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Often unrecognized during their lifetimes, the artwork by Masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer, Cezanne and many others, continue to captivate and connect us with events and world views that shape our lives. Right now we are in the midst of an unprecedented period in history; a technological revolution, climate change, political unrest and a pandemic that has ruptured our daily routines and connections with each other.

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic when it was not possible to visit galleries, ArtPush created a monthly 2nd Friday Art Talk show featuring artists and their work. The candid sharing of their personal journeys during the pandemic, their hopes, their fears and how their art propels them forward, inspired us once again to publish a second book of 21st century art.

EAST BAY ARTISTS 2021 is filled with extraordinary art by a hundred of talented artists, capturing the heart and soul of this moment in time. We are deeply thankful for these remarkable contributions.

Meet artist Sara Edge on 2nd Friday Art Talk 2020 (Click The Art)

"I'll Miss You"
By Sara Edge

Watercolor 20" x 24"

Art By Sara Edge: "I'll Miss You"

Meet artist Corviid on October’s 2nd Friday Art Talk (Click The Art)

”As Above So Below”
By Corviid
Acrylic & Oil on Board 36" x 24" x 4"

Art By Corviid: "As Above So Below"

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Meet artist TheArthur on 2nd Friday Art Talk (Click The Art)
By TheArthur Wright
BLEACH/WC PPR 30" x 20"

Artist TheAurthur 2020 Book Launch

Meet artist Damon Powell on 2nd Friday Art Talk
"Ascension: Rise of the Buddha Nature"
By Damon Powell
Acrylic on canvas 36" x 42"

Artist Damon Powell 2nd Friday Art Talk
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