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Producer Notes

Greetings Everyone,

With Publish 109 in full release we have been working through the soft launch of our new content generation tools.  A huge thank you to Origin & Izumo for participating in the Treasures of Orcish Kin, the feedback was incredibly helpful!  Our next soft launch, The Treasures of Deceit will be released on Lake Superior, Sakura, Oceania, and Europa.  Keep an eye on for updates for when these events go live!  

We have also given the EMs new tools to enhance your event experiences.  These should make it easier to better handle events and create tailored experiences for each shard.  With these new tools the EMs can be a bit more creative with the types of monsters you'll encounter!  We've seen excellent feedback from the new dynamic Champ Spawns and appreciate everyone who has attended EM events and given us feedback so far!  As some of you have experienced we are working through issues with the new tools, one being an issue we resolved with getting messaged that you got an item but did not actually receive it.  This is not the fault of your EM please do not blame them.  If you have experienced this and your character is overweight for no reason please email me.

We are still in the process of implementing our dynamic quest system.  Joining the dynamic Champ Spawn & Treasures systems the dynamic quest system will allow us a full suite of content generation tools to make Britannia feel as alive as ever!  Keep an eye on for when we update servers to support the new system.

I am sure many of you have noticed a lot of houses falling. I would like to explain that these are due to an audit of complimentary accounts. As we were unable to identify a valid reason they should be comp'd, we removed that status. This resulted in houses without owners falling. The decay of these houses has led to some items that were never intended for release going into players' backpacks from IDOC loot. These items will be removed from your packs and deleted. They are considered illegal items and GMs will not allow players to keep those items.

Several players have asked about the Castle & Keep Contests.  These contents have been temporarily put on hold while we focus on broader development goals.  They will return in the future for all our creative architects.

We appreciate you guys writing up issues found in Bugs section of the UO Forums!  Please know that they are checked and we have to confirm them to write them up.  The problem is sometimes there really is not enough information to confirm issues submitted.  Giving details really helps us and lessens the frustration you guys might have because a bug is not fixed.

We are also really excited about our new Ultima Store items!  We would like to give you a heads up as to the schedule we will be releasing some of those items,

August - Anvil of Artifacts
September - Transmogrification Potion - Robe Slot
October - Decorative Guildstone
November - Capybara Vanity Mount
December - Decorative Mage set
January - Mini House deeds ( Robin's Nest and The Spires)   (These two were chosen based on the number placed on all shards)

We would like to invite you to our Dev Meet and Greets for the month of August,

Wakoku  August 10th,  9 AM ET
Lake Superior  August 24th, 7 PM ET

The following are actions taken on accounts that were either banned or suspended during the month of June:

59 -  Macroing 
3 -    Solicitation
29 -  Multiboxing
7 -    Naming Violation
5 -    Disruptive Behavior
2 - Third party program use
6 - Game Anomaly Exploit
1 - Abuse of Game Mechanics
2 - Solicitation

See you in Britannia,
Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Dreams of Julia

By EM Malachi

Many years ago...

Halston Montil looked down the edge of his blade at the large troll in front of him. The Royal
Guard investigator had chased the leader of the Followers of Armageddon across half the
continent, only to arrive later than the angry troll who had been tricked into attacking Britannia.
Montil knew that his warriors could deal with the creature, but not without risking the two
innocents whom the cultist was hiding behind.  “Troll, if you threaten us no more, you are free to go.”

“No! Brother Killer must die!”

One of the hostages, a woman in a simple orange dress, tried to explain to the troll that the
guard would stop the murderer and Justice would be served. The troll was beyond reason.
G’thunk brought his huge club down on the entire trio, but Julia interceded to shield the other
hostage, her small frame taking the brunt of the blow.

The Royal Guard didn’t hesitate and moved in. Half the group arrested and secured the cabal
leader, while the remaining moved against the troll. The creature did not go down easily, and
even as the troll lay dying, G’thunk crawled toward his target, screaming “Brother Killer!” Montil
was half tempted to let the troll have the human murderer.

The threats abated, he turned his attention to the injured. The other hostage, the mage Mariah,
cradled the dying woman in her arms and tried to focus mana through a root of ginseng she had
torn from the ground. The guardsman recognized the healing spell, but knew from Julia’s pallor,
it wouldn’t be enough.


The dreams of a reformed pirate...

The air was cold in the forest, and wind blew fog from a river to the west. Jasir pulled his cloak
close and followed the path to the shrine. A woman was picking through the rubble there. She
was pale, except for a mane of red hair. As he approached, she looked up and spoke, “Ancient
Sosarians used to mix animal bone into the iron for swords. They believed it would imbue the
bear’s strength or wolf’s ferocity.”

