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Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter. We'll be sending one out monthly with updates on the latest happenings in Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard!

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Sneak Peek

Bountycraft! Take a look at the upcoming item categories that will be craftable in Patch 1.125!

These items will require ingredients that can be purchased with bounty points. The best part is that every recipe can be crafted straight away at skill level 1! Note: A few more categories are cut off in the screenshot.

The crafting list has also been updated to allow recipes to show the stats and abilities of their end-product!

Also, new potions added to Alchemy at skill 1100: Cauldrons!


Labor Day Weekend Bonuses

The following RvR bonuses are now live for Labor Day weekend! Bonuses run from Thursday, August 30th through Tuesday, September 4th.

On Ywain:
  • 25% bonus to RP gain in all NF zones (including the Labyrinth)
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons
  • 50% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones
On Gaheris:
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons
  • 50% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities
  • 50% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities
In each Capital City:
  • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain
In all Housing Zones:
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 10% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

Grab Bag

Our bi-weekly Grab Bag hits the Herald every second Friday! Our latest Grab Bag, is now available here.

Our past Grab Bags can be found below. French and German translations can be found on our official forums here: French, German.

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February 2nd, 2018 | February 16th, 2018 

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November 3rd, 2017 | November 17th, 2017 
October 6th, 2017 | October 20th, 2017 
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March 10th, 2017 | March 24th, 2017 
February 24th, 2017

You can send in any questions you have for our Grab Bags through our submission form! Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Monthly Poll

This month's poll focuses on our latest event, the Dragon Keep! Please select one option from those below.

Q. Did you enjoy the Dragon Keep event?

- I loved it!
- It was good but I prefer the Ghost Keep event
- I didn't like it or the Ghost Keep event
- I didn't take part in this event!



A selection of ingame shots from around the frontiers.

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Tips and Tricks

Aggressive Consignment Merchant

Your Consignment Merchant doesn’t talk to you, but only gives you a dirty look? It also looks completely different than the ones working for your neighbors, and you cannot use it?

Sometimes a merchant from one of the other realms appears on a porch, which results in the aforementioned troubles. There is no reason to panic, though, should this happen to your own Consignment Merchant, since you can resolve it quickly by yourself!

Go to your house with the character that owns it, and pick up the Consignment Merchant, so you have it in your inventory. Picking up things is done with the key ‘G’ when using the standard keyboard configuration, check your settings when in doubt! Then destroy or drop the lazy Consignment Merchant, and travel to the main market of your housing area (Caerwent Market in Albion, Erikstaad Market in Midgard, Meath Market in Hibernia) to pick up a new Consignment Merchant from one of the merchants there. They are free of charge! Place the new one on your porch and it will do its duty and sell your wares for you again.

The items you had placed in your Consignment Merchant will automatically re-appear so it is not necessary to remove them beforehand, but make sure to check the prices since they might have changed. Remember to list your merchant again so that it is found on the Market Explorer search by typing /listmerchant. This is only possible with the owner of the house. Should you have deleted this character without trading the house to a different character before that, please contact our Customer Support Team ingame by typing /appeal followed by a brief description of the issue, and make sure to list the number of the house and the server it is on. You will also need a free character slot on the server and realm of the house. Our Customer Support will then restore the deleted character!

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Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! This month we spotlight the DAoC streamer: Chamie
Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do in real life, what time zone do you mostly play?
Hi, my name is Clas. I work online, mostly I make my living from playing games but also trying to move into investments more and more now that I have a decent bankroll. Having an online income makes me able to live wherever I want in the world so sometimes I go abroad and live in South America for several months to mix things up. My regular time zone though is CET (European).

Do any of your friends/family also play DAoC?

I think I was 11 or 12 when one of my older brothers showed me DAoC. A while after the release of SI we got 1 account each and made two Bonedancers on Camlann together (Bigbadlad and Bigbadman). Later I started playing Prydwen where some friends of one of my other brothers played (obviously I didn't have a lot of people around my own age to play with at the time).

Do you have any special gaming rig or set up?

Well my gaming rig is more optimized for my profession than for DAoC but I always use dual screen where one screen is big with high resolution and one smaller screen.

