This newsletter is here to keep you informed of the recent happenings and future plans of all things Dark Age of Camelot.
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Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter. 

The newsletter's goal is to outline Camelot's happenings as well as hint towards our future plans. If you don't have a chance to read every Herald or Facebook post but still want to know how the game is doing, this newsletter is for you!

Newsletter-exclusive announcements and rewards will abound so make sure you and your friends are signed up!

John Thornhill
In this newsletter...
  • Otherworlds Campaign Announced
  • Live Stream Dev Q&A
  • 1.118B Coming to Pendragon Thursday
  • New Knight Videos and Guides
  • Twitch Update
  • Twitch and Newsletter Winners!
  • Accolades and Well-wishes
  • Knight and Internal Application Updates
  • A Look Ahead

I. Otherworlds Campaign Announced

We’re excited to announce the new Otherworlds Campaign as part of the upcoming 1.118 patch! This campaign will involve an extensive story arc and content update to be released in quick, regular stages over the course of the summer and fall, culminating in an exciting intertwining of PvE and RvR!

• Prove yourself against the newest threat to the realms and unlock new stat caps for your character by earning new item rewards!
• Collect brand new specialty crafting components for new potions and improved legendary weapons!
• Conquer the ghost of King Uther in Albion, the Jotunn Ymir in Midgard, and the Siabra-Queen Cliodna in Hibernia and help your realm win the war in the Frontiers! has an exclusive first look into the new Otherworlds Campaign including video footage and an interview that delves into the details!

Read our official announcement for more information on how to get started with the campaign and stay tuned for patch 1.118!

II. Live Streaming Developer  Q & A

This Thursday, June 25th, at 7 PM EST / June 26th 12 AM GMT we'll be hosting a live stream developer Q&A.

Want to know more about the plan for the Otherworlds campaign? When will you be able to craft the new legendary weapons? What are the other types of new potions? Have something completely off the wall to ask? Now's your chance to ask it live! 

Tune in to our Official Twitch Channel on Thursday evening to participate! We'll be taking questions you submit ahead of time via our grab bag form as well as straight from the Twitch channel's chat.

III. 1.118b Coming to Pendragon

We launched 1.118a to Pendragon a few weeks ago and are excited to have 1.118b coming out this week!

1.118b has several planned highlights:
  • New Frontiers Pathing Fixes!
  • Reducing the requirements to form a group with the Casual Group Finder!
  • Draughts of Supremacy and other potion buffs will now be shearable!
  • Darkness Falls mob difficulty adjustments!
Stay tuned for more details and updates on the Camelot Herald once the 1.118b version is released!

IV. How-to and Gameplay Video Guides

Our Knights and some volunteer players have been hard at work creating new and engaging How-to and Gameplay video guides!

We've called these out generally before but this time we're going in-depth to showcase all of the ones we have now and hint towards what else is planned!

How-To Videos

Account Videos:
Account Recovery
Update Account Payment
Character Transfers

In-game Tutorials:
Making Quickbar Macros
Qbinds, Keyboard, and Mouse settings
Casual Group Finder Demo
Backing up your Quickbars


Gameplay Videos

Blocking Mechanics
Gear Templating

Glass Quests:
Level 30-40
Level 40-45


You can also check these out on our official Youtube channel!

We also have the following guides in the works already or are planning to have them out eventually!

In the works:
Stepping up your Game
Optimal Control Scheme
Class Guides
Crafting - Fletching
Crafting - Tailoring
Crafting - Siege Crafting
Pendragon /Charcopy

Planned guides:
More Class guides
Master Level abilities
Champion Level abilities
Interrupt system
Crowd Control
Using Siege
Grouping Overview
Guild Overview

And many more!

A big thank you to our Knights and player volunteers for their hard work and continued dedication! If you're interested in contributing contact our Community Lead, Carol (Beibhinn), on the Postcount forums.


V. Twitch Hosting Update

As you can see our Twitch streaming schedule on the right bar still has quite a few streamers each week.

However, we wanted to update you on our new approach to Twitch.

We've shifted our focus away from having people stream on our official channel to instead hosting individual streams from our ever growing community of DAOC streamers! This gives those of you interested in becoming DAOC personalities a chance to get some official channel airtime!

Our aim is to have a hosted or scheduled stream up at all hours so be sure to follow the channel for alerts of when your favorite streamer is on!


VI. Player Accolades and Remembrances


Nothing new to report this time around.

Remember, if you would like to give congrats, well wishes, or remembrances to anyone please contact our Community Lead, Carol (Beibhinn), on the Postcount forums.


VII. We're over 1000!

Both our Twitch Channel and this very newsletter easily surpassed the 1000 follower thresholds we set last time! In celebration we've done lottery drawing from each member list. You just had to be subscribed to this newsletter and/or following the twitch channel for a chance to win!

