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Live Hot Fix 

The below updates and adjustments went live during February!



  • Loyalty cloaks now level 50% faster.
  • Enchanter's Loyalty Cloak /use1 has been changed as follows:
    • No longer provides a radius-increase to spells cast for 60s.
    • Now provides a reset quickcast ability.
  • Enchanter's Freezing Vest proc Enchantment of Crystal now correctly applies to the pet.
  • Champion's Dragon Curse set bonus has been changed as follows:
    • No longer provides a radius bonus to the level 33-39 debuffs.
    • Now increases the effectiveness of Level the Odds and Even the Odds magic resistance buffs by 50% in addition to the existing bonus of increasing their range from 1000 to 1500.
  • Champion's Dragon Curse set is now properly identified in the Bountycraft window as Varshe's Dark Armor, Varshe's Dark Greaves, and Varshe's Dark Armguards and have the proper armor icons.


  • New User Journey quest rewards no longer ask for players to select a choice of 1 armor reward and instead just grant the single armor piece directly.
  • New User Journey quest rewards will now properly show up for "different realm" characters that complete the quests on the Gaheris server.
  • Gaheris players will no longer be offered the Daily RvR quests in the relic towns.
  • The quest Unraveling: Kingly Crisis will now always spawn the demon lord when players on the quest enter the Throne Room.
  • The level 30 and level 40 Skyros Order, Naxos Society, and Melos Alliance faction quests in Mesothalassa have been re-enabled.
  • The Priceless Antiques quest will now properly step when speaking with Nydimeth on step #9.
    • Players currently stuck on step #10 without a Tarnished Key can now re-interact with Nydimeth and she will advance the quest.

Ruined Areas

  • All acquired teleport buffs will once again immediately be stripped from any grouped-players in the ruined areas.


  • Cleansed diamond seals (used to craft the etched aquamarine eye) are now available for sale directly from Taxidermy Supplies NPCs in housing.
    • Players with Fiery Diamond Seals may still turn them into the various trophy NPCs to receive the same cleansed diamond seal.

Siege Weapons

  • Boiling Oil and Fortified War Rams now take 60% less damage from Palintones.
    • Field War Rams now take 30% less damage from Palintones.
  • Palintone Ammunition's radius has been reduced as follows:
    • Default, Heavy Bolt, and Honed Heavy Bolt radius reduced from 200 to 25.
    • Toxic Bolt and Lethal Bolt radius reduced from 350 to 125.
  • Boiling Oil's splash radius has been increased from 400 to 500 units.
    • This change means that either side of the outer gatehouse "nooks" will be hit by oil now.


Class Changes


Heal Power Cost Increases 

  • Specialization-based casted group heals now cost 50% more power to cast.
    • This change affects Bards, Clerics, Druids, Friars, Healers, Paladins, Shaman, and Wardens.
    • This does not affect baseline casted group heals or group-based HoTs or regens.
    • It also does not affect Warlock group heals as they are secondary-cast and have their power cost controlled by the primer selected.
  • Spread heals now cost 100% more power to cast.
    • This change affects Clerics, Druids, Healers, and Warlocks.
      • Warlock's spread heal power cost is no longer percentage based (which was based on base power pool and costing less power than intended) and is now a hard-power cost. This puts their power cost on even footing with other support classes using spread heal.
  • These changes are aimed to reintroduce power pool management on support classes and to reduce the effectiveness of non-LOS heals in certain situations, such as keep sieges.


  • Armsman now receive the Snapshot ability at level 25 for free and no longer receive it in Crossbow specialization.


  • The level 50 PBAoE DD Resounding Aura has had its damage increased from 343 to 375 and had its snare component removed. It now only targets and hits enemy realm players, pets, and realm guards.


  • The Bone revenant line of spells have had their delves updated to state that the revenants will only spawn against enemy player targets and have had their max number spawned increased by 2 at all levels.
    • Please note that the max number limit includes any spawned Commander and sub-pets along with the revenants.


  • The red, level 40+ str/con, dex/qui, haste, and acuity debuffs no longer have a radius.
  • Champion's Dragon Curse set bonus has been changed as follows:
    • No longer provides a radius bonus to the level 33-39 debuffs.
    • Now increases the effectiveness of Level the Odds and Even the Odds magic resistance buffs by 50% in addition to the existing bonus of increasing their range from 1000 to 1500.


