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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash
It's November already, which means it's been nine months since we released The Fallen Gatekeepers. It's been well received by critics and fans (thank you!) and we've entered it into a few award contests. However, truth be told, it's not selling as well as book 1, which is disappointing. With hundreds of books being released on Amazon every day, it's hard to break through the noise to let my readers know book 2 is available. So, if you enjoyed either book, I'd be grateful for a recommendation to your friends and family. Word of mouth works far better than the Internet any day.
Speaking of family, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I'm a big fan of turkey and in my house, I'm the guy who makes the stuffing and prepares the bird for the big feast. Unlike last year though, we'll keep the gathering small. More leftovers for me!         
Review Corner
I started reading a promising-sounding novel, Amazing Grace (Grace Takana, the last ninja book 1) by Candy Kane. Right off I was skeptical. I mean, Candy Kane? Seriously? Was this smutty erotica disguised as a martial arts novel? The cover photo was, after all, what drew my attention. But no, it wasn’t, at least not for the first two chapters. It was violent, which is good for a ninja story, the lead character had the necessary motivation and I was invested enough in the story to keep going. Then... it ended. After two chapters. "Part two is available now on Amazon. Part three coming soon!" announces the last page. I'd just spent $1.07 for two small chapters of a 3-part novella. Parts 2 and 3 are available for $3.07 each. Now maybe I should've read the description better but I ended up feeling like I'd been scammed. So, as it turns out, this isn't a book review after all. Regardless of how interesting the story may be, I won't be buying the other books that make up the novella.   
Don't miss our November countdown. The sooner you act, the more you'll save!

Elaine from British Columbia asked:
Where did you get the idea for The Gatekeeper's Son?

A: I think the inspiration for any book comes from a lot of different places, but what originally made the idea for book one “click” in my head was one of my first trips to Japan. My father-in-law had taken me to an archaeological site. He told me a work crew had been cutting a road through the surrounding bamboo forest when they noticed something shiny poking up through the soil. When archaeologists came in to dig, they discovered hundreds of ancient bronze swords, lying in orderly rows. It was the first time anything like it had been found, and no one could figure out why the swords had been buried. My first reaction on hearing the story was to think maybe it had nothing to do with our reality. Maybe the swords had been left for warriors in another dimension – The Other Side.

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