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24symbols Update! April 2016

Hi Gary,

Yes, we typically wait one or two months between newsletters. But so many things are happening at 24symbols that we wanted to let you know NOW. We warned you in the previous one, we are eager to share :)

24symbols and Tracfone partner to launch DigiBooks Club in the United States

We are extremely proud to announce that our partnership with US mobile carrier Tracfone has come to a reality with the launch of DigiBooks Club, an ebook subscription service aimed at Tracfone's millions of users through its flagship brands like StraightTalk or Net10. 

This service is a credit-based book club where users can read the latest bestselling titles and classics from more than 3,500 publishers worldwide, and many more than will be joining in the following weeks! So stay tuned!

Care to listen? 24symbols partners with Findaway to offer AUDIOBOOKS

We love books. Print books and electronic books. But we mostly love stories and knowledge, regardless of how they are spread. That's why we have started a partnership with leading audiobook provider, Findaway, to offer audiobooks to our users as part of their existing subscriptions. From now on, our users will have, in addition to unlimited access to our ebook catalog, the ability to listen to one audiobook per month, out of a broad selection of more than 30,000 titles! We are ecstatic with this partnership, that enables us to increase our cultural and entertainment offering, and advance in our vision to deliver the best subscription service possible.

The audiobook service is available to all 24symbols subscribers through the web site, and will be included in the iOS and Android apps in future releases.

Now you can read AND listen to your favorite stories with 24symbols. Start now with:

Click here to access the official announcement

Changes in our organization

There's been a change in our executive management team and we wanted to let you know. Everything is explained in this LinkedIn Post

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As always, thanks for being part of the 24symbols family.
JustoAlexand the rest of the 24symbols team.

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