Issue #1 - February 12, 2015

Welcome to the 'new' Dial Up!

The US Sailing Match Racing Committee has re-launched The Dial Up newsletter. The intention of this free newsletter is to regularly inform the North American match racing community of all the opportunities for match racing in North America, and for getting better at match racing whether as a competitor, umpire, race manager or event organizer.
You will automatically receive the regular newsletter. There will also be emails with specific information for various interest groups. At the bottom of this newsletter please take a moment to update your preferences with all the various categories of information you would like to receive. If you do not want to receive this newsletter you can simply unsubscribe as well.

I encourage you to share this newsletter with other match racers using the buttons at the bottom of this email. Anyone interested in match racing in North America is welcome to subscribe.

I want to thank the members of our working party, especially Alice Leonard and David Storrs, for all their work in organizing this project, which should be very beneficial to the North American match racing community. I hope you find it helpful.
Dave Perry, Chairman, US Sailing Match Racing Committee
This is likely the most useful section of The Dial Up. 2015 is shaping up to have the most North American match racing in history, with 55 events currently scheduled before the season has even started! We have created a master calendar, based on the latest information available to us, for all of the 2015 match racing regattas and clinics in North America. These Google spreadsheets will be updated as we get new information. If you do not see your event listed, or some of the information is incorrect or incomplete, please email us at

2015 Regatta Schedule
2015 Clinic Schedule
New open qualifying system for 2015 U.S. Match Racing Championships

In a major change from the past, the qualifiers for the U.S. Open and Women's Match Racing Championships are now open to competitors from around the country regardless of their home area, and competitors can race in more than one qualifier if there is space available. However, skippers need to request an invitation to the qualifiers, and can list up to four choices. Invitations will be sent out by the U.S. Match Racing Championships Invitation Committee. Preference may be given to early applicants.  

For more information or to request an invitation go to the event pages of the US Sailing website for the USMRC (open) or USWMRC (women's).

Below are the current dates (which include the practice day) and venues for the 2015 U.S. Match Racing Championships Qualifiers (O = qualifier for the Open Championship; W = qualifier for the Women’s Championship):
  • April 10-12: Oakcliff Sailing, Oyster Bay, NY (O, W)
  • April 17-19: Long Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach, CA (W)
  • May 22-24: St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA (O, W)
  • May 29-31: Chicago Match Race Center, Chicago, IL (O, W)
  • June 12-14: San Diego Yacht Club, San Diego, CA (O, W)
  • June 19-21: Annapolis Yacht Club, Annapolis, MD (O, W)
  • June 26-28: Bayview Yacht Club, Detroit, MI (O)
  • September 4-6: St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA (O)
Dave Perry, 4x US National Champion, on Winning the Prestart

Getting a good start can lead to winning the first cross, which gives you control of the race. The key to getting a good start is to win the side of your competitor (right or left) that you prefer. When the boats will be crossing the line at roughly the same time, another key to getting a good start is “being on the line, on time, at speed.” To me, that is the forward-most crew’s responsibility (jib trimmer or bow person).

For more, here are my Do’s and Don’t’s for getting a good start

The drone video below, shot by Isao Toyama, has great footage of a prestart at the Chicago Match Race Center between David Storrs and Steffan Lindberg (note: there is no audio).

Two New Match Racing Rules for 2015

1) Appendix C, Match Racing, rule C.2.9 is changed to read: Rule 22.3 is deleted. Rule 22.3 says “A boat moving astern through the water by backing a sail shall keep clear of one that is not.” By deleting that rule altogether for match racing, when a boat begins moving backwards, as happens often during the Dial Up, the right of way does not change between the boats. However, when the right-of-way boat begins moving backwards, she has “changed course,” and rule 16.1, Changing Course, requires her to give the other boat “room to keep clear.” See MR Call B7 in the Match Racing Call Book.

2) The ISAF standard NOR and Sailing Instructions (SI’s) for Graded Events have been revised to include the following change to rule 31, Touching a Mark:

“RRS 31 is changed to ‘While racing, neither the crew nor any part of a boat's hull shall touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing.”

When that instruction is included in the SI’s for an event, it means that the sails, boom and sheets *can* touch the marks, but not the hull of the boat or the sailors. NOTE: if this change is not listed in the SI’s, the rule hasn’t been changed, so read the SI’s carefully.
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Running a successful match racing event requires several additions to the needs for running a fleet race. The boats are supplied, the format is different, races are much shorter, there is more race committee interaction with the umpires, special sailing rules apply, and other issues. 
Oakcliff Sailing in Oyster Bay on Long Island near New York City is one of the leading match racing centers in the world. To help organizers and officials put on the most successful match racing events, Oakcliff Sailing will be holding a one-day How to Run a Match Race Regatta seminar on March 28. 
Dock Talk

North American Taylor Canfield Defending World Title
Taylor Canfield (USVI) and his USOne team of Michael Rehe (USA), Rod Dawson (NZL), Hayden Goodrick (NZL), and Morgan Trubovich (NZL) are currently battling for the 2014 ISAF Match Racing World Championship title at the final stop of the WMRT, the Monsoon Cup Malaysia. Follow the action live and view more archived video on Livestream.
Helpful Resources
There are many helpful resources out there for match racers. We will list a few at a time in this section.
  • US Sailing match racing website - a comprehensive source of calendars, articles and videos on how to match race better, links to documents and sites helpful to race officials, specific information for youth and women, current news and US rankings, and much more
  • ISAF match racing calendar - a listing of all the currently approved graded match racing events in the world
  • WIMRA website - the website of the Women’s International Match Racing Association
"The Dial Up" header photo credit: Dean Barnes

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