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Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter. We'll be sending one out monthly with updates on the latest happenings in Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard!

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Patch 1.124D

1.124D went live recently full of changes and adjustments to a range of classes, bug fixes, and more.



  • Love and bonuses are in the air!
  • Pets and pet-based classes have received much-warranted attention!
  • Improved Mercenary and Hunter RR5s!
  • Assassin and several other class changes abound!
  • Item changes and bug fixes, galore!

Read the full notes here on the Herald.

Grab Bag

The latest of our bi-weekly Grab Bag will be up on the Herald this week! Keep your eyes on on Friday!

In the meantime, our past Grab Bags can be found below.

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You can send in any questions you have for our Grab Bags through our submission form! Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.


Saint Patrick's Day Event

Our Saint Patrick's Day event returns and runs from Friday, March 16th, 2018 to Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

To get the quest, level 50s should pay the following poor souls a consoling visit:
  • Edmund in Cotswold's tavern
  • Bjorne in Mularn's beer hall
  • Silvadren in Mag Mell's pub
As part of the quest, players will be shapeshifted into a realm-specific "leprechaun" but have ALL of their stats debuffed by 75%. But fear not, leprechauns may be weak but they are also nigh impossible to catch: shapeshifted players will also have an unbreakable CC-immunity and speed buff for the duration of the shapeshift.  

Oh, and we hear the real leprechauns love hiding their treasure in dangerous lands and ancient ruins. Enjoy some zany RvR through the weekend!

The ROG reward is a choice between a ring or a bracer similar to the Valentine's Day event with some slight differences. These ROGs will only allow up to 5 slots for stats but will also have 1 of 6 possible /uses.

For players of all level ranges, there are three pesky little tricksters who are hoping you're not too lucky! A 'charming' reward will be bestowed upon those who have the cunning to out-wit:
  • Killaghe in Albion
  • Daighu in Midgard
  • Iollarme in Hibernia

The "Luck of a Leprechaun" quest can be obtained from the following:
  • Sir Prescott in Cotswold
  • Hrolf in Mularn
  • Epona in Mag Mell



A selection of ingame shots from around the frontiers.

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Tips n Tricks

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Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! This month we spotlight someone prominent in the French community and JeuxOnline mod: Fugo

Tell us a bit about you - what do you do in real life, in what time zone do you live?
My name is Thomas and I’m a maths/sciences teacher in a vocational high school. I live in Lyon (France) and I’m almost 30.
How did you hear about DAoC?
We were in 2002 and I was playing Diablo II a lot. Some friends of mine and my father tried this new game called DAoC that was being ran in the EU by french company GOA. I refused to try it because I was still playing a lot of Diablo but in the end, I can’t remember if it was in 2002 or early in 2003, I started an account. I was young at this time!
Do you have any special gaming rig or set up?
Is that a special gaming rig to admit i still use base UI? Na? Lol.
Is this the only game you play?
No. I play DAoC but I often take breaks. Because this game make me crazy. I can spend hours playing it then months without playing. I also play some MOBA, Diablo III (!), and I’ve got a Switch too.
Can you give us an insight into your DAoC life? What playstyle you favour most, realm, class, etc.
I am what you could call a lonely player. Because I can’t play for long sessions and I like to blame myself when I die, I don’t often play in group. I like small man and of course soloing. Soloing is fine, because I can AFK or quit as soon as I want.
When I was reaching RR12 on my SB I could play hours killing guys, moving, etc.
That’s for the RvR part. I really like doing PvE too so I often play in PvE. Grouped or not, I don’t care. I like to play teams too because I think it’s very funny to deal with the programmer aspect and tactical stuff (how to manage this mob etc).

How many years have you been playing, and how often do you play?
Been playing since 2003 with shorts breaks but always kept an eye on the game.

What server/realm did you originally call home?
My home realm is definitely Midgard. Besides I’ve been playing all realm to improve my game knowledge, my heart will always be Mid.

My first server was Carnac, so it will always have a special part in my memories.

Are you in a guild? Tell us about them.
I am in no guild but the one I transferred from French servers. I use it as a tool to get guilds buff, house and to pick up some returning people before they find their own buddies. This way, they can have some benefits.

How did you become a mod for JeuxOnline?
Back in the days, JeuxOnline was THE gathering board for French players. We were hundreds. I had a lot of spare time, so I applied to become a mod.

Is it hard to separate being a player and a mod on the forums?
It was when the French community was very active on boards and when I was playing. In my mind it was clear, but for the others guys, it was difficult. That’s why we had others mod to deal with that kind of stuff.

What’s the best/worst things about being a forum mod?
The best thing would be helping people. The worst would be spending hours dealing with idiots (yeah, every country got this) without any positive ending.

Is modding all you do for JeuxOnline?
I’m the Camelot board admin. It means I deal with both board and website. The website is no longer active because we lack skill and time to remake it. I don’t see my job as a mod because the last time I had to edit message... I can’t remember. I see myself as an available people to help returning players.

I try to pass on news from the website and to translate as much as i can, even if this part is less true since my last break. Translating whole patch notes, with spells for example, considering that the game isn’t localised anymore.

I like to write guides and to share my knowlege (professional deviance !:D)

You were the voice behind the French channel in the DAoC Discord, how is the channel and community doing?
Creating an official discord was a great idea. It’s the perfect place to find help, advice, raids etc
When I saw that you were hosting a deutsch channel, I wanted a french one!

I think it’s a success. It is active, with a good spirit and we’ve seen returning players it’s very cool. I think the community like it very much.
Can you give us some insight for anyone looking to join or return to the French community?
For those playing Albion I would point out the guild : Les chevaliers de la Marche. They are part of an alliance and their spirit is to welcome every french player, experienced or not.

