Issue #35 - October 12, 2021
In this issue of The Dial Up you will find:
  • Last few events in 2021
  • 2021 U.S. Match Racing Championships reports
  • Many other 2021 regatta reports
  • A clever penalty kill
  • The Canada’s Cup
  • World Match Racing Tour Academy at Oakcliff Sailing
From the Editor
Hi all…

It’s been a busy and fun summer of match racing in North America, thanks to the efforts of all the organizers and hosts who worked tirelessly to provide safe and “normal” match racing for hundreds of sailors and race officials in the U.S. and Canada. This edition of The Dial Up is loaded with reports from all the great match racing in 2021.

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Dave Perry
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2021 North American Match Racing Master Calendars:
2021 North American Master Regatta Calendar
2021 North American Master Clinic Calendar
Here are some remaining events scheduled for 2021:
California Dreamin’ Series – See event listing in the Master Calendar for additional information and contacts
  • August 28-29, St. Francis YC, J/22’s - results
  • October 9-10, San Diego YC, J/22’s
  • November 13-14, Long Beach YC, Catalina 37’s
Oakcliff Sailing
  • October 15-17 – October Grade 4 Clinegatta (clinic on Oct 15; racing Oct 16-17)
  • October 29-31 – Halloween Invitational Grade 3 (practice Oct 29; racing Oct 30-31)
  • For more information, email Patrick Burks
Peter Holz’s Team Wins 2021 U.S. Match Racing Championship

Chicago Yacht Club’s Peter Holz and his crew won the 2021 U.S. Match Racing Championship, October 1-3, 2021, sailing on Catalina 37s at the Long Beach Yacht Club.
The winning team included Ellis Tonissi, Jonathan Hammond, I.G. Shottlaender, John Colburn, and Graham Post. After three days of racing, Holz faced off against defending champion Pearson Potts and team (New York YC) to go 2-0 in the Finals. Chris Poole’s team (Seawanhaka Corinthian YC) bested Jeffrey Petersen’s team (Balboa YC) in the Petite-final to take third place overall. 
“Boat speed wins races, and the guys got us around the track fast,” said Holz of his tactics throughout the weekend. “Starts were also key. We got off the line well and got our tactician what he wanted, so it was good. My crew were rock stars around the course, and got us out of a lot of tough positions.”
“Winning the U.S. Match Race Championship has been a goal of ours for the last three or four years, and we’ve come up second against Potts several times, so it’s good to get one over on him,” said Holz of the win. “Doing it here at Long Beach, where I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time, is really great. The hospitality at the Long Beach Yacht Club is just incredible, there’s no better place to do it.”
Click here for full results and more information on the USMRC.
Peter Holz’s team en route to winning the 2021 U.S. Match Racing Championship in Long Beach, California
Photo: Christine Delabre
U.S. Match Racing Championship (USMRC) Qualifier Series

The 2021 USMRC Qualifiers Series has become one of the premier match racing series in the U.S. each year. The secret sauce to the 7-8 event series is skippers can request an invitation to as many of them as they want; they do not need to sail in the one geographically closest to them. That allows skippers to request invitations to the events that fit their schedules giving them more flexibility, and to participate in more than one if space permits. Of course, the other draw to the Series is the winner of each Qualifier event receives an invitation to the U.S. Match Racing Championship for the Prince of Wales Bowl that year.
Congratulations to the winning skippers and their teams in 2021 (for full results, click on links below):
  • April 17-18, Oakcliff Sailing, Oyster Bay, NY. Peter Holz - results
  • May 1-2, St. Francis YC, San Francisco, CA, Oliver Toole - results
  • May 15-16, Bayview YC, Detroit, MI, Ryan Seago - results
  • May 22-23, Boston YC, Marblehead, MA, Colin Merrick - results
  • June 5-6, San Diego YC, San Diego, CA, Jeffrey Petersen - results
  • June 5-6, Rochester YC, Rochester, NY, Janel Zarkowsky - results
  • June 26-27, Chicago YC , Chicago, Il, Steve Lowery - results
The 2021 USWMRC Champions: (from left to right) Karen Loutzenheiser, Nicole Breault, Molly Carapiet and Julie Mitchell
Photo: Andrew Delves
Nicole Breault’s Team Wins 2021 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship

