July 2019
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Variety is the spice of life - and that's what we've got for you in this month's Newsletter. Look out for the following - and more!  Please enjoy.
  • Success Stories: Meet James Tyler and our new CEO!
  • 'Orion' Online Educational: Get answers to your questions about Orion products.
  • Retail Jewellers: An introduction to Rochet Watch Bands.
  • New Products: Including Aussie made Setting Plates.
  • Specials: Terrific savings to be had.
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* All prices quoted in this Newsletter are valid until 31 July 2019 or while stocks last.

A Passion for Perfection                             

The son of a skilled Engineer / Fitter and Turner, James Tyler had every opportunity to be introduced to what mattered most in engineering ... detail.

"It has to be as good on the inside as it is on the outside" his father would say. Those wise words would become the principle by which James would guide his own workshop passions.
James is a traditionally trained, custom design jeweller. His business 'James Tyler Jewellery' is located in the beautiful Brisbane Arcade.

His workshop uses a wide variety of materials including platinum, 22ct, 18ct and 9ct gold, palladium, titanium, neoprene, silver and custom combination materials such as Mokume Gane. It also contains state of the art equipment such as an Orion Pulse-Arc Welder.

James has developed the highly specific skill of gem setting that enables the workshop to guarantee full in-house creation. He is also a proud inductee into The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

With a deep passion for his craft, James proudly shares his knowledge and skill, endeavouring to strengthen the next generation to keep the craft of true high-quality handmade jewellery alive. 

James' passion also extends to the tools he uses. In conjunction with his brother Matthew, who also shares his father's "attention to detail" philosophy, they set out to develop the tools they wished they had, but could not find.

Hence the niche range of Tyler Brothers jewellery tools and in memory of their father, James and Matthew proudly continue the family way of "as good on the inside as it is on the outside".
Impressed with the quality of the Tyler Brothers Setting Plates, AJS is proud to have established a partnership with such a dynamic Australian supplier as Tyler Brothers and make their products available to our customers.

Your choice when choosing a Tyler Brothers Tool will be a piece of workshop equipment designed to function perfectly each time and to outlast you!

See below for more information.

New CEO at AJS                               

We'd like to introduce you to a genuine AJS success story. Elsa, a staffy, was found wandering the streets and in need of a home, a couple of months ago by one of our staff.

She has since been placed with a loving family and has secured a job at AJS Head Quarters where she serves in the role of Chief Enthusiasm Officer.
Elsa is enriching the lives of her workmates with the attention she gives and receives. 

There is plenty of laughter and love in the air on the 2 days she attends work and her workmates are enjoying the opportunity of taking her for a walk during meal breaks. 

We're not sure how she will go at her first work appraisal however, as late in the day, the sound of snoring is often heard coming from her direction!

Celebrating the successes of our customers

If you or someone you know has had a jewellery related 'win' lately, let's spread the news and celebrate that victory.  Simply click on the button below to provide us some details and we'll gladly share the news with the AJS community in a future newsletter.

Australian Made Setting Plates

Tyler Brothers Setting Plate
- Large 3 Angle
Watch James Tyler discuss the virtues of these quality Australian made setting plates. (5 min)
  • Vacuum hardened to a minimum of 1020 degrees Celsius
  • Double tempered for supreme durability to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Treated with an intense electrochemical bluing solution for ultimate oxidisation resistance
  • Back of the plate is relief cut for simplified release of collet production
  • Accompanied by 3 matched punches of the same superior quality tool steel and treatments
Each (excl GST)

Bergeon Screwdrivers Set 5 - Flat

per Set (excl GST)

Ultrasonic - Elma EASY 10H - 0.8L

per Unit (excl GST)

Ultrasonic - Elma EASY 20H - 1.75L

per Unit (excl GST)

U-Namel Kit

Click here to see video of this kit in action.

per Kit (excl GST)

Hand Loupe - 21mm LED Lite 10X Black

Each (excl GST)

AF Butane Micro Torch

Each (excl GST)

Rouge AA Polishing Compound - 450gram

Each (excl GST)

Yellow Brill Diamond Polishing Compound

Each (excl GST)

Sunburst 1" Radial Disc - 120 Grit White

Each (excl GST)

Sunburst 7/8" Radial Disc - 120 Grit White

Each (excl GST)

Sunburst 3mm Polishing Pin
120 Grit White

Each (excl GST)

Velvet Small Black/Black Drawstring

Each (excl GST)

* All prices quoted in this Newsletter are valid until 31 July 2019 or while stocks last.