Is DAOC the only game you play?

I play almost all kinds of games. RTS, poker and card games, FPS, MOBA etc. Im an extremly competitive person and since my older brothers had a lot of PCs and games when I grew up, PC games just became my thing.

How did you first hear about DAoC?

I first heard about DAoC when Swedish Diablo 2 players such as Nolby Pride with Xanatea and those guys moved on to DAoC. There was this period in Diablo 2 where everyone would talk about this DAoC game so I was pretty damn excited when my brother came home from his uni one day and said that he had a DAoC account and could show me the game.

How many years have you been playing, and how often do you play?

Well I first started playing DAoC a while before SI release I think but I have had many breaks since then. I reopened my account around 5-6 months ago, before that I had a huge break of 8-10 years. I say 8-10 because I stopped officially in 2008 but came back to try the Ywain cluster for a few months in 2010. It´s very hard to say how active I Am because it goes in periods where sometimes I play very little and other times I play almost all the time.

Can you give us an insight into your playing history?

Once I joined the Prydwen server I quickly realized that my RM wasn't very popular in RvR and also felt far too squishy. So I decided to reroll into a healer and after trying some decent 8 man groups I decided that 8 man roaming was by far the most interesting playstyle in DAoC. It also helped that Prydwen was a server where 8 man roaming was very huge so you would always be able to find groups to fight on all different skill levels rather than just get owned by the elite groups over and over again. It took me a lot of different set groups before getting into the top ones but I really enjoyed the journey. I like to view it as one of my most fun memories in gaming.

What drew you to the 8v8 playstyle?

Well 8 was the cap amount of people that could be in a group. Its a pretty huge number which makes it very hard to build groups sometimes but I think the mechanics in DAoC are very suitable for 8vs8. An example of a game that would be horrible for huge formats like 8vs8 would be World of Warcraft which is more focused on smaller formats like 3on3. I find the long range of spells, interrupt and CC system in DAoC to be very suitable for 8vs8 and also a very cool mechanic. I think it´s the casters and support that makes DAoC PvP slightly superior to other MMOs.

What do you find is the biggest challenge in 8v8?

Well getting accepted and climbing is always a bit difficult. It is so hard to stand out in a good way in a format as huge as 8vs8. It´s actually a lot more easy to stand out when you do something bad because then people will notice your mistake. I want to help other DAoC players to get into the 8vs8 community and get accepted because I know how hard it can be.

Do you have a preferred class or class type?

CC and interrupt classes for sure, that's what makes DAoC in my mind.

Do you have a set group or people you play with?

Hmm no I don't really have a set group of people that I play with. If I play during EU primetime I will mostly or almost always play with Ellias groups though but other than that no not really. I used to have set groups back in the days though but times are a bit different now

What realm currently pulls ahead for 8v8’ing, or do group setups vary too much for one to dominate? I asked this of Dansickle in last year's interview with him, I'm wondering if and how this has changed in the time since.

Yes as a person who plays all 3 realms I think its pretty clear that there is a balance issue in 8vs8 although it´s surprisingly balanced. The entire 8vs8 community seem to agree on that Albion is the strongest realm and Theurgs and melee Necros are a huge reason. 2 Necros, 1 Arms, 1 Pala, 1 Sorc, 1 Theurg, 1 Friar, 1 Cleric is probably the overall strongest setup in the game atm. Another class that I think is a bit too strong in 8vs8 is the vamp since it has great damage neglection, yellow pet and has nukes that can get through bg. I also think that pets might need to be looked at again in general, they need to be a bit less tanky and maybe have less overpowered CC neglections.

You're working on a Draft for 8v8, can you tell us about this and what it entails?

The draft channel for 8vs8 (and other formats such as 5on5 etc.) is a channel that is focused on making even teams to fight each other. Its open to everyone who has a group friendly temped character on at least two realms. The way it works is that 2 captains pick players for their team from a pool of players that signed up to the draft via 1-2-2-2-2-1 picking format. After that you decide who plays what realm, get into voice com with your team and then meet up somewhere and have some nice fights. We are currently working on the bot that will make it easier for people to sign up to games. If you want to know more about this contact me on discord @Chamie#8164

Anything else you'd like to add?