3 unique, lucky winners have been chosen from each list, check below for your name: 


Newsletter subscriber lottery rewards:

1st prize goes to Graze-Ywain1

You've won a 30 day game time code and 1 free DAoC item (up to $30 in value)

2nd prize - Lioucis-Ywain3

You've won 1 free DAoC item (up to $30 in value)

3rd prize - Noahscape-Ywain1
You've won 1 free DAoC item (up to $15 in value)

If any of the above characters are yours, check your account's email! Be sure to check your spam folders just in case and then follow the instructions in the email to claim your prize!

Twitch follower lottery rewards:

1st prize - Salik733

You've won a 30 day game time code and 1 free DAoC item (up to $30 in value)

2nd prize - Danny000014

You've won 1 free DAoC item (up to $30 in value)

3rd prize - Kulden

You've won 1 free DAoC item (up to $15 in value)

If any of the above Twitch handles are yours, check your Twitch private messages! Follow the instructions there to claim your prize!

All DAoC items are to be chosen from the new Zazzle store!


VIII. Knight  and Internal Application Updates

We're excited to announce 4 new Knight Program and 5 new Internal Forums members today! 

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating the 4 new Knights:

Agroculture - Podcast and streaming
Bubbly - Streaming, creating guides
Fugou - Creating guides and helping with the French community
Morrigs - Creating guides and helping with the German community

As well as the 5 new internal forum members:


Congratulations to you all!

If you haven't filled out the application yet, what are you waiting for!? 
We'll still be combing through applications over the coming weeks and months to fill positions as needed so fret not if you haven't been picked yet. Keep submitting feedback, posting on the forums, or leading within the community for the best shot at being picked! 

IX. A Look Ahead

July 4th Bonuses
Stay tuned to the Camelot Herald for some excellent RvR bonuses coming later next week for the July 4th holiday weekend!
Midsummer's Inaugural Event
Are you ready to earn some extra Realm Points? Our new Midsummer's event will be coming out mid-July! Keep your eyes here and on the Herald for more information!
5v5 Tournament
We have just a few more kinks to work out before we announce the signup process and free-for-all ruleset tournament date. Expect some news in the next couple of weeks on the Camelot Herald

User Interface
The User Interface work continues. We're busy normalizing the look and layout and picking the 'default' state of the UI. We're also creating a new skin and making some significant improvements to quickbars! You can expect to see the first batch of changes later this summer!

New Account Center
We spoke last newsletter about the new Account Center coming: it's completely revamped from the ground up in look, user-flow, and features. That said, we want to launch this as smoothly as possible and so we've decided to take a few extra months to test it. We expect to roll it out this next fall and are excited to make returning to the game easier than ever.
Camelot Herald 
Details on the website revamp and re-skin are being worked out as you read this. We're still aiming to have the new site up and running by the end of the year!
Please forward this to your DAOC curious friends and help get them into the game!
Camelot Herald
Account Center
Twitch Channel

Interest piqued? Nostalgic? 
Newly created accounts get a 14 day free* trial and returning players may be eligible for 7 days free*! What are you waiting for!? Download now!


Carol, our Community Lead, along with several Knights, has been hard at work writing up a new Returning Player Game-Guide. This is your one-stop shop if you've come back to the game and don't know where to start. Check it out!


We've had 11 podcasts by our illustrious knights so far with more to come. Tune in each Sunday at 8PM EST to hear their thoughts on the latest happenings within the game. We've had 4 new ones since our last newsletter, including some sneak peaks at the Otherworlds campaign, and they can all be found here!


T-shirts. Mousepads. Notebooks. USB Drives. Bibs... If you can put a logo on it, our new Zazzle store probably has it with newly minted Knot and Realm logos to boot! 

Browse the store HERE and note that all items ship internationally!



Streams can be found at

10AM EST Haatcore - Midgard RvR


10AM EST Haatcore - Midgard RvR
2PM EST Shileah - Group RvR
9PM EST Nerf - Ranger RvR


4AM EST Grobo - Group RvR

2PM EST Cyrric - Small group RvR
8PM EST Yaycarol - Eye in the Sky

2PM EST Cyrric - Small group RvR
8PM EST Knights Podcast

Have your own stream and want us to host you? Contact our Community Lead, Carol (Beibhinn), on the Postcount forums.



Carol, our Community Lead, has weekly updates on the status of the perpetual realmwar available on our facebook page. The action has been phenomenal in the frontiers with relics changing hands frequently and no one realm dominating.

Let the screenshots speak for themselves.


Our community coordinator, Carol, along with several of the Knights have been hard at work on updating, editing, and creating several guides on the Camelot Herald!

Several new guides and videos are in the works and many of the existing guides have been updated already:

Returning Player Acct Recovery
Returning Player Game-Guide
Beginner's Guide - Overview
How-To Videos
In-game Video Guides
Battleground Quests Guide
Molvik Guide
User Interface
Armor Resist Tables
Spellcraft Armor Bonuses
Slash Commands
Guild Commands
Merchant Dyes
Community Sites
Otherworlds Campaign Guide

Have a guide or video that you want on the Herald? Contact our Community Lead, Carol (Beibhinn), on the Postcount forums.



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