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The Touch of Autumn

It’s been written about for centuries but it’s still true: there’s something bittersweet about fall. The falling temperatures remind us summer has to end, while the changing foliage reminds us to enjoy the beauty of life while we have it. It’s a little melancholy, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s good to feel sad, you know?
The glorious colours of fall in Vancouver's John Hendry Park
Review Corner
This isn't the type of book I'd normally pick up, but a friend recommended it as a classic must-read. It was ... weird, but in a good way. The story unfolds without any discernible direction: a guy stumbles rather helplessly through a fantasy version of the London Underground. Mostly he just follows others – not much of a hero in the usual sense – but he does come though when it matters most. It wasn't an epic adventure by any means but it kept me up far too late at night seeing what would happen next, and I enjoyed the imaginative cast of deeply flawed characters.

Meaghan from Arizona asked:
How did you come up with the title, The Gatekeeper's Son?

A: My wife and I were kicking around a bunch of ideas for a month or so, but nothing felt right. Then one day, my son Brody walks in while we're talking about it yet again. He listens for a bit then  says, "So you've got this Gatekeeper woman, whose son is becoming like her, or whatever?" We say, "Yup." He nods, looking rather nonchalant, and says, "Then why don't you just call it The Gatekeeper's Son?" Bam! The best answer is usually the simplest. Good work, Brody!  

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