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Monthly Update for March

Dear Québec Readers:

We're back with highlights from the past month at

Thank you for following and helping us spread the word about the great writing that's coming out of Québec!

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Peter McCambridge
Québec Reads Editor



This month, an excerpt that's yet to appear on

He absorbs the pounding pyrotechnic display about him. The sky is streaked in trajectories. The earth rumbles underfoot and the horizon flares with countless muzzle flashes that bruise the clouds in their flicker. An overbearing overture of power, the prelude to every major offensive in which he has taken part­. There is a pounding in his ears, and he tears two pieces from a Kleenex tissue, wets them with his spit and plugs his ears to what little avail they can offer, the bombardment pounding at his eardrums like a battering ram at


the gates of a beleaguered castle, rippling through his bones, shaking his teeth like chinaware, echoing through his head, the shrapnel of noise shearing and snapping the frail filaments bonding his thoughts, reducing the interior of his head to a crashing, jangling catastrophe of noise disrupting all possibility of coherent thought. Here and there, flash by flash, are illumined trees, houses, hills, recoiling guns and men in action, captured in flared snapshots, yellow and orange flicker, red glow, a purple bruise of clouds.

Matthew Murphy, A Beckoning War, pictured above.

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Coming up...

We'll be back in April with the full excerpt from A Beckoning War, plus a review and interview.

Until then, if you have any feedback or would like to get in touch with an idea about a review or translation, we'd love to hear from you.

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