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Aug 2015
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Events on energy policy in Germany and Australia | Australia's iNDC

This week’s announcement of Australia’s 2030 emissions target and iNDC has re-invigorated Australia’s climate policy debate. Associates of the Centre have contributed much analysis that helped inform the broader debate on Australia’s pledge, from research papers to briefings and consultations with policymakers and other stakeholders. At our February forum that looked forward to Australia’s post-2020 emissions target, all the main issues were raised – but it was impossible then to predict what the outcome might be.

The coming months will see much opinion and analysis on the target, how it plays in international negotiations and – perhaps crucially – what it means domestically. Our ANU colleague Professor Warwick McKibbin provided economic modelling to inform the government process. My own, very preliminary and simple comparative analysis is here, and oped here. Questions about comparisons and adequacy of the target aside, the question will now be how to achieve those targeted emissions cuts.

We have two public events coming up that may interest you.

Andreas Löschel, chair of Germany’s Expert Commission to monitor the energy transformation in Germany, will give a public lecture about successes and difficulties with the Energiewende. The discussion will look at implications for Australia, of which there are more than you might suspect.

Hugh Saddler and Tristan Edis will give talks around the issues of trends in Australia’s electricity demand and renewable energy policy. Hugh will draw on his latest research, Tristan on his detailed observations of policy developments and proposals.

Looking forward to seeing you at Crawford School, or being in touch in other ways.

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26 Aug 2015
Electricity demand and Australia's renewable energy targets: where to?

28 Aug 2015
Germany's energy transition and implications for Australia

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Director, CCEP
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