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Meet your instructor Ines Morova
Studio 23's Intro to The Basic Principles of Classical Drawing

Check out this free upcoming class on Thursday March 28th. Get a sneak peek into our upcoming workshops (starting in April), review basic drawing skills and useful techniques.  Limited space, intimate setting, one on one attention with a professional instructor.  Even if you do not make the workshops, this free sample class will get you off to a great start.  RSVP

Fundamentals of the workshop:
1. Composition
2. Proportions (objects’ relation) 
3. Construction: 
– perspective 
– artist’s position related to the object
4. Chiaroscuro: 
– light + highlight 
– halftones 
– core shadow 
– reflected light 
– cast shadow
5. Materials (types and logic of the hatching, work with pencil, etc.)

Registration for the actual workshop is now open and the *early bird registration ends March 28th, so get signed up now!  Or just come take advantage of this free class.  Either way it's a win/win.  Learn more about the workshops *here.  Sign up for the upcoming free sneak peek class *here.

Cost: Free? Suggested Donation $5-$10

What to bring:
Paper for drawing: size A3-A4 
Pencils: b, b2, b4 

See you Thursday!  RSVP


Last chance to see Transference at Studio 23!
Visual and Performance Art Victor Mavedzenge.  

Victor is lead to communicate with his audience by an inner intuitive guide along with energy he picks up from the crowd around him.

A mix of humor and poetry are woven together with intimate stories from his past delivered as if you are sitting around a table with family and friends, speaking frankly with little to no inhibition.

Stories about his father, his family, brief meaningful and random encounters with strangers fuel the heart of the message. His country Zimbabwe, politics, time spent in London and his art are just a few of the abstract concepts prompting the heart-felt connection given to his audience.  Sneak Peek Video Clip.

I liken it to imagining what it would have been like to be in the presence of Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso or one of the greats clearly articulating the pain, joy, angst and passions that they live with and are able to transfer into creating their work. ‘Transference’ is a unique experience in Alameda that you won’t want to miss.  More about Victor

Cost: FREE
Suggested Donation: $5-$10


Studio 23 Gallery Call For Art!

Submission Deadline: May 20th
Theme: Must be priced under $100 
Email Submissions: art at alameda artists dot com (Please do not email before you read the general submission instructions)

Artists must be present at the opening reception June 14th 7PM

Encore July 7th (during art fair)

Closing July 2nd Friday

Learn more on how to submit

Studio 23 What's Next?

1. Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market.
2. Digifli supports the community by donating free screen time to select artists and fundraisers.
  • Digifli gives away screen time to artists and some venus showing artists for free!  If you want to be an artist featured on Digifli please email
  • Digifli also supports the community by posting select fundraisers on Digifli at no cost.  If you have a fundraiser you would like featured on Digifli please contact
3. April/May  The Local & The Alameda Island Brewing Company
  • The Local: Artworks by Daniel Licht
  • The Alameda Island Brewing Company: Photographs by Alameda Photographic Society

4. The Red Door On Encinal 
  • The Red Door is back and it's got a new but familiar face.  Mikey Elliot, Alameda's favorite abstract artist will be hosting regular ongoing events (shine & shine only).  Don't be too sad, Justin Herbst will still be around too. Check out this awesome addition to the 2nd Friday Art Walk scene. But only on clear days, it is a roofless gallery after all.

Alameda's Featured Artist

Comic artist Andrew Dussault is now being featured on Digifli all over the east bay.  Be sure to check out his work and visit him online at @andrewjdussault  Thanks for keeping us laughing Andrew!


Digifli Features art events in Alameda/Jingletown

Digifli is the east bay's electronic community billboard.  Digifli features various art events happening around Alameda & Jingletown. If you host an art event and want Digifli to feature your event email us at subject=2nd Friday Art

Due to the high response not all art shows emailed will make it up on to Digifli.  To up your odds, please send your event flyer as early as possible.

To see upcoming events check out Digifli on Facebook!
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