Products priced to clear

Click here to go to the Clearance Page on the AJS website.

You'll find a number of products that we have absolutely slashed to clear.

An introduction to Rochet Watch Bands

(Formerly ZRC)
Looking for a quality range of watch bands to sell to your customers? Check out the video below then contact us to arrange a visit from one of our Rochet Specialists.
AJS are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Rochet Watch Bands (formerly ZRC). Rochet produce an exquisite replacement watch band range with attractive reseller margins for AJS customers.

Rochet has been a watch band manufacturer for over 110 years and remains incredibly popular throughout the world.

Click on the video above learn from Renata and Peter about the Rochet range of watch bands. (5min 30sec)

Interested in stocking? Click on the link below to arrange to see a Rochet Specialist.

'Orion' Online Educational

In August we'll be hosting an Online Educational session where the US representative from Orion will be answering your questions about Orion products.

This Q&A session will be ideal for existing Orion customers or those wishing to learn more about the Orion range of:
  • Pulse-Arc Welders
  • Laser Welders
  • Laser Engravers
We'll announce the date shortly, but in the meantime you can click on the button below to send us your questions. 

We'll be recording this Online Educational, so even if you can't make it to the live event you can watch the replay to access the knowledge that is sure to flow from this session.

Smart tools for clever choices

The AJS Design Centre provides a number of smart tools to help our customers determine the best equipment for their needs. 

Check out the smart tools below. More to follow.
Choose the Tools for your Bench
Let us help you tailor a tool package to suit your requirements. Ideal for beginners.
Rolling Mill Selector
Simply select the features you want and we'll present you with the machines that will meet those specs. 
Design a Hallmark Stamp
Provide us some info and we'll come back to you with a quote for you to consider.
Vaniman 'Smart Dust Collection System'
Simply fill in the form below to provide us some information about your work stations and we’ll come back to you with a detailed plumbing recommendation and a proposal for you to consider.


Congratulations to Evelyn Riddell and Natalie Fumberger whose Showcase submissions have been published below. Evelyn and Natalie will each receive a voucher redeemable for $50 worth of AJS products.
Submission from: Evelyn Riddell
Business: Boobook’s nook (Hobbyist) - Bickley, WA
Item: Five Gems
My five gems are a peridot, garnet, amethyst, iolite and citrine. 3mm silver wire and chenier purchased from AJS' Perth branch where John and Chris are always so helpful. The piece consists of 5 pieces of 3mm silver curled and soldered with 5 cheniers.
AJS Products used: Burs, files, torch kit.

Connect: Website / Facebook

Click on the photo for a closer view.
Submission from: Natalie Fumberger
Business: Silver J’s - Manly, QLD
Item: Sterling Silver & Black Pearl Ring
Sterling silver hammered ring with a clients black pearl.
AJS Products used: Durston rolling mill, planishing hammer, Smith torch, parallel pliers, flux.

Connect: Facebook / The Collective Store

Click on the photo for a closer view.

Earn $50 worth of AJS Products

If you have hand crafted a piece of jewellery that you are particularly proud of and you can provide a reasonable photo of it, please submit it and you will be in the running. People of all levels are welcome to submit their art.

Ugly News

The police came to the front door holding a picture of my husband.

They said, “Is this your husband, madam?”
Shocked, I answered, “Yes.”

They said, “I am afraid it looks like he’s been hit by a bus.”
Click here for the wife's response.

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