  • The enchantments in Enchanting specialization are now available at higher specialization levels as follows:
    • Enchantment of Ice moved from level 6 to level 16.
    • Enchantment of Stone moved from level 16 to level 26.
    • Enchantment of Fire moved from level 26 to 36.
    • Enchantment of Mana moved from level 36 to 40.
    • The level 46 and 50 enchantments remain unchanged.
  • Enchanter's Loyalty Cloak /use1 has been changed as follows:
    • No longer provides a radius-increase.
    • Now provides a reset quickcast ability.
  • Enchanter's Freezing Vest proc Enchantment of Crystal now correctly applies to the pet.


  • The level 48 Torrential Blaze uninterruptible DD/ramp has had its cast time changed from 2.0s to 2.5s.


  • The level 50 style Phoenix Strike in Fist Wraps has been changed from an anytime follow-up to now follow-up the level 18 rear positional, Wind Taker.


  • Mercenary's Dissolute Swings Realm Rank 5 should now correctly clear all haste debuffs on initial firing as its delve states.
    • Please note that it is intended to allow subsequent haste debuffs to land however.


  • A new level 50 spell has been added:
    • Channeled Rage – PBAoE DD – 345 Spirit Damage – 2.5s cast – 300 radius – Only targets and hits enemy realm players, pets, and realm guards.


  • The level 50 PBAoE DD Spellbinder's Torrent has had its damage increased from 325 to 365 and had its snare component removed. It now only targets and hits enemy realm players, pets, and realm guards.


  • The Vale Defense Realm Rank 5 has had its damage absorption values lowered from 2000 to 1500 for the Valewalker and 1000 to 750 for their group.

General Bug Fixes

  • Various error and destination messaging on battleground, hub, and dungeon teleporters has been cleaned up.
  • Hamish Duncana should no longer become permanently un-interactable.

A Look Ahead

Our newsletter poll last Autumn asking about which housing features you would like to see updated gave us a clear direction to improve the Market Explorer window. That will be our major focus of the housing updates but we'll also be introducing several other housing features and bug fixes.

First, house repossession will be re-enabled in 1.127. This means any houses that are currently due to be repossessed from account inactivity will get repossessed as soon as 1.127 launches to live.

Next, we have a fix for the annoying need to manually refresh house vaults on server-up (though the fix will require the vaults to be manually refreshed once more, subsequent server downtimes won't!) and a fix for CMs that have reached plat cap to not sell any more items. We'll also be introducing brand new hi-res and updated textures for all existing housing tiers! A 5th house tier won't make it into Patch 1.127 unfortunately but we do have some of that work well under way for when the right opportunity to fully implement it comes!

Aside from housing, we also hope to tackle some rather annoying and long-standing bugs like concentration buffs randomly dropping and occasionally hitting a load screen when using mass gateway as well as many more!

For Endless Conquest, we've seen a steady population and a solid conversion rate from EC to Veteran accounts since its launch. That said, we would like to make EC even more attractive to play and try while still maintaining the value of a subscription. We're currently looking at adjusting the 180-day timer down some, taking a hard look at the buffing restrictions, and making some tweaks to the progression rates for EC accounts. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this and all of the above!

Endless Conquest 

For 18 years, thousands have joined the realms of Albion, Midgard, or Hibernia and taken part in Dark Age of Camelot’s iconic Realm vs Realm combat.

Dark Age of Camelot: Endless Conquest gives past, present and new players access to the core features of Dark Age of Camelot without a paid subscription. Endless Conquest accounts have access to all three realms and are able to fully participate in Realm vs Realm combat up to max character level and realm rank!

Endless Conquest applies to both the Ywain and Gaheris servers.

Check out our Endless Conquest FAQ and account comparison table!


The Ghost Keep has returned to the frontiersEarn and defend your realm's Ghost Keep, win other realm's keep and earn rewards!

Ghost Keep runs from February 21st, 2020 to March 10th, 2020 . A guide to the Ghost Keep event is available here.


Saint Patrick's Day Event

Our Saint Patrick's Day event returns in March and will run from Thursday, March 12th, 2020 to Wednesday, March 18th, 2019

To get the quest, level 50s should pay the following poor souls a consoling visit:
  • Edmund in Cotswold's tavern
  • Bjorne in Mularn's beer hall
  • Silvadren in Mag Mell's pub
For players of all level ranges, there are three pesky little tricksters who are hoping you're not too lucky! A 'charming' reward will be bestowed upon those who have the cunning to out-wit:
  • Killaghe in Albion
  • Daighu in Midgard
  • Iollarme in Hibernia
The "Luck of a Leprechaun" quest can be obtained from the following:
  • Sir Prescott in Cotswold
  • Hrolf in Mularn
  • Epona in Mag Mell

