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Producer Notes

Greetings everyone,

Now that the holidays are over the team is back and working hard to finish up Endless Journey, putting the final touches on the UO Forums and getting the Ultima Swag Store ready and open for business.

We have been getting a number of emails regarding a UO legacy server.  This has no doubt been fueled by recent announcements of plans by other MMOs to launch their own versions of legacy content.  It is important to remember that each game is unique and has their own hurdles to cross in order to put up any form of a legacy ruleset.  I'd like to take a few moments to outline those hurdles as they relate to the development of Ultima Online.

First, and most importantly, not everyone agrees what exactly "legacy ruleset" means in the context of UO.  Ultima Online is in a club of its own, with over twenty years of commercial release.  Ask ten different people their vision of a "legacy ruleset" and you'll receive up to ten different answers.  For some that period is The Second Age.  For others it is Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.  For others still it is Mondain's Legacy.  Gaining any kind of actionable consensus on "legacy" is extraordinarily difficult, and maybe even impossible.

Second, the idea that we can simply just "flip a switch" to revert to a specific era's ruleset is unfortunately just not possible.  The development of Ultima Online has moved across near the entirety of the US in it's twenty year history.  In that shuffle things have been lost  and it is simply not possible to "simply revert" to any specific period in UO's history that would satisfy even the most recent idea of a legacy ruleset.

Finally, this is not a small project and would effectively require the entire team devoting 100% of its development efforts to recreating the game world within the context of some agreed upon definition of a legacy ruleset.  Even to return to a pre-AoS ruleset, prior to the expanded itemization that expansion brought, would be an enormous undertaking requiring all loot generation, crafting, skill functionality, core combat functionality, creature attributes, and interaction rules to be evaluated and rebuilt from the ground up.  To accomplish this it would take us close to, if not over, a year to accomplish this.  This would mean putting on hold all development for the "live game" which would translate into not getting any new content, items, quests, or gifts in order to complete this project.

That all being said we understand the desire to bring back the past.  Who didn't love the exhilaration of protecting your house from theft, the thrill of a great fight, or finding that elusive silver weapon of vanquishing!  We have to be realistic and approach our development goals pragmatically.  There is no guarantee a legacy shard would be worth the enormous development requirement at the cost to supporting our current playerbase. 

While at this time we have no plans to introduce legacy rulesets, we can promise you the team is hard at work to bring Ultima Online to as wide an audience as we can.  Well over a million people have played Ultima Online over its twenty years in production, and with Endless Journey we are giving everyone a chance to come back home to Britannia.  At the end of the day, an era is only outlined by its rulesets.  The true value in a "legacy" shard are the people who made Britannia their second home and shaped its history.  That is Ultima Online's legacy.

See you in Britannia, 

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

P.S. Don't forget our next in-game Meet & Greet on January 29th at 9pm ET on Atlantic!

Publish 100 - Crushing Bugs

As we've mentioned before, our goal after Endless Journey with Publish 100 will be a bug push where we concentrate on fixing as many bugs as possible.  If you have a bug that you would especially like to see fixed please send it to us here.

Question & Answer Corner

1.    Can we add urns to the player memorials? 

Contact your shard EM if you would like this type of memorial.

2.   Can we add other types of baked goods like chocolate chip cookies for the holidays this year?
Sure! Good suggestion!

3.  Can we add an Orc Champion Spawn to the game?

Sure, its not really hard to add new champ spawns but there are other things in front of this idea and we would like to expand on this to introduce more Orc related content like Orcish weapons and armor.  Great suggestion though, and we will keep it on the list for future additions.

4.  Can you add additional spawns for Cu Sidhe in Ilshenar? 

Yes, we can add additional areas however they will be subject to all spawning rules in Ilshenar.

5.  Can you add other revenue streams into the City Stones from doing other content.

Currently, additional revenue beyond donations can be obtained from Trade Routes.  At this time we do not have any other plans to add additional means.  Please understand this is not a no we will not, its just lower on the priority scale with the other things we would like to do first.

6.  Can you add additional features to the Jewelry Box that allow searching items?

This is a robust feature that would require a substantial amount of development.  It's not something we would never do, but it is not a priority at this time.


Customer Service

1. If you have an account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back please contact support here and give them the details and identify the account as yours, depending on the termination we will remove the restriction from your account so you may open it again.

2. All Sovereigns purchased from Origin have to be entered on the Account Management page.  You can not enter these in game.

3. Anyone that is trying to reopen an account please make sure you send all the information to so we can have a record of this.  In the original request to support if you do not know your secret word please ask for a hint.  Give them all the information to identify the account as yours so there will not be a lot of delays.

4.  Anyone that does not get their codes from Origin please follow this link to resolve the issue..

5.  If you have any in game questions or issues please either page in game or email

6.  For any feedback to content put in game please send it to

7.  Regarding Origin orders, codes, and third party resellers.
Recently some of the player base may have noticed that an Origin store purchase they have made did not arrive or complete as expected. A confirmation or code email has not been received and you are wondering what may have occurred with your order. The Origin store enacts reviews on all transactions to safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and these reviews may take up to 72 hours. Unfortunately our Billing department is not able to expedite or circumvent this process, however players who have questions or concerns regarding a store purchase can contact Origin support for assistance using the below link:
When prompted for a product, choose Origin. Next choose your platform, and select ‘Orders’ as the topic. You can further specify your issue in the subsequent fields before speaking with an agent.
We would also like to reiterate that the Origin store is the only guaranteed provider of codes for Ultima Online. The validity of a code purchased from a third-party seller (be it a friend, in-game acquaintance, or recommended site) cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, any codes we find to have be fraudulently obtained will be disabled and an account that applies any of these codes will have that code removed from said account. This can result in the loss of gametime, character slots, expansion access, Sovereigns (and the items purchased with them), in-game items and more. Please be advised that we cannot assist with any issues stemming from codes purchased via non-Origin means; you will be required to contact the vendor from which you purchased the code for further assistance.

To reset your password you must first understand which type of account you are resetting the password for. EA Accounts, Mythic Master Accounts, and Mythic Product Accounts all have separate individual passwords. All of which you can reset at your leisure at our Account Center at Unfortunately, Broadsword Support cannot assist with potential EA Account issues or passwords, please follow the steps below.
To reset your EA Account password:
     * Please visit
     * At the page enter the email used to log into your EA Account to change its password.
     * If you have not received your password or have received an error while trying to reset the password and you have disabled all spam filters, please contact EA Support here,

To update your credit card information, please follow these steps:
  • Login to the Account Center ( with your EA Account email and its password
  • Select the 'Subscriptions' tab
  • Locate the account you would like to update the card for
  • Select the 'Subscribe' button
  • Select the billing cycle you would like to use and continue
  • When you get to the page asking which payment method you would like to use, instead of choosing to add a card, select the 'Manage Accounts' option in the top right corner of the page. This should load a new page that will contain your previous credit card information.
  • Find the card you wish to update and select the 'X' button
  • You can now re-enter your credit card with the updated information by using the 'Add a card' button.

How to create an account or log into my account?
How to manage my accounts after I’ve logged into the Account Center with my EA Account credentials?
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