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Patch 1.124c

Patch 1.124c hit live servers earlier this month!


  • Check out the new solo-oriented objective in Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle areas!
  • Chapter 9 of the Dragon Curse Campaign is here with a new instance loot-reward system!
  • New item stat caps to Hit Points and Mythical Resists!
  • Buggane’s Obelisk is no longer as easy to camp!
  • Client and server stability has been improved!
Full notes can be found here. Make sure to keep updated with all patch notes and hot fixes by visiting the Herald!

Grab Bag

Read our latest Grab Bag, including a word on anti-camping mechanics, here.

November 3rd, 2017 
October 6th, 2017 | October 20th, 2017 
September 8th, 2017 | September 22nd, 2017 
August 11th, 2017 | August 25th, 2017 
July 14th, 2017 | July 28th, 2017 
June 2nd, 2017 | June 17th, 2017 | June 30th, 2017
May 5th, 2017 | May 19th, 2017
April 7th, 2017 | April 21st, 2017
March 10th, 2017 | March 24th, 2017 
February 24th, 2017

You can send in any questions you have for our Grab Bags through our submission form! Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Chapter 9 of our new PvE campaign, A Dragon's Curse, launched November 14th. Bring a group of your friends and venture into the heart of the Dark Dragon's Lair!

Chapter 6 is a purely solo chapter, revisiting various old regions and zones throughout the realms. Summon your team to help battle your way through these dungeons! **Please note you do not need to have completed Chapter 6 in order to move on to Chapter 7 through Chapter 9, but will need it completed in order to receive credit and the reward on Chapter 10 in December.**

Keep an eye on the forumDAoC Events page on Facebook, and the DAoC Discord for more raids!

Chapter 10, the final chapter, is scheduled to launch December 12th! Our Campaign Calendar and Overview can be viewed here on the Herald, and a current quest list can be viewed and followed here.



We're decorating and party planning as we prepare to welcome the Midwinter festival. This year's celebrations will start mid December, and last through the New Year! 

Will the 12 days of Midwinter return this year? Find out soon!


1v1 Tournament

Our 1v1 tournament reaches the final archetype round with Archers facing off this coming Sunday (December 3rd, 2017). Edging ever closer to the final on December 10th, who will take the Archer spots?! There is still time to sign up for Archers, so if your interest is piqued, register here!

Winner roundup to date:

  • 1st Place - Fantam (SB)
  • 2nd Place - Snowdog (SB)
  • 1st Place - Goinghurd (BD)
  • 2nd Place - Evoenia (WL)
  • 1st Place - Haoas (Reav)
  • 2nd Place - Yeias (Champ)
Light Tanks
  • 1st Place - Axv (Merc)
  • 2nd Place - Waltr (BM)
Heavy Tanks
  • 1st Place - Romanvs (Arms)
  • 2nd Place - Rauk (Warr)
Details on signing up and all tournament related info can be found on our tournament page on the Herald.


A selection of ingame shots from around the frontiers.

Discord Community

Join hundreds of DAoC players to chat about all things DAoC, at any hour of the day, available on desktop, browser, and phone!

Register on Discord here, then click this link to join our verified official DAoC channel! Come chat, we don't bite :)

There is also a dedicated player ran Battlegrounds Discord server which you can join through clicking here!

Tips n Tricks

Everything you need to know about siege can be found in this video! Crafting, building, using, you name it!

Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! This month we spotlight the creator of DAoCUtils: Hopz

Tell us a bit about yourself - what do you do in real life, in what time zone do you live?
I live in Nashville, TN, so CST (UTC-6). I am a software engineer at a well known startup which is based out of San Francisco. I work from home, have a wife and 3 kids, and enjoy eating healthy / working out.
How did you hear about DAoC?
When I was 15 or 16 (right after DAoC was released), some of my friends that I played CS with wanted to git it a shot. They leveled up some toons to like 15 then "power leveled" me to 3 or 4, which felt like a pretty awesome accomplishment.
Can you give us an insight into your DAoC life? What playstyle you favour most, realm, class, etc.
While I do enjoy all play styles, I have mostly focused on 8vX and solo. I solo'd on a Shadowblade (Ugder) on Mordred from level 1 (Fighting Shinyy as lowbies in Ft. Atla) to RR10 (one of the earliest rr10 stealthers on mordred). I also ran a sorc, hero, berserker, and theurgist in 8vX on Mordred. Lately, I've been soloing on my SB/NS (Ugder/Bopzy) or running 8vX with The Outer Circle (<3).

