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January 2017

Love Unleashes Life

Stephanie Gray's Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

Happy new year! 2016 ended well with a presentation on abortion at a public high school as well as a presentation on euthanasia at the RiseUp Conference and at my old high school (see photo above).  We are only 12 days into 2017 but I already have many encouraging updates and resources for you:

1. I recently uploaded a new presentation on Youtube.  It is a Sunday message I delivered at a Christian church in Chilliwack in November; you can listen to it here.  Please share the link through social media.

2. This month marks one year since the release of Love Unleashes Life: Abortion & the Art of Communicating Truth.  Order your copy today!  Information is here for where to purchase the book.

3. Are you in the Vancouver area?  On January 20 I'll be presenting an evening seminar on abortion and euthanasia at a large Christian Church in Vancouver, Westside Church.   Attendance is free but please register here.  

4. Are you in Southern Ontario?  I'll be speaking at the St. Catharines Right to Life dinner on February 25.  More information here. 

5. Do you want to be better equipped to talk about issues like abortion, euthanasia, and suffering?  Click on the title to read the latest blogs I've written:
*The Impact of Choices
*A Resolution for the New Year: In the Face of Suffering Unleash Love
*Bringing Beauty to Berkeley
*Finding Meaning in Suffering

6. Two days ago I gave a talk on euthanasia at Holy Trinity Church in North Vancouver.  A man told me he changed his mind as a result of the message: that he had come being "neutral" on the topic but left realizing he needs to influence people to do the right thing!

7. Another man at the same talk told me he asked his son to be his advocate to make medical decisions on his behalf should he become incapacitated at some future point.  The son asked his father what guidelines he wanted him to use when making decisions, and the man didn't know what to say.  But that evening I was able to give him, and all attendees, a copy of my booklet, "Frequently Asked Questions about Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide" which cover the topics of proportionate versus disproportionate treatment and the Principle of Double Effect, as well as provides a consult line for people to call when they have questions about what the ethical response would be in specific medical situations.

8. Just before my euthanasia presentation I did a 1-hour phone-in show on Catholic Answers Radio about the life issues.  You can listen to the recording here.

Finally, are you connected with organizations that run events that host 1,000 people or more?  In 2017 I'm trying to increase the number of people I present to in order to maximize my reach, so please consider suggesting me as a speaker at these larger events.  Potential event hosts can learn more about my background here.

"The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace."
-Num 6:24-26

~Stephanie :)
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Thank you!

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