Nicole Breault (San Francisco, Calif.) and her team representing the St. Francis Yacht Club, including Molly Carapiet (San Francisco, Calif.), Karen Loutzenheiser (Santa Cruz, Calif.) and Julie Mitchell (San Diego, Calif.) won the 2021 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship for the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy, hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club. The Finals match-up was against Janel Zarkowsky (Annapolis, Md.) and her Scuttlebutt Sailing Club team featuring Annabelle Ayer (Marblehead, Mass.), Madeline Gill (Charleston, S.C.), and Rose Edwards (Chicago, Ill.). Breault won 3-0 capping an undefeated regatta. As runner-up, Zarkowsky’s team won the Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Memorial Trophy.  

Breault’s victory marks her fourth career win at the U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship, having also earned this title in 2018, 2016 and 2015. Carapiet and Loutzenheiser sailed with Breault in all four championship runs. 

“I love match racing because it’s all or nothing,” Breault said. “You feel the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It’s so intense, and being able to pull together as a team is a great experience.”

Click here for full results and more information on the USWMRC.
Close action at the 2021 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship in San Diego
Photo: Mark Albertazzi
2021 Youth Match Racing National Champions (from left to right): Reade Decker; Jeffrey Petersen; Samantha Hemmans and Max Brennan
Photo: Holly Huston
Jeffrey Petersen’s Team Wins 2021 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship

An impressive collection of skilled youth match racers ages 16-20 from around the country convened in Rochester, New York, June 23-27, 2021, for the 2021 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup. The Final Series captured the excitement of the weekend with a highly competitive duel between the two top teams, Jack Egan (San Diego, Calif.) of the San Diego Yacht Club and Jeffrey Petersen (Newport Beach, Calif.) of the Balboa Yacht Club.

Egan entered the Final Series with a perfect record, including a 14-0 record in the two Round Robin stages on Friday and Saturday, and a pair of 3-0 series wins in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals. Petersen worked his way into the Finals with a 10-4 double Round Robin record, followed by 3-2 and 3-1 wins in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, respectively.

After winning the first race to take a 1-0 lead, it looked like Egan and team would continue their undefeated ways through the Finals. However, Petersen’s team made the necessary adjustments and won the next three consecutive races to win the Final Series, 3-1.

Petersen’s team was Max Brennan (Newport Beach, Calif.), Reade Decker (Newport Beach, Calif.), and Samantha Hemmans (Costa Mesa, Calif.).

Egan’s runner-up team was Diego Escobar (San Diego, Calif.), Jack Plavan (Park City, Utah), and Marianna Shand (Chula Vista, Calif.).

Finishing third was David Wood (Corona del Mar, Calif.) of the Balboa Yacht Club, and crew Marbella Marlo (Newport Beach, Calif.), Daniel Pegg (Anaheim, Calif.), and Tyler Wood (Newport Beach, Calif.).

Click here for full results and more information on the USYMRC for the Rose Cup.
The competitors at the 2021 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup at the Rochester Yacht Club
Photo: Holly Huston
A Clever Penalty Kill
by Dave Perry

