting new ways to deliver content.  We are also preparing new rewards for seasonal favorites like Halloween, our 23rd Anniversary, and more!  Keep an eye on for our TC release schedule, we look forward to your feedback!

Once we release Publish 109 we will be full steam ahead on our next project - we know you are excited to know what we have in store for Ultima Online and we are excited to share it with you!  Keep an eye out for this big announcement!

I would like to bring up a subject the Game Masters have asked me to address.  Please understand that it is not the job of a Game Master to act as a taxi.  If you are stuck in a dungeon for example,  it is not the responsibility of the GM to move you and your body to a safe location.  I hope you guys understand they have more pressing duties and are not allowed to accommodate these requests.

To give everyone additional activities to do during these trying times we have revisited some past events.  To continue to keep things fresh we will be sun-setting the Treasures of Tokuno event and reactivating the 20th Anniversary Invasion.  This transition will occur on May 12, 2020.  You will still be able to turn in your minor artifacts to the Imperial Minister of Trade in the Rokuon Cultural Center and Shops in Zento.

Finally I would like to announce that we are reviewing housing locations in the Abyss.  The first one we have raffled is on Napa Valley, we would like to congratulate Carisse on winning the Ranger House!  We will continue to review the status of these houses so watch for the auction stone in Malas.  The next house to be raffled will be the Gargoyle House on Catskills!  Good luck!

We would like to invite you to our Dev Meet and Greets for the months of May and June,

Monday May  11th Oceania @ 8 pm ET
Monday June 1st  Catskills @ 7 pm ET

The following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended during the month of March:

33 -  Macroing 
2 -    Solicitation
2 -   Multiboxing
1 -   Disruptive Behavior
2 -    Naming Violation
1 -  Harassment
6 -  Game anomaly exploitation
1 - Staff Impersonation
41 - Third party program

See you in Britannia,
Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Walk Through Shadows

By EM Malachi

The air was warm, and Shamino's beloved beckoned him to step onto the balcony. The ranger king looked around the castle chamber, but could not remember how he had gotten there. 

Though he felt drawn to the light, Shamino turned back to the papers and responsibilities in front of him. Instead of the castle steward, a man in a robe of stars sat across the table. Even with the sunlight shining upon him, the being cast no shadow. The Time Lord smiled. "Shall we discuss what happens now?"

"What is this?"

"You have a choice that most who cross into the Well of Souls do not. You may continue to serve the people of Britannia or pass on to what comes next."

"And what comes next?"

"The great mystery. Even my people do not know."

Shamino looked over his shoulder at the light. The spirit of his dear Beatrix gave him a sad, sweet smile as she faded away. Even if he had been ready, Shamino could not abandon his friends, not when he had heard the voice of the evil that was coming. "I will stay and fight."

Hawkwind nodded. "It will not be easy. Jack may have been a pawn, but the damage he caused was very real." Shamino saw images of the necromancer animating his headless body and sending the wraith against Britannia. He saw the burning of the Screaming Fleet, as flame and ocean consumed his former flesh. 

Hawkwind continued. "But you have already done much." The ranger saw himself working side-by-side with Julia, as he helped the long-departed ghost remember enough to continue her work. The secrets of the shrines would enter the dreams of those who could restore them.

"Still the path before you is dangerous. Much evil will happen." Time swirled around Shamino, showing him possible futures: an army in gleaming armor covered in innocent blood, darkness stretching from the void like a great hand, and his Skara Brae in ruins. 

Hawkwind continued, "There is hope." The images changed: a chain of people passing buckets to douse fires in Britain, human and gargoyle leaders marshaling a united army, and Shamino’s friends each fighting the growing evil in their own way. 

As the images faded, Shamino spoke, “I will help them through this.”

"The ranger has many enemies. Liches from the previous age still curse your name in their tombs and abattoirs. The coming darkness knows to hate you. And you will be without form or substance."

"My body is completely destroyed?"

"Yes, but your spirit is not. And that changes everything."

Question & Answer

1. Can you adjust the new EM teleporter functionality so that parties don't get split up?

Yes, we will be adjusting the functionality of this tool in Publish 109 so parties will teleport to the same location when accessing the teleporter.

2.  When is the wine rack coming to the Ultima Store?

The next item coming to the Ultima Store is the spiral staircase, followed in a few weeks by the wine rack!

3.  Can you fix the gargoyle flightpath in the CC?

We are investigating the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible

4.  There is an issue with classic client targeting of next hostile, can this be addressed?

We are investigating the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible.  

5.  Sometimes it is difficult to find information about what's new as a returning player, where should I look?

There are a number of resources available to help you on your return to Britannia!  You can check out the wiki, especially A Summary for Returning Players.  You can also visit the in-game Town Criers to embark on a number of quests to catch up on content you may have missed!  Your best bet is always to reach out to the shard community - one of the great things about Ultima Online is our amazing community of friends that are always willing to show you around!

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