A Twenty-Four Year Commitment to Classic and Contemporary Native Art
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Jennifer Tafoya & Chris Youngblood | Scottsdale

I'm pleased to say that I have been working with both Chris Youngblood and Jennifer Tafoya for over ten years each!  During that time, they have continued to grow as artists and each in their specific style.  Chris has recently won significant awards, including "Best of Pottery" and the "Mela Youngblood Excellence Award" at Santa Fe Indian Market.  Jennifer has recently won the "Tony Da Award for Innovation" at Santa Fe Indian Market.  Together, they are each creating new ideas for the next generation of Santa Clara Pueblo potteryPlease stop by for an Artist demonstration at our gallery in Scottsdale and see the process in action!
Juan de la Cruz | Santa Fe

Juan de la Cruz is part of a family of exceptional potters.  A descendant of Pasqualita Tafoya, and the son of Lois Gutierrez, he has quickly made a name for himself for his distinctive painted pottery.  His work captures the spirit of Santa Clara dances and culture.  Each piece painted with native clays.  We are pleased to have several new pots here at the gallery this December.  There will be more new pieces for the Heard Indian Market Show at our gallery in Scottsdale in March, 2020.
Upcoming Scottsdale Events 2020
 January 2020 will feature Rainy Naha in the Scottsdale gallery for a pottery demonstration and new works in clay.  Christopher Youngblood and Jennifer Tafoya will be back in the gallery in February with a collection of their larger worksMarch is our annual Heard Indian Market show featuring work by six potters.  Susan Folwell will return to the gallery in April with new works in her "Taos Light" series after a year of successful museum exhibitions.
Santa Fe Events 2019
In Santa Fe, our exhibit, "Haak'u" is on display through the end of the year. It is an evolving exhibition of Acoma pottery, so new pieces added all the time! Robert Patricio will be in the gallery on Saturday, December 14, from 1-3 pm for a pottery demonstration during SWAIA Winter Market. 

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Every Day we have new pieces online.  We appreciate you checking them out and seeing the exceptional pottery we get into the gallery!  In contemporary work, there are stunning new works by our gallery artists. The various historic pottery includes some excellent provenance, ribbons, and stories. 
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Gallery News and Events
Thanks to everyone who stopped by for our show with George Alexander.  It was great to have him here at the gallery with his new paintings!
I"m pleased that my articles on Pueblo pottery online have received a "Best Pottery Blog" award.  Each year I try and write a few articles on Pueblo pottery topics that are not covered in books or elsewhere online.  I hope you enjoy the information and research and I'm working on several new articles for this upcoming year!
Jennifer Tafoya & Chris Youngblood
Christopher Youngblood

"The precision in making a melon bowl is stressful. So I don’t even try to take that on. But I think the symmetry of the ribs themselves are mesmerizing. I would consider myself a traditionalist, but other traditionalists are much more traditional than I, they would consider me a contemporary artist. I think the only aspect we should consider when talking about traditional Pueblo pottery is the methods of making and the material, not necessarily the designs. I don’t think the designs can separate a piece from being contemporary or traditional.   When it comes down to firing, that’s the moment when all your work could be for nothing. Or it could come out."
Jennifer Tafoya

"When I’m designing, I’m not thinking about the colors or how the piece will look when it’s finished. After the pot is made, polished, and fired, I just look at it and then figure out what the design should be.  In some respects, I’m a traditional potter, in how I gather the clay. I go to the same clay pits as my father. Some of the shapes I make are traditional. I polish the same traditional way using a stone and fire the same way, outdoors with the manure, pine slabs, and cedar. The thing that is contemporary about my pottery is my designs and the colors. But then again, there has been color added in Santa Clara pottery for a long time in terms of polychrome pottery. So it’s not too contemporary."
Juan de la Cruz
Native Art Magazine had a great article on Juan de la Cruz in their recent issue.  Juan also had his first piece acquired by a museum and can be seen at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe.  in 2019 he also won "Best of Pottery" at Gallup Ceremonials for the second time! Congrats to Juan and continued success for his amazing art in clay!  We look forward to more great work in 2020!
Gallery Highlights
Upcoming Scottsdale Gallery Events
Upcoming Santa Fe Gallery Events
"Forward-thinking gallerists, museum curators, and clay artists themselves are fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Native clay arts. At the forefront is Charles S. King. Owner of King Galleries in Santa Fe and Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is considered by many to be the dean of contemporary Southwestern Native clay arts." 
Cowboys & Indians Magazine, 2018
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