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Dear <<First Name>>,
1. Dealing with stress mindfully.

We are approaching the holidays: Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years. There is even more need for connection now that we are limited in the encounters inside and outside because of Corona.

There is less outside entertainment and we are more thrown back at ourselves. We meet deeper layers in ourselves and therefore also in others. A worldwide unwanted retreat.

Old hidden pain, resistance, frustrations, fears, anger, irritations, sadness and other disturbing emotions can arise. This can cause stress.

Every year we raffle a book from the publisher Samsara: Mindful handling of stress by Bob Stahl and Elisha Goldstein:
The raffle: which method is primarily used in Hinduism and Buddhism to reduce the stress level in the body and mind?

Send your answer to In the next newsletter you can read who won the book.
Send your answer
2. New website
In the next newsletter we will launch our new website especially to reduce stress through: yoga sessions, meditations, pranayama, mantras, music playlist and our own youtube channel.

You can try this website for free for 1 week. After that, you can take out an annual subscription of 1 euro per week, so for 51 euros per year.
3. Make your family or company look even better this year!

Femque Schook is a top photographer and photographs people and products. Do you want to beautifully portray your partner, child or family for the holidays? Or bring your company and your product original attention? Femque works in fashion, living, cosmetics, food & beverage. Visit her website: or email her at
Go to Fem Fotografie
Connect, be compassionate and love,


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