In race 3 of the Semi-finals at the 2021 Congressional Cup, Taylor Canfield and Eric Monnin were tied 1-1 in the series. Off the line, both boats were on starboard, with Canfield safely to windward of Monnin but carrying a prestart penalty.
Monnin was patient, and soon the boats were sailing past the port layline to the windward mark, a fairly standard set-up for a possible penalty kill where the windward boat carries the leeward boat well past the layline, then bears away and gybes and comes up to a close-hauled course, thereby killing their penalty, and the leeward boat trying to stay overlapped close to the windward boat so he cannot gybe.
But Canfield had another trick up his sleeve that worked out extremely well. After sailing for quite a while past the layline, he tacked. Monnin was clever enough to not get locked to windward of him, such that both boats were reaching on port tack towards the mark. Canfield repeatedly tried to get Monnin locked in to windward of him, and each time Monnin stayed clear astern.
Suddenly, Canfield bore away sharply and gybed onto starboard tack. Monnin steered away from him, and just as suddenly, Canfield gybed back to port tack and luffed up to a close-hauled course, thereby killing his penalty…and he was still a length or so ahead of Monnin!
So, what should Monnin have done? Here are some thoughts. When Canfield gybed to starboard tack, he was taking a penalty (rule C7.2(a)(1)), and Monnin became the right-of-way boat under rule 21.1 (note that when rule 21.1 applies, which is in Section D of Part 2 of the rules, the right-of-way rules in Section A do not apply). And he can interfere with a boat taking a penalty as long as he is sailing his proper course (which is his fastest course to the next mark). So Monnin should have put himself very close to the left of Canfield so that when Canfield gybed back to port, he couldn’t luff without hitting Monnin.
Of course, if Canfield stopped luffing to keep clear and avoid contact, as he would be required to do, he would have stopped taking his penalty and the umpires would have blown off the penalty attempt with a series of whistles (rule C5.6), and Canfield would still have a penalty but now have Monnin locked in to windward of him.
If Canfield did continue to luff while taking a penalty forcing Monnin to luff to avoid him, Canfield would be breaking rule 21.1. But all this may do is wind up with Canfield getting to close-hauled and killing his first penalty, and then immediately getting a second penalty for breaking rule 21.1, so he would end up with a penalty but now with Monnin locked in to windward of him. But maybe the umpires would decide that Canfield gained a controlling position as a result of breaking rule 21.1, and give him a red-flag penalty (rule C6.5(b)); or maybe they would decide that he deliberately broke rule 21.1 and give him a double penalty, acting under rule C8.3(b).
You can watch the penalty kill here.
World Match Racing Tour Academy at Oakcliff
From August 4-16, 2021, Oakcliff and the World Match Racing Tour partnered to create the first WMRT Academy at Oakcliff. The partnership brought pro coaches like America’s Cup sailor and match racing world champion Hayden Goodrick to the Oakcliff campus for two weeks of intense, one-on-one training in Oakcliff’s fleet of Match 40s. 
The Academy culminated in the chance to sail a Grade 3 match race against top match racing talent. After two weeks of hard work, Academy trainee Jonathan Bailey and crew took third place. The academy was one of Jonathan’s first experiences with match racing. 
“My biggest takeaway from the Academy was boat-handing and the importance of communication on a team,” said Bailey. “Once those are down it makes it so much easier to execute the plan.”
If you missed this year’s Academy, we will be bringing the World Match Racing Tour Academy back to Oakcliff next summer for another intensive two weeks of training in match racing.
Oakcliff Sailing in Oyster Bay, New York (about 45 minutes from New York City) has one of the most aggressive match racing programs in the U.S. In 2021, Oakcliff ran 14 graded match racing events (6- Grade 5, 3- Grade 4, 4- Grade 3 and 1- Grade 2). Thirty or so individuals skippered throughout the season, many with prior match racing experience but also quite a few new to match racing or returning after a long hiatus. 
Below is a ranking of U.S. match racers based on their most recent World Sailing rankingNote, this ranking has been unchanged since January 2021 due to the limitations sailors have on attending events due to COVID-19.

Women's Rankings (8 of these skippers are in the top 50 world-wide; rankings are among Women):
  1. Nicole Breault (3 in the World)
  2. Allie Blecher (13 in the World)
  3. Bridget Groble (32 in the World)
  4. Danielle Gallo (34 in the World)
  5. Marilyn Cassedy (35 in the World)
  6. Janel Zarkowsky (39 in the World)
  7. Stephanie Wondolleck (46 in the World) 
  8. Liz Hjorth (50 in the World)
  9. Giselle Camet Nyenhuis (60 in the World)
  10. Morgan Wilson (102 in the World)   
Open Rankings (9 of these skippers are in the top 50 world-wide):
  1. Chris Poole (12 in the World)
  2. Pearson Potts, Jr. (13 in the World)
  3. Jack Parkin (20 in the World)
  4. Taylor Canfield (21 in the World)
  5. Ryan Seago (32 in the World)
  6. Chris Weis (35 in the World)
  7. Nicole Breault (39 in the World)
  8. Peter Holz (40 in the World)
  9. Chris Nesbitt (45 in the World)
  10. David Wood (51 in the World)
Dock Talk
2021 Youth Match Racing World Champions (from left to right): Daniel Pegg, Marbella Marlo, Max Mayol and David Wood
Photo: Longpre Photos
David Wood’s Team Wins 2021 Youth Match Racing World Championship

