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It's Winter!

The Fladmarks in Ski Gear
How’s the weather where you are? It’s been raining here continually since before Christmas, almost every day (at least it feels that way). So, except for a ski trip I took with the family over New Year’s, which was gorgeous weather but cold, I’ve been hunkering down and getting lots of inside stuff done. Well, spring will come soon enough and then I’ll be complaining about having to mow the grass or something.

We’re starting a new feature this month. I’m interviewing some of the characters from the books, to see what they’ve been up to and to get some answers to questions readers have asked about them. I’ve started off with Shoko and will get to the rest over the next several months. If you have any comments or questions, for the characters or for me, feel free to send them in. I hope you enjoy it!   

Best Fantasy Book Bloggers
Because of all the demands on my time, I don't always get the chance to read as much as I'd like, much less the time to sit down and put my feelings about what I've read into words.

But there are a lot of talented people out there in cyberspace who do both, so here's where I want to share some of their reviews. Not only might it help you find a cool book to read, but it might help you find a new blogger to enjoy!

First up is Shane Jardine at The Arched Doorway. Shane specializes in sci fi and fantasy, both YA and adult, and reads so much I don't know how he manages to have a day job. Check out his recent review of Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky.
An Interview with Shoko Murakami
I met Shoko at Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s store in Monterey, California, to do this interview. We exchanged pleasantries, I bought us chocolate sundaes, and we sat at a small table outside. She started the conversation.

Shoko: I hope you do not think your offer of ice cream was what brought me here.  

CRF: No, but I thought I might as well invite you to someplace I knew you’d like.

Shoko: I would also enjoy the gelato in Italy and the weather is more pleasant there this time of year.

CRF: That’s easy for you. Pop, I’m in Italy. Pop, I’m at the North Pole. I’m not flying to Italy for a one-hour conversation!

Shoko: [smiles] How have you been? It has been a while since we last spoke.
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Comments or questions for future interviews welcome! Send to or reach out on Facebook or Instagram.
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