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Register now for the 5-day silence vipassana retreat from Sunday December 27 to Friday January 1 at the Estate “De Hoorneboeg” in Hilversum.

We take into account all corona regulations: 1.5 meters away, you have your own room with private sanitary facilities, disinfection gel is everywhere, etc. There are mats, meditation cushion and eye pads available, but you can also bring your own things if it feels safer.

We accept 16 participants. We are already with 10 participants. We still have 6 places available.

If you come from 1 household, you can share 1 room.

What's in it for you?
  • You learn classical meditation: silence meditation (shamatha) and insight / analytic meditation
  • You get to know yourself better on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level
  • You come into contact with your deeper truth / your true self
  • You will be fully cared for in beautiful surroundings for 5 days
  • You get a yoga class every day to physically facilitate sitting
  • You can receive an Ayurvedic massage and there is a Sauna (max 2 people)
  • You get 3 ayurvedic vegetarian meals a day and a vegan treat with afternoon tea.
  • We are alone on the estate and it is closed to visitors. We will walk meditatively and meditate outside weather permitting.
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The teacher

Over the past 5 years, Hans has supplemented his knowledge with partial certificates in Western psychology, mainly focused on stress reduction, burnout and trauma processing. He gained a great deal of his knowledge and skills as a monk in a Tibetan monastery and studies body and mind from the Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and way of life.

This background combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in the fashion sector in the purchasing, sales and recruitment and selection departments makes Hans a special teacher and coach.

Hans is the author of the bestselling book "From snob to monk". His calling is: “Discovering your True Self”. See also
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2) Raffle

The competition of the previous newsletter was: what is the most used method of stillness in Hinduism and Buddhism?

We have received 100 correct answers. The chosen winner is: Willem Helwig from Badhoevedorp. The answer was: shamatha meditation on the breath. The book is already on its way to Willem. Congratulations!

In the next newsletter we'll have another raffle!
Happy holidays and see you soon,


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