David Wood’s team of Daniel Pegg, Marbella Marlo and Max Mayol beat Jeffrey Petersen’s team of Max Brennan, Samantha Hemmans and Scott Mais in an all-USA and all-Balboa Yacht Club final of the 2021 Youth Match Racing World Championship, becoming the first American to claim victory in the event that started in 2014. The event was hosted by the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar, August 9-14, in Gov Cup 22’s.
Wood rattled off three straight wins in the best-of-five championship series for a 3-1 victory. “Our motto throughout the whole event was just get 1% better every day, and we said that this morning when we came out and had two really tough races against Emil Kjaer of Denmark in the semifinals, and then an incredibly challenging series against Jeffrey’s team,” Wood said.
Italy’s Riccardo Sepe took the Petite-final series 2-1 over Kjaer to earn third place in the regatta.
Full results and team rosters
Full press release
Video coverage of the 2021 Youth Match Racing Worlds
2021 Governor’s Cup Champions (from left to right): Scott Mais, Max Brennan and Jeffrey Petersen
Photo: Longpre Photos
Jeffrey Petersen’s Team Wins 2021 Governor’s Cup

Jeffrey Petersen’s (USA) team of Scott Mais and Max Brennan, representing the Balboa Yacht Club, won the prestigious 54th running of the Governor’s Cup, the most prestigious longest-running international youth match racing event in the world, hosted annually by the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar, California. Petersen defeated Emil Kjaer (DEN) in the Finals 3-2.

Finishing third was newcomer to match racing Morgan Pinckney (USA) with a team of Jack Flores, Will Glasson and Marbella Marlo, representing the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. In fourth was Porter Kavle, with Jake Vikers and Will Comerford, representing the Annapolis Yacht Club.
Full results and team rosters  
Full press release  
Video coverage of the 2021 Governor’s Cup
Petite-final – Morgan Pinckney (USA, Newport Harbor Yacht Club) and Porter Kavle (USA, Annapolis Yacht Club) at the Governor's Cup 2021
Photo: Tom Walker
Taylor Canfield’s Team wins 2021 Congressional Cup

Stars + Stripes Team USA skippered by Taylor Canfield (USA) won the 56th Congressional Cup at the Long Beach Yacht Club, defeating Johnie Berntsson (SWE) 3-0, capping five days of high-test competition in this World Match Racing Tour championship event and making Canfield the winningest skipper in the history of the Cup with five wins.
Canfield attributed the victory to sticking to the team plan. “Our goal is to always get better throughout the week. We had some difficult moments and some tough debriefs about how we could continue to get better, and that makes us stronger in the end. And we like to keep the umpires out of the game, I think we had only one penalty over the week.”
Advancing to the semi-final round for the first time in his eighth Congressional Cup, Eric Monnin (SUI) won his initial match against Canfield. But the CAPVIS Swiss Match Race Team bowed to Canfield in the next three bouts. In the Petite-finals, Monnin beat Chris Poole (USA) in the best-of-three series, to capture his first podium finish in his Congressional Cup career. Monnin and his wife Ute Wagner are the first husband-wife team to podium in the Cup.
Full results and team rosters
Full press release
Video coverage of the 2021 Congressional Cup
(from left to right): Erik Shampain, Mac Agnese, Taylor Canfield, George Peet, Leo Boucher, Victor Diaz de Leon and Mike Buckley
Chris Poole Top U.S. skipper in 2021 U.S. Grand Slam Series