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Freitags-Grab Bag

Die Freitags-Grab Bag beantwortet im Zwei-Wochen-Rhythmus Fragen aus der Community zu Spielmechaniken, Klassenfunktionen und dem Spiel im Allgemeinen. Da wir im Januar-Newsletter die zweite Monatsausgabe der Grab Bag auf Grund des Newsletter-Redaktionsschlusses nicht vorstellen konnten, ist sie in dieser Ausgabe dabei. Die zweite Freitags-Grab Bag-Ausgabe des Jahres beantwortete eure Fragen dazu, ob Acuity den Schaden der Schadenszauber von Nachtschatten erhöht, mittels Conversion Gesundheit umgewandelt wird oder nur Magie und Ausdauer, es ein Powercap gibt und +Power oder+ Power Cap/Mythical Power sinnvoller sind, stellte klar, wie die so genannten „Solo-Zonen“ zu verstehen sind und ob man eine Freezing-Waffe entfärben kann.

Die erste Freitags-Grab Bag des Februars erschien am Valentinstag. In ihr gingen wir auf eure Fragen ein zu den geänderten Magiekosten des höchststufigen Spreadheals von Hexenmeistern, den Einfluss der Belagerungswerkstatt auf errichtete Belagerungswaffen in der zentralen Festung in Molvik, den Trefferbonus von Waffen aus dem Dungeon Tuscarian Glacier, ob eine Schattenklinge den Wert Dexterity benötigt und erklärten, welche Voraussetzungen und Bedingungen es benötigt, damit man für das Wirken von Heilsprüchen Reichspunkte verdient.

Wie schon bei der Januar-Ausgabe des Newsletters war die zweite Grab Bag des Monats bei Newsletter-Redaktionsschluss noch nicht erschienen, sodass sie erst in der kommenden Newsletter-Ausgabe enthalten sein wird!

Hotfix für Version 1.126

Zusammen mit dem Valentinstags-Event erschien ein Hotfix für die Liveversion 1.126. Dieser brachte einige kleinere Änderungen; so leveln nun beispielsweise die Loyalty-Cloaks 50% schneller und die erste Benutzen-Fähigkeit auf dem Loyalty-Umhang von Beschwörern wurde geändert; außerdem wurde unter anderem der Bonus des Curse-Sets von Champions angepasst. Festungskämpfe wurden herausfordernder gestaltet, indem Änderungen an den Belagerungswaffen vorgenommen wurden, und kochendes Öl richtet nun in einem größeren Radius Schaden an. Ebenfalls viel Einfluss insbesondere auf Festungskämpfe hat die Änderung an den Kosten für Heilsprüche. Das Manapool-Management bei Support-Klassen ist nun wieder ein wichtigeres Thema geworden!
Es wurden zudem einige kleinere Klassenänderungen vorgenommen. Die kompletten Hotifx-Notizen könnt ihr hier nachlesen! Wie immer freuen wir uns hierzu über eure Rückmeldungen!

Event: Ghostkeep

Seit dem 20.02.2020 läuft der beliebte Ghostkeep-Event wieder. Absolviert Quests und kämpft damit für euren Realm darum, die Geisterfestung für euch zu gewinnen! Der Ghostkeep-Event läuft in mehreren Phasen ab, in denen verschiedene Aufgaben erledigt werden müssen, um euren Realm voranzubringen. Für diese werdet ihr reichlich mit Reichs- und Kopfgeldpunkten belohnt! Außerdem könnt ihr den Ring of the Summoned und die begehrte Ghostly Medal of Valor verdienen. Der Ghostkeep-Event läuft noch bis zum 10. März 2020. Alle Details sowie einen Link zu einem Event-Guide findet ihr in den Event-News!

Community Spotlight und Suchaktion

Im letzten Newsletter hatte ich euch dazu eingeladen, mir eure liebsten Content-Ersteller zu empfehlen sowie die Möglichkeit geboten, über den Newsletter nach vermissten ehemaligen Spielgefährten zu suchen. Eure Beiträge nehme ich weiterhin gerne entgegen! Schickt mir hierzu einfach eine Email mit dem Betreff „Community Content“ bzw. „Bitte melde Dich“ an!
Wenn ihr News habt, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie in den Newsletter gehören, lasst es unsere deutsche Community Administratorin [Shileah] über die offiziellen Foren wissen, oder kommt im Discord-Server vorbei!

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