My dream vision for DAoC is that one day there will come a zone that you can port into and roam around in where everyone except your group is an enemy.
Thanks to Chamie for taking the time to answer our questions!

From the desk of our German Community Admin, Lea!


Die Freitags-Grab Bag beantwortet im Zwei-Wochen-Rhythmus Fragen aus der Community zu Spielmechaniken, Klassenfunktionen und dem Spiel im Allgemeinen. Die erste Ausgabe im August beantwortete eure Fragen zur Preiseinstellung am Haushändler, dem Einfluss von Bonus auf Heilungseffektivität bei Animisten, ob sich verschiedene ABS-Buffs stapeln und geht auf eine Bitte zu einem herstellbaren Celerity/Supremacy-Trank mit mehr Ladungen ein.

Die zweite August-Ausgabe beseitigt Unklarheiten bezüglich des Minnesänger-Charms sowie dem Durchdringungsbonus bei Hand to Hand und Fist Wraps, erklärt, wie der Zauberschaden bei Malmern berechnet wird und Unterschiede bei prozentualen Magiekosten, und beantwortet eine weitere Frage zu ABS-Buffs.

Tipps und Tricks: Aggressiver Haushändler

Euer angestellter Haushändler spricht nicht mit euch, sondern hat lediglich einen bösen Blick für euch übrig? Außerdem sieht er auch ganz anders aus als seine Kollegen bei euren Nachbarn? Benutzen lässt er sich so natürlich leider auch nicht?

Manchmal verirrt sich ein Händler aus einem der anderen Reiche in die Reihen der angestellten Haushändler, und es kommt zu den vorbeschrieben Problemen. Es besteht jedoch kein Grund zur Panik, wenn dies mit eurem Haushändler passieren sollte, denn dies lässt sich ganz leicht selbst lösen! Geht mit dem Besitzer des Hauses zu eurem Haus und hebt den Haushändler auf, sodass ihr ihn in eurem Inventar habt. Bei der Standard-Tastatureinstellung könnt ihr dies mit der Taste „G“ tun – schaut im Zweifel in die Einstellungen eurer Tastatur! Anschließend zerstört den arbeitsunwilligen Haushändler oder lasst ihn einfach auf den Boden fallen. Begebt euch dann zum Hauptmarkt eures Housing-Gebietes (Caerwent Market in Albion, Erikstaad Market in Midgard, Meath Market in Hibernia), wo ihr von einem der Händler dort kostenlos einen neuen Haushändler erhalten könnt. Stellt diesen wieder an eurem Haus auf, und der neue Händler wird seinen Dienst fortan ohne Schwierigkeiten verrichten! Die eingestellten Waren werden sich direkt wieder auf dem neuen Händler befinden, sodass es nicht nötig ist, sie vorher zu entnehmen. Überprüft aber die Preise eurer angebotenen Gegenstände, denn diese könnten sich geändert haben. Vergesst auch nicht, euren Haushändler wieder in die Suche des Marktet Explorers einzutragen, indem ihr den Befehl /listmerchant nutzt.

Dieser Vorgang ist ausschließlich mit dem Besitzer des Hauses möglich. Solltet ihr diesen gelöscht haben, ohne das Haus vorher an einen anderen Charakter zu übertragen, kontaktiert bitte den Kundendienst im Spiel, indem ihr /appeal eingebt. Schreibt eine kurze Beschreibung des Problems auf Deutsch oder Englisch, und nennt unbedingt die Nummer des Hauses sowie den Server, auf dem es sich befindet. Außerdem benötigt ihr einen freien Charakterslot auf dem Server und Realm, auf dem sich das Haus befindet. Unser Kundendienst stellt dann den Besitzer des Hauses wieder her!
Wenn ihr News habt, von denen ihr denkt, dass sie in den Newsletter gehören, lasst es unsere deutsche Community Administratorin [Shileah] über die offiziellen Foren wissen, oder kommt im Discord-Server vorbei!

Puzzle Break

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