How many years have you been playing, and how often do you play?
I took a long break (like, 8 years long) but would occasionally re-up to see what was happening in that time. About 2-3 years ago I reupped again and have had my accounts open mostly ever since. These days, I can't play as much at night, but still play a few times a week in the mornings.
Do you have any special gaming rig or set up?
Nope, I usually play on a laptop and it runs this game just fine!
What’s your background in programming?
As a 10 year old, I got hooked on mIRC and honestly started writing bots/scripts to just do fun things in #script on It was a fun time, and started the desire to make computers do things. From then, I got a job building web pages as a 15 year old, went to college and got a Computer Science degree. I have worked for some big companies (Disney, Starwood Hotels, and most recently, Stripe), started my own companies, and obviously done a lot of side projects.
Do you tell other people about DAoC and the fact that you play this as your hobby?  What do they think?
Not really that much anymore. Some of my friends that I play Switch with know that I play and have played DAoC, but I honestly don't have as much time to recruit new people as I used to.
Is this the only game you play?
It's the only game I play regularly, yep.
You've stepped up to replace Etilader's Gimpchimp for player character lists, and evolved it beyond that, what drew you to creating
I've always wanted to help this community. Many say it's toxic, but the truth is the community is why this game still exists today. When a need presented itself, I decided to jump in! 

Can you give us an idea of how many have created a profile with their characters to date, if you're ok sharing that :)
Sure! As of right now, ~6000 characters across ~280 profiles making up 11,949,721,209 realm points.

How many hours have gone into the project so far?
I haven't really tracked it, but I would say I have put in ~60 hours on nights/weekends/holidays as of now. I try to separate my day job from this, or I would be a lot further already! 

You've added a couple of other utilities including a Swing Speed Calculator and I've heard you're planning a template maker, have you anything else in the works?
Yes, lots. Right now I'm focusing on the template maker, but I intend to add a lot of utilities that will help new/old/returning players alike! I'm mostly working on making it extensible, so new utilities will be easier to add than recreating it every time. 

On the forums, I've seen a lot of people give you requests to change something or add something and you've been very open and responsive to feedback, but how are you deciding which change/request goes along with your vision for daocutils?
Well, it's for the community, so as long as the request makes sense I will consider it. There are some things that are simply not possible (without money), so I unfortunately have to turn them down, but there are other things in the pipeline that are based on suggestions. The Swing Speed Calculator was 100% a suggestion from someone and I built it in such a way that I can add more, similar utilities in the future. Keep the suggestions coming! 

Some profiles on daocutils have a star icon beside their name, what does this represent?
This means they have donated money to the project and are marked as a supporter! This is not super cheap to run, and it will keep getting bigger, so I greatly appreciate donations to help out (after all, nobody is actually paying me for the work, and keeping it running/fast costs money, so I'm definitely upside down on it :D) 

You've also added an item database to the site, are you planning to add images or a way for people to upload images?
Not sure, this has been requested a few times, but I care about the quality so some sort of approval would be required. 

Do you have any "dream projects" you would like to do?
I have some dream projects, but mostly are half-baked ideas that haven't been fleshed out and I'm not comfortable sharing. Mostly unrelated to DAoC/games, and somewhat related to sports :D 

What about our non-English speaking players, are you open to help from people to provide a translation?
Yep! I have support to internationalize this, and plan on doing so if the opportunity presents itself. Right now everyone seems to be ~okay with English, so there are other areas to work on, but this is definitely possible and likely! 

If someone wanted to get into creating resources/sites like this, what advice would you give them on where to start?
Just start building. Read. Play. Learn. The most important skill an engineer develops, in my very humble opinion, is the ability to learn. You have to keep reading/trying things until you understand them. Practically speaking, resources like are great for learning new things! 

How does someone get in touch if they have questions or want to send feedback?
Email me ( or DM me on Postcount (hopz) 

Anything else you’d like to add? 
This is definitely a labor of love for the community, but it isn't free to run (and not really even that cheap). As of now, all features are available for free, but I will be adding features that are not free (i.e. the template maker) in the very near future. Donations are greatly appreciated, and giving to the project will get you access to the template maker for free. The more you give, the more you will get from me in the future :) (info on donations on


Thanks to Hopz for taking the time to answer our questions!

From the desk of our German Community Admin, Lea!

A Dragon’s Curse - Der Fluch des Drachen-Kampagne - Kapitel 9

Am 14. November erschien das vorletzte Kapitel der aktuellen Kampagne! Kapitel 9 schickt eine Gruppe mutiger Abenteurer zusammen in den Kampf gegen mehrere mächtige Bossgegner. Herausfordernde und spannende Kämpfe erwarten jene, die bereit sind, sich ihnen zu stellen! Mit diesem Kapitel hält zudem eine neue Beutemechanik Einzug in Dark Age of Camelot: Wenn ein Boss  besiegt wurde, hinterlässt er eine Kiste, die jeder, der Teil der siegreichen Gruppe war, für eine Chance auf persönliche Beute anklicken kann. Beutestreitigkeiten sind damit Vergangenheit! Zu ergattern gibt es neben Aurulit und Beutestücken aus vorherigen Kapiteln der Kampagne neue, spannende Rüstungsset-Teile! Das Besondere daran: Konnte man alle drei Teile des Sets in seinen Besitz bringen, wird eine definierende Klassenfähigkeit verstärkt, wenn man das ganze Set angelegt hat! Jede Kiste kann pro Charakter einmal am Tag für einen Beutewurf angeklickt werden, es lohnt sich also, die Instanz häufig zu besuchen. Wer herausforderndes PvE mag, wird viel Freude an Kapitel 9 haben!

