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February-March 2017

Love Unleashes Life

Stephanie Gray's Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

Since the start of 2017, I’ve already given 21 presentations to almost 3,000 people in 8 cities across North America (the header photo above is me with some attendees of a Salesian youth rally I spoke at in Tampa, Florida).  Thanks to your support, I’ve also done apologetics training for a group of pro-life midwives, been interviewed 3 times on radio shows (including here), as well as done a TV interview (on The Miracle Channel here). Moreover, I helped a pro-life student who is a medical school applicant prepare for her interviews in case she is asked about abortion or euthanasia, as well as met with leaders from a pregnancy center to impart advice on how what I’ve learned from my years of abortion-related debate and conversation can help them in the counselling setting.  Thank you for your partnership with this!

There are a lot of exciting opportunities coming up, including speaking to almost 5,000 young people in Louisiana and debating Dr. Malcolm Potts again, former medical director of International Planned Parenthood Federation, in front of his students at the University of California, Berkeley. 
I’m still waiting on survey feedback from a series of high school talks I recently gave, but in the meantime, here are other encouraging results:

After about six months of planning, in January I spoke at Westside, a large Christian church in Vancouver.  Approximately 200 people came out for a 2+ hour seminar on abortion and euthanasia.  One attendee shifted from 7 to 10 (where 0 means “support all abortion” and 10 means “against all abortion”) as well as shifted from 8 to 10 (where 0 means “support all euthanasia” and 10 means “against all euthanasia”).
Another shifted from 5 to 10 on abortion saying, beforehand, “Not sure if it is a viable ‘solution’ in some circumstances” to saying, afterward, “Speaker made very good arguments.”  On euthanasia this individual shifted from 8 to 9.
Another shifted from 9 to 10 on abortion, and from 4 to 8 on euthanasia!  This woman remarked, “I would recommend this presentation because it unpacks very valid and eye opening points that people may not think of themselves."
When I speak on euthanasia, one of my messages is to encourage each audience member to commit to visiting a lonely or sick person weekly, whether that individual is in their family, neighborhood, or a hospital/care home.  I was very encouraged by an attendee who took me up on my challenge and wrote on her survey, “I plan to volunteer with the elderly for sure.”  My simple philosophy is this: Euthanasia shouldn't happen if people don’t ask for it.  So our job is to visit the sick and lonely to make their lives happier so that they don’t ask for euthanasia.
And then there are those I don’t speak to directly, but who still receive and share the message thanks to the internet.  A student e-mailed me this: “Thank you so much for all you do! You are an amazing role model, and your information is very helpful. I've been working on a speech to present to my class about pro-life and the damage abortion can do. Your talks and quotes have helped me very much.”
Step by step, more people are being formed in the pro-life worldview and not only are being convinced abortion and euthanasia are wrong, but they are then sharing this message with others.  Thank you for standing with me!

~Stephanie :)

P.S., May the following words of St. Mother Teresa be an important reminder to you as they are to me: “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, sending a love letter to the world.”
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Thank you!

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