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May 2015
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Australia and China, new publications

Australia’s post-2020 emissions target is now expected to be announced in July. With Canada having announced its 2030 target, the comparison with North America will no doubt be an important consideration.
Another consideration in deciding the target ought to be the large body of analysis available on the costs of emissions reductions, and the choice of cutting emissions now or later. This month we published two reports that review the recent literature on the cost of emissions reductions, which found much interest among the policy community and also the media: 'Australia can cut emissions deeply and the cost is low' and 'Delaying climate action would be costly for Australia and the world'. The reports were prepared for WWF Australia, written by myself and Luke Kemp; the reports reflect our views, not those of any organisation. A working paper version of the reports is in preparation. 

China remains of particular interest for climate change policy. It appears that plans for a 2016 start of a national emissions trading schemes are firming up. A recent CCEP working paper by our colleague ZhongXiang Zhang, Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, 'Carbon Emissions Trading in China: The Evolution from Pilots to a Nationwide Scheme' gives a comprehensive assessment. Another new CCEP paper by Prof Libo Wu and Mr Weiqi Tang, also of Fudan University, looks at equity and efficiency in China’s emissions trading schemes.

More research supported by our Australia-China research program on market mechanisms for climate change policy will appear in working papers in coming months.

A recent highlight of our seminar series was the talk by Prof John Broome, philosopher and IPCC lead author, on 'Ethics in the IPCC process'. Click here for slides and audio recording of the seminar.

Let me also mention our Master degree courses on climate change policy that we teach at ANU Crawford School. I’m just finishing up with this year’s course 'Domestic climate change economics and policy'. In semester two, 'International climate change economics and policy' will be on offer, with a topical focus on the issues that will dominate the Paris COP conference. Both courses are available as part of the ANU Master of Climate Change degree and other Master degrees

Latest working papers

Recent opinion pieces by CCEP associates

28 May 2015
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22 May 2015
John Quiggin: 'The world is waking up to the $5.3 trillion cost of fossil fuels
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21 May 2015
Robert Costanza, Frank Jotzo and Steven Cork: 'We need real consensus, not Bjorn Lomborg's illusion of it'
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Frank Jotzo
Director, CCEP
ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

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