A similar guild, but far older, in Hibernia would be Le Cercle Solaire. They always welcome people.

On Midgard some people join Nevermore, not a French guild but people found them very welcoming.

In 2018, I think it is one of the most important things for returning players not to be left alone. I’d like to thank players (not only French) for welcoming that kind of people.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for interviewing me. I think that French players are happy with the fact that you (Beib but BS too) take into account our French community.
Also, I’d like to see more new stuff to DaoC because I think the last campaigns were cool.

Thanks to Fugo for taking the time to answer our questions!

From the desk of our German Community Admin, Lea!



Die Freitags-Grab Bag beantwortet im Zwei-Wochen-Rhythmus Fragen aus der Community zu Spielmechaniken, Klassenfunktionen und dem Spiel im Allgemeinen. Die erste Ausgabe des Jahres beantwortet eure Fragen zum Einfluss von Mastery of Focus auf Procs, warum einige Zauber der Enchantment of-Linie des Beschwörers Artefakt-Gestaltwandlungen überschreiben, Procs auf den Blutsiegel-Zweihand-Waffen für Krieger, ob es neue Paarungen für Klassen und Völker geben wird sowie der Droprate von Waffen während des Frozen Cavern-Events.

Die zweite und damit aktuelle Februar-Ausgabe erörtert die Hintergründe für die mit 1.124D geänderte RR5 des Söldners, beantwortet Fragen zum Zusammenspiel verschiedener Gegenstands-Fähigkeiten sowie zur Zerlegbarkeit von Pictslayer-Waffen, gibt eine Aussicht auf die angekündigten häufigeren Events, bespricht geplante Änderungen des Login-Prozesses und geht schließlich noch auf die Vielzahl der eingetroffenen Fragen zu den Änderungen an Assassinen- und Begleiterklassen mit 1.124D ein.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


Patch 1.124D

Mitte des Monats ist Patch 1.124D erschienen. Dieser kleinere Patch hat einige Fehler bei als Beute hinterlassenen Gegenständen behoben: im Realm Hibernia wurden während des Mournful King-Events falsche Otherworldly-Helme erbeutet, zudem waren bei den Aurulit-Händler falsche Versionen der Soul Infused Boots erhältlich. Solltet ihr einen oder mehrere dieser Gegenstände besessen haben, wundert euch nicht: Sie werden beim ersten Login automatisch durch die korrekte Version ersetzt. Der richtige Gegenstand befindet sich dann in den Taschen eures Charakters. Auf allen Realms gab es zudem ein Problem mit den Rüstungsklassen der Kapitel 9-Handschuhe der Fluch des Drachen-Kampagne. Dies wurde mit 1.124D behoben und auch hier werden die fehlerhaften Gegenstände beim Einloggen direkt ins Inventar ersetzt.

An einigen Klassensets, die es bei Kapitel 9 der Fluch des Drachen-Kampagne zu erbeuten gibt, wurden ebenfalls Anpassungen vorgenommen. Außerdem hat 1.124D das in der ersten Grab Bag behandelte Problem behoben, dass manche Gestaltwandlungen von Artefakten durch einige Enchantment of-Zauber des Beschwörers überschrieben wurden.

Patch 1.124D hat zudem einige Änderungen an den bis dato immer noch sehr starken Begleiterklassen vorgenommen. Insbesondere wurden die Begleiter-Schwarm-Zauber von Bainshees, Nekromanten und Geisterbeschwörern abgeschwächt und Knochentänzer und Nekromanten haben ebenfalls etwas an Macht eingebüßt. Jäger und Söldner haben Änderungen an ihren Reichsrang 5-Fähigkeiten erfahren, und die Fähigkeit Blur von Assassinen-Klassen kann nicht mehr auf Ziele genutzt werden, die sich im Innenbereich von Festungen befinden.
Alle Informationen im Detail könnt ihr hier in der Übersetzung nachlesen!


Aus der Community: Gute Besserung, Zwonken!

So lange, wie es Dark Age of Camelot in Europa gibt, so lange ist auch schon die Spielerin Zwonken Teil der Spielergemeinschaft und vielen über die Realmgrenzen hinweg bekannt; nicht zuletzt, da sich jedes Jahr viele ehemalige und aktive Spieler ganz real „im echten Leben“ bei ihr einfinden, um gemeinsam ihren Geburtstag zu feiern – ein wahres Urgestein also! Sie musste sich kürzlich einem schweren Eingriff unterziehen, und wir waren erleichtert zu hören, dass alles gut verlaufen ist und die Genesung gut voranschreitet. Das ganze Team wünscht weiterhin gute Besserung, und ich freue mich auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen!


Aus der Community: Fix für Moras Spellcrafting Calculator

Necator hat sich die Mühe gemacht und einen Fix erstellt, der das beliebte Template-Tool Moras Spellcrafting Calculator für den aktuellen Patchstand vorbereitet. Der Fix sowie eine Erklärung und Anleitung findet ihr in seinem Beitrag auf

Vielen Dank an Necator, und viel Spaß allen beim Template bauen!
Wenn ihr News habt, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie in den Newsletter gehören, lasst es unsere deutsche Community Administratorin [Shileah] über die wissen, oder kommt im Discord-Server vorbei!

Monthly Poll

Going forward we're going to include a monthly poll to gauge some additional feedback! Questions will range in topics. Something simple to start with and see how it goes :) Please select one option from those below.

Q. What is your favorite part of keep sieges?

- All points of defense
- All points of attacking
- Running siege (rams, trebs, cats, etc)
- Courtyard battles
- Lord room/balcony defense
- Lord room/balcony offense 
- Roof fights
- All of the above
- I don't take part in keep sieges


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