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Producer Notes


We are putting the final touches on Rising Tide so please make sure you check out the latest updates to TC1!  So far we have gotten great feedback on everything from the new cannon firing mechanics to the new vet rewards. We are planning to release Rising Tide in March, so if you haven't gotten to TC1 to check out the changes and provide feedback you still have time - but time is running out!  We are planning another update to TC1 this afternoon, so keep an eye on for updates!

With Rising Tide almost out the door we have already started planning on Forgotten Treasures.  At the onset we will be taking a look at Treasure Maps and MIB's - be sure to get involved in the conversation and give us your feedback during this planning phase by visiting the forums.  We are also working on new items for the Ultima Store.  In the near term you can look for an update to the house teleporter tiles to include more options for teleporter types (ever wanted a trapdoor?  Now's your chance!) We are also adding specialty room sets designed to fit different room themes.  We've completed a Decorative Kitchen Set which will be up on the store in the coming months and are are currently working on a Decorative Farming Set.  If you guys have any requests for specific rooms we look forward to your feedback!

We will be having the Dev Meet and Greets on the following days/times:

February 25th Europa 4 pm ET
March 11th Oceania 8 pm ET
March 25th Catskills 7 pm ET

Finally, the following are actions taken on accounts that were banned or suspended:

5 - Disruptive Behavior
59 - Macroing 
1 - Harassment
5- Naming Violation 
3 - Multiboxing
2 - Solicitations
See you on the High Seas, 

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Rising Tide

The seas call to us once more!  We are excited for the first release of 2019 - Rising Tide!

EM Malachi has been busy with his quill penning the opening chapters to this exciting tale!  If you haven't already you can catch up on The Rune Carver and Lost Hope.

We have made a number of quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes related to the cannon firing process and ship combat in general.  Some of the highlights include streamlining the crafting process for cannon munitions as well as simplifying the firing process for cannons.  All of these changes are currently in testing on TC1 and we encourage you to check out the latest publish notes and invite you to participate in the conversation!  Rising Tide will give ample opportunity to put those new mechanics to work with plenty of loot to plunder from the High Seas!

Question & Answer

1.  Can we get new fey type costumes?

We added a number of new costumes to the costume tool in last year's Treasures of Khaldun event - look for more costumes in future content!  We certainly have plenty of creatures to work through!

2.  Can NPC restock timers be looked at so it doesn't take as long to buy up commodities to workable amounts?

We would have to investigate the far reaching consequences of changing the restock timers, but at face value there shouldn't be an issue with shortening this time.

3.  Why are there negative properties on loot / Can we enhance gargish jewelry?

One of the major hurdles in building desirable loot in a game world that spans more than two decades is balancing the power of loot intensity increases versus the difficulty of encounters you find in the world.  As the loot power increases, players become more powerful.  To balance against that encounters, in turn, become more challenging.  This often leaves less-equipped or new players by the wayside.  You'll often hear us refer to power creep - this is what we are referring to.  Negative properties allow us to tame the power creep somewhat, but there is more that needs to be done to keep the gaming experience vibrant.  To that end, adding the ability to enhance gargish jewelry pushes that creep even further and we are apprehensive to do that at this time while we consider possible ways to curtail and balance power creep.  We look forward to continuing the conversation on possible solutions!

4.  Can we have additional sailing themed titles?

Never know what the Rising Tide will bring!

5.  Can there be an option to auction safes to auto-renew the auction?

Yes, we have added this item to our backlog and hope to add it in a future publish.

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