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Dec 2015
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After the Paris agreement

The talk of the climate change community is the Paris climate agreement. ANU was represented by several academics and students at the COP21 conference. The overall assessment by colleagues and myself is a very positive one. 

You can read my take here: Paris agreement: signaling change for decades to come; that of Adjunct Professor Howard Bamsey here: The Paris Agreement: suddenly all seems possible; and a piece by Luke Kemp written at the outset of the talks here: Take no prisoners: The Paris climate talks need to move beyond 'fairness'.

The ANU Climate Change Institute organised a post-Paris symposium (podcast linked), which attracted huge interest.

The Paris agreement puts in place high ambition and a five-yearly review cycle for national targets and action. Now the focus for many countries will turn to domestic implementation. For Australia this is expected to mean policy reform for climate change, and quite possibly also a stronger emissions target for 2030.

These will be interesting times for policy development and implementation. Researchers at ANU and the wider CCEP network will have much relevant analysis to contribute. We’ll also organise relevant events as we have in the past. The first of these will be a forum on electricity sector policy, planned for the afternoon of 18th February, details to come.

On the topic of electricity, our recent proposal for a market based mechanism for exit of high emitting brown coal power stations has attracted much interest. The paper, published in the journal Economic Analysis and Policy, is available in our working paper series.

Other CCEP working papers published since November: ZhongXiang Zhang on China’s transition to a low-carbon economy, Harry Clarke on Climate policy decisions under uncertainty and Luke Kemp on A climate treaty without US ratification.

A note on sub-national policy on climate change, which recently has attracted renewed interest. Our Crawford School colleague Professor John Hewson, Ms Anna Skarbek of ClimateWorks Australia and I were called on to provide advice to the South Australian government, as members of the newly established Low Carbon Economy experts panel. Consistent with the panel’s recommendations, the SA government has announced a target of net zero emissions by 2050, with strong emphasis on renewable energy and on searching out opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

I look forward to staying in touch, whether electronically or in person at ANU or elsewhere.

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Best Wishes for the festive season and the new year

Frank Jotzo
Director, CCEP
ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

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