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The Results Are In...

And We've Got the Best Patient Education Resources of 2014

Keep scrolling to see the top 10 patient education resources in nutrition education from 2014. As chosen by you all, the customers... these results are based on which resources were most used by you in 2014!

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Encourage healthy eating with the new MyPlate Icon developed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Grades Pre-K - Adult. Laminated 24"x24" Poster
Teach how to eat more and still lose weight. This presentation teaches how to increase nutrient dense foods in your diet while eliminating empty calories.
Discover the basics of snacking with this tear pad. Illustrates the benefits of healthy snacking and provides examples of healthy snacks for all types of settings. 
Do you know how much sugar is in your favorite drink? A variety of popular beverages including milk, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, and sodas are shown side by side with their...
A science based diet plan proven to relieve symptoms of IBS and other digestive disorders. Also See Item #5506 The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook
This colorful plate will help teach adults how much of eat food group they should be eating each day. It also covers the importance of physical activity with a balanced meal.
In the Food & Mood DVD, participants will learn how the different foods they eat can have a negative or positive impact on their mood. 14 Minute Continuous Loop DVD
No more "exchanging" - now you can Choose Your Foods! We took a great product and made it even better with a greater variety of foods.
Guarantee healthy and balanced eating with this two-sided colorful plate handout. Teach the Dietary Guidelines by demonstrating proper portion control and reinforce a healthy lifestyle

A Healthy START for a Healthier You

The #1 patient education resource of 2014 is the NCES Healthy START for a Healthier You handout. This expanded four page handout highlights all the new benefits and added recommendations of Choose MyPlate and meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines in one easy to read and interpret format. Perfect for educating people of all ages, this teaching tool is complete with an NCES exclusive S.T.A.R.T. concept, providing 5 simple steps to reinforce the dietary guidelines, detailed portion, calorie and serving size information and an easy-to-understand Energy In, Energy Out (E.I.E.O.) theory.


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