The U.S. Grand Slam Series is made up of four Grade 2 match racing events including the Chicago Cup, the International Match Race for the Detroit Cup, the Oakcliff International and the Thompson Cup. Each event also forms part of the World Match Racing Tour. Skippers earn points towards the 2021 Match Racing World Championship by gaining points from each of the U.S. Grand Slam Series events.
Scheduled over a short period of time in August and early September to make it easier for travelling teams to participate in the entire series and allow for travel time between cities, the U.S. Grand Slam Series attracts some of the top match racing talent from around the globe. That so many teams participate in the majority of the series makes the competition friendly yet intense as they continue to race against each other week after week.
The U.S. Grand Slam Series is also in partnership with the Congressional Cup, the longest running Grade 1 match race in the U.S., hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club in California. The winner of the U.S. Grand Slam Series, awarded to the skipper with the most accumulated points in 3 of the 4 events, receives an invitation to the following year’s Congressional Cup.
More information on the U.S. Grand Slam Series
Alastair Gifford from New Zealand won the 2021 Grand Slam, with victories in Chicago and Detroit and a third place finish at the Thompson. He narrowly beat out Chris Poole of the U.S. who won both the Thompson and the Oakcliff International, but finished fourth in Chicago. Peter Holz from the U.S. finished third in the Series.
2021 U.S. Grand Slam Overall Results
The Louisville slugger, a baseball bat, is the trophy for winning the U.S. Grand Slam. A “grand slam” in baseball is scoring four runs by hitting a home run with the three bases loaded. The U.S. Grand Slam is an annual series of four Grade 2 events in August and early September in Chicago, Detroit and Oyster Bay, New York. The winner gets an invitation to the following year’s Congressional Cup, a Grade 1 event.
Dave Perry (foreground) battling with Chris Poole in the prestart. Poole defeated Perry in the Finals of the 2021 Thompson Cup 3-1
Canada Wins the 2021 Canada’s Cup

The Canada’s Cup represents 125 Years and 24 matches of high-level match racing between Canadian and U.S. yacht clubs on the Great Lakes. The 13 U.S. and 11 Canadian victories have resulted in matches determined by mere feet after miles of head-to-head racing.
First raced in 1896, Æmilius Jarvis of the RCYC aboard Canada defeated 
Vencedor of the Lincoln Park Yacht Club captained by J.G. Barbour. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) has gone on to win eight additional matches with the latest in 2016 by Bryan Gooderham aboard the 8 Metre Hollandia.

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto, Canada) hosted the 2021 Canada’s Cup on September 2-4, in the Melges IC37, recently developed by the New York Yacht Club for its bi-annual Invitational Cup. The Royal Canadian YC successfully defended against challenger Youngstown Yacht Club (Youngstown, NY) with a score of 6-0.
There were many historical firsts in the 2021 Canada’s Cup. It was the first match race regatta in IC37s, the first opportunity for junior sailors to participate, the first time the boats were comprised of men and women crew, and the first time there were father-daughter crew members on both boats.

The original vision for the Canada’s Cup was for matches to be held in 2020, 2022 and 2024. With the 2020 event rescheduled to 2021, the next event is only 12 months away. Following the awards ceremony, Bob Hesse of the Youngstown Yacht Club formally announced his intention to challenge again in 2022. The 2022 match is open to additional challengers and defenders.

Details here
Photos here 

Youngstown Yacht Club crew:
Owner: Robert Hesse, Skipper: Adam Burns, Crewmembers: Chris Doyle, Scott Walker, John Goller, Shannon Walter, Bridget Dedatio, Ben Doyle and Charlie Kegler

Royal Canadian Yacht Club crew:
Owner: Paul L’Heureux, Skipper: Terry McLaughlin, Crewmembers: Lance Fraser, Sandy Andrews, John Millen, Andrew McTavish, Mariah Millen, Ingrid Merry, Scott Collinson, and Andrew Kenny
Close action at the 2021 Canada’s Cup
Photo: Sharon Green
Header photo: David Wood’s team celebrating their win of the 2021 Youth Match Racing World Championship. Photo: Longpre Photos.

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