IMATA refuses to get out of Taiji – so we’ve called in the lawyers.
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Trainers take dolphins out of the wild, leaving their family for slaughter.

Martina, IMATA didn’t listen. Let's make them wish they did.

Dear Martina,

We asked IMATA to stop their trainers brutally torturing dolphins in the Taiji killing cove.
We wrote. We called. And we sent a petition with more than 40,000 signatures from passionate animal defenders like you.
They didn't listen. So it’s time to stop asking nicely.
Late last week our lawyers took action, demanding IMATA trainers keep their hands the hell away from innocent dolphins fighting for their lives in Taiji.
The first shot has been fired. But dolphins desperately need your help to keep the legal pressure on, and force these sick trainers out of the cove forever.
Will you help by chipping in to support the campaign? Please click here:

Help the legal campaign
IMATA claims its trainers exercise “the highest levels of respect and humaneness for all animals".
Sad dolphins resting head on concrete tank side

Wild dolphins don’t belong here

IMATA claims its trainers care deeply about animals. But it lets them tear beautiful, wild dolphins out of the ocean and shove them in tiny, concrete tanks – never to see their friends or family again.
It’s not compassion – it’s cruelty. That’s why AFD has sent a legal letter of demand, insisting IMATA trainers STOP torturing dolphins in Taiji.
Will you chip in to keep the legal pressure on IMATA? Your support can stop these sick trainers handpicking wild dolphins and selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars – keeping the bloody hunts in business.
Please click here to help:

At the same time, it lets members from places like Awashima Marine Park brutally torture dolphins in the Taiji killing cove – violently dragging mothers away from their babies and shoving them into tiny cages.
Awashima used to get its dolphins from the Futo hunts, pictured here:

But these sickening hunts ended in 2004, largely because they stopped making money.
That’s why it is so important to target IMATA trainers like the ones from Awashima Marine Park. These trainers violently drag the “good looking” dolphins away from their families, torture them until they learn circus tricks, and help sell them off for thousands of dollars – keeping the cruel Taiji hunts in business.

And what happens to dolphins with ugly wounds from the hunt, or babies who are too young to learn circus tricks? The trainers toss them aside to the slaughter heap.

Support the legal campaign to get IMATA out of Taiji
If IMATA wants to keep saying its trainers treat animals with respect, it has to stop them brutally torturing innocent dolphins in Taiji. That is the foundation of our legal argument - which I’m sure you’ll agree, is simple logic.
Martina, I can’t thank you enough for making dolphin protection a powerful issue.
Your support has already taken this legal battle right to IMATA’s front door – now help us kick it down, and create real change for dolphins.

Yours in gratitude,
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