Übrigens: Auf unserem offiziellen Discord-Server gibt es laufend Ankündigungen zu Kampagnen-Raids in allen Realms! Wenn ihr also Anschluss an einen Raid sucht, zögert nicht euch dem Discord-Server anzuschließen, um keine Ankündigung zu verpassen!

Auf der Übersichtsseite zur Kampagne findet ihr alle Informationen zu den bisher erschienenen Kapiteln.

Tipp: Fehlerhafte Gildenbanner am Haus korrigieren

Manchmal kommt es vor, dass ein persönliches Haus die falschen Gildenbanner anzeigt. Natürlich ist unser Kundendienst euch bei einer Korrektur gerne behilflich, aber in den meisten Fällen lässt es sich ganz einfach durch euch selbst beheben!

Stellt euch dazu mit dem Hausbesitzer vor euer Haus, und gebt den folgenden Befehl ein:

/house fixemblems

In den allermeisten Fällen setzt dies die falschen Gildenembleme zurück, und euer richtiges Gildenemblem wird wieder angezeigt! Sollte dies ausnahmsweise einmal nicht klappen, lasst es unsere CSR wissen, indem ihr mittels /appeal ein Ticket aufmacht. Übrigens: Wer unsicher ist, wie das Appeal-System funktioniert, findet hier einen Videoguide, der es erklärt!

1v1-Turnier 2017

Das Turnier geht in die letzte Vorrunde - am 03.12. kämpfen die Bogenklassen gegeneinander um einen Einzug ins Finale! Ich hoffe auf zahlreiche Anmeldungen von deutschsprachigen Spielern, damit ich euch im Twitch-Chat anfeuern kann! Alle Informationen findet ihr auf der Übersichtsseite des Turniers.

Freitags-Grab Bag

Die Freitags-Grab Bag beantwortet im Zwei-Wochen-Rhythmus Fragen aus der Community zu Spielmechaniken, Klassenfunktionen und dem Spiel im Allgemeinen. Die Ausgabe vom 03. November beantwortet Fragen zum Block-Cap, Spell Piercing bei legendären Waffen, geplanten Verbesserungen am RvR, die maximalen Caps von mythischen Werten und den Statistiken von transferierten Charakteren.

Die aktuellste Ausgabe vom 17.10.2017 wiederum enthält Fragen zum Proc-Effekt der Shrouded Enchanted Robe für Beschwörer, Plänen zu einem Postsystem in DAoC, lässt wie von Magiehand einen Folgestil zu Tracking Spear erscheinen, einer möglichen Rückkehr von Assassinen-Missionen sowie ob es Mechaniken gibt, die das Campen in den neuen verfallenen Gebieten eindämmen sollen.

Wenn ihr News habt, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie in den Newsletter gehören, lasst es unsere deutsche Community Administratorin [Shileah] über die wissen, oder kommt im Discord-Server vorbei!



You must hurry! Quickly, come to Childe’s Vault! Selan is in trouble! She has chased after Decimus and Maximillian into the deeper reaches of the crypt! We have learned that the Tenebrous Undead are controlled and connected by a hive-minded monstrosity. If Selan finds this monster along with Decimus, I fear the worst! You must go to her aid!
--Guy, Selan’s Regiment


Garmr is still deep within the Sanctum, venturing within for the power of Drakulv Kings. With all five stones in our possession, we must deliver these relics to him so that he can use their power and infuse the Drakulv weapon! With that power we just may stand a chance against the Dark Dragon. Meet me in the Drakulv Sanctum and I will show you the way to Garmr – and make haste!
--Sigrun of the Shield of Valhalla


The time has come, heroes. We have waited on Salle long enough - and with no sign of her success or failure. The Marrach will wait no longer. Prince Varshe has rallied his troops and he seeks the Dark One’s power. We must not let the Marrach Prince again such strength! Come to the Inner Veil. It is here where we will end this cursed campaign and free the Dark Elven people!
--Prince Reynarch of the Abagath

Puzzle Break

Help the Stealthers Reach the Buggane!
Click the image above to complete the maze on the Herald!
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