Grails 3.1 is here! Get ready to upgrade.
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Grails: the Open Source, high productivity framework for building fast and scalable web applications.

Grails 3.1 Shipped Today -- Here's what's new:

  • Grails 3.1 comes with Spring Boot 1.3 and Spring 4.2, enabling you to produce runnable JAR files that embed Tomcat, Jetty or other containers. In addition you can use Spring Cloud with Grails 3.1 to build Cloud Native applications.
  • Grails 3.1 features new support for expandable application profiles, allowing developers to build application creation templates that target a range of different tasks.
  • Grails 3.1 features new profiles for building REST applications and Single Page Applications (SPA) using AngularJS. The REST profile features a focused environment that helps developers quickly spin-up REST servers, easily deployable either standalone or to modern Java application servers.
  • The new AngularJS profile in Grails 3.1 helps developers quickly become productive building Single Page Applications (SPA) using AngularJS. By integrating seamlessly with tools such as Bower and Karma, the AngularJS profile provides everything you need to build, run and deploy AngularJS applications backed by Grails.
  • Grails 3.1 comes with GORM 5, a ground-up rewrite of the innovative data access framework that comes with Grails. Featuring new support for the graph database Neo4j, as well as enhanced support for MongoDB 3 and Hibernate 5, GORM 5 provides all the tools necessary to integrate modern backend applications with your database.
As home to Grails, OCI is committed to bolstering the Grails framework with full engineering, support and training services. OCI’s team of Grails SMEs includes Grails co-founders Graeme Rocher and Jeff Scott Brown, and several other MVPs of the global Grails community!

Want to do more with Grails?

OCI offers free consultations to help companies migrate to Grails 3. We can help accelerate your migration or manage it start-to-finish, so you can stay focused on other business needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our engineering, support and training options for the Grails framework.
At OCI, we build high performance, real-time, mission critical systems and integration solutions. Our goal is to make solutions more open, bringing the added benefits of massive scalability, reusability, interoperablility and affordability to our clients. Please visit to  learn more about our software engineering services and training.
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