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March 2015
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Forum on Australia's post-2020 Emissions Target, 20 March

It will be another interesting year for climate change policy in Australia and the world. All countries are called on this year to submit their pledges for action to reduce or limit emissions in the period beyond 2020. The US, EU and China have already made statements about their intended targets, and many governments - including Australia's - will soon decide their pledges. Ultimately what matters are domestic policies and measures in the context of broader economic and technological trends.

At the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy we will continue to do analysis and outreach on these issues. 

Our next event Australia's post-2020 emissions target on 20 March brings together some of Australia's leading policymakers, researchers and commentators for an afternoon of sharing views and debating options. Following a keynote by Peter Woolcott, Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, the forum will hear from Howard Bamsey, Peter Castellas, Alex Gosman, Anthea Harris, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, John Hewson, Erwin Jackson, Andrew Macintosh, Malte Meinshausen, Anna Skarbek and myself. Please register if you plan to attend.

We're advancing our work on China's climate change policies, in a collaboration with leading Chinese universities and Australian partners, as well as our work on Deep Decarbonization Pathways in partnership with ClimateWorks Australia and under the umbrella of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (the main Australian report was released last year). More on these topics in coming months.

2014 saw 19 working papers published in the CCEP series. The most downloaded 2014 papers were on the impact of Australia's carbon price, economic benefits of decarbonization for China, a review of the economics of climate change, and on energy prices, subsidies and resource tax reform in China. The CCEP website also collates many of the opinion pieces published by our research associates.

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Recent opinion pieces by CCEP associates

05 Feb 2015
Hugh Saddler : 'Emissions Intensity still rising - fully offset by reduced generation', Climate Spectator

15 Jan 2015
David Victor : 'A carbon tax: the green opportunity in cheaper oil', The Conversation

08 Jan 2015
John Quiggin : 'Only a mug punter would bet on carbon storage over renewables', The Conversation

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Frank Jotzo
Director, CCEP
ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

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