Issue #23 - August 27, 2018
A Couple of Match Racing Regattas Looking for Teams!

Below are two regattas looking for teams to fill out the event. If interested, please contact the hosts immediately.
September 12-15 - Thompson Cup

This is the last event in the 2018 Grand Slam Series of Grade 2 events in North America. It will be hosted by the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club and raced in Oyster Bay, New York in Oakcliff Sailing’s Match 40’s. This is a great chance to race in the Match 40’s (powerful boats with wheels) against national and international competition.

For more information, click here.

With questions, contact Bill Simon.
September 29-30 – Richardson Cup

This event is the Great Lakes Match Racing Championship, but they may be opening it up to competitors who are not from the Great Lakes. The event is being hosted by the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit in their Ultimate 20’s, which are fun, fast boats with asymmetrical spinnakers. And the Bayview Yacht Club is one of the most fun clubs to compete at (something to do with the bar there…).

For the Notice of Race click here. With any questions, contact Scott Spaeth.
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…
At a recent match racing event at Oakcliff Sailing in the Match 40’s, before the start a leeward boat luffed a windward boat. Just before contact, the leeward boat bore away sharply and the bowperson began falling overboard, but instead of landing in the water she landed in the scoop transom of the windward boat! The boats quickly separated and then started with the windward boat carrying a penalty and their opponent’s bowperson.

After some radio chatter among the umpires, it was decided that the umpire boat should pick the sailor up and return to the starting line area where the “transfer” had occurred, and wait for the bowperson’s boat to return to that area to retrieve their missing crew, which they did. By the time the transfer was made, the leading boat was about halfway to the windward mark.

But wait – there’s more…

After having some issues setting her spinnaker, the leading boat decided to do her penalty while trying to sort out her spinnaker issues. The penalty turn and delayed spinnaker set allowed the trailing boat to close the distance, and eventually pass the leading boat and win the race!

You can’t make this stuff up!
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