“Did it work?”“

As much as anything does.” Julia stooped down and ran a hand over the gold inlay of the tear
drop. “The children who helped me pan for this gold grew into Minoc’s people: miners, soldiers,
and crafters. With all the strife, how many of them have bled for our way of life? How many
more will be lost?” She began to cry.

Jasir moved to comfort her, but noticed the ground was red with Julia’s blood. The ghost turned,
her form wavering. “I cannot shield them anymore. They will need you.
”What is required?”

"What always is: Sacrifice.”

Question & Answer

1.   Can we have some new dye colors?

Yes, we have a few colors made up that we will be releasing in the coming months.

2.   Will we ever be able to see an item count for a vendors backpack?

Bleak is going to look into being able to add this feature to the classic client.

3.  Can you look at updating PvP to make other templates more viable and at balancing shatter potions?

We look forward to community discussion on the best way to add variability to PvP templates and additional balancing changes.  We encourage everyone to take part in the discussion on the UO Forums.

4.  There are often issues with pets during events where they sometimes get stuck in bottlenecks.  Can we allow them to push through in Trammel?

We would have to investigate the full impact of this change, but it's something that is now on our radar.  Look for updates as we work to implement this feature.

5.  Can you consider adding potions of transmogrification for other equipment slots?

We've seen a tremendous amount of excitement about the potion coming to the Ultima Store!  We build the system so we could expand functionality to future potions and will monitor how this first release goes and plan for future equipment slots.


Customer Service


For the billing support at to sufficiently verify ownership of an account you wish to recover, information that is currently set on the account has to be verified. Please note that account recovery requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If a secret word is saved on the desired account(s), we will be happy to provide the secret word hint(s).

Accounts that have been closed within the last year require the secret word and 2 pieces of information.

Accounts that have been closed for more than a year require only the secret word, if a secret word is not set then 3 pieces of information are required.

Information used for verification are as follows:
  • Account name
  • Email
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Key codes
  • Payment information (CC)
  • Date account was open/closed
  • State/country
To recover an account, please email so that the Billing Support has a ticket in the system. Keep an eye out for the automated reply requesting account verification for the Billing Support Team to assist further.
•  How to create an account or log into my account?
•  How to manage my accounts after I’ve logged into the Account Center?
To reset your password you must first understand which type of account you are resetting the password for.
EA Accounts, Mythic Master Accounts, and Mythic Product / Game Accounts all have separate individual passwords. All of which you can reset at our Account Center at

•  To reset your EA Account password:
       * Please visit
       * At the EA page enter the email used to log into your EA Account to change its password.
       * If you have not received your password or have received an error while trying to reset the password and you have disabled all spam filters, please contact EA Support here.
If you have an account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back, please contact the Dispute Team from the email associated with the account at for further investigation and a possible one-time reprieve.
For in-game issues or question, please submit an in-game help request for a Game Master to contact you.
To submit your suggestions and feedback regarding game content, mechanics, or design, please send them to

Sovereigns Coin Codes purchased from EA Origin have to be redeemed on the Account Center; you cannot enter these in game.
Sovereign Coin Codes that have been redeemed are bound to the EA Account they were redeemed on and are only usable by the accounts linked with that EA Account; Sovereign Coin currency may not be transferred.

If you are having issues with your EA Origin purchase, follow this link to resolve the issue.

You may have noticed that Origin Store purchases made did not arrived as expected. The Origin Store enacts reviews on all transactions to safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and these reviews may take up to 72 hours. Unfortunately our Billing department is not able to expedite or circumvent this process. However, players who have questions or concerns regarding a store purchase can contact Origin Support for assistance using the below steps:
1)  Go here,
2)  Select topic* - select Orders
3)  Select issue*
4)  Click on "Select contact option"
5)  Sign in with your EA Account or click on "Get help from an advisor without logging in." if you're having trouble signing in.

We would also like to reiterate that the Origin store is the only guaranteed provider of codes for Ultima Online. The validity of a code purchased from a third-party seller (be it a friend, in-game acquaintance, or recommended site) cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, any codes we find to have be fraudulently obtained will be disabled and an account that applies any of these codes will have that code removed from said account. This can result in the loss of game time, character slots, expansion access, Sovereigns (and the items purchased with them), in-game items and more. Please be advised that we cannot assist with any issues stemming from codes purchased via non-Origin means; you will be required to contact the vendor from which you purchased the code for further assistance.
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