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I have a hard time remembering to spend money on the things I need for myself.

Last week, I went to pull on a pair of underwear and it fell apart. Talk about frustrating! I make lingerie for a living. There's no excuse for not having a drawer full of lovely underwear and bras, right?

Apparently not!

There are certain personal items that I always put off buying for myself. Part of it might be that I don't like shopping (true!) but it's something deeper, too.
I delay buying new shoes until they are falling apart, because I find shopping for shoes frustrating. I use every last little drop of facial serum and body lotion, then go several days or weeks before I buy more. 

Once the need becomes urgent, I often buy the first thing I can find instead of the product that I actually like to avoid the confusion and humiliation I feel when I go shopping. The result? I'm dissatisfied, but I continue to use it to avoid waste.

A company whose hair products I love started a recurring subscription. It gets around my procrastination when it comes to buying myself the personal care products that work for me. Every 3 months, my hair care products are shipped to me and my credit card is charged. 

I get the products I love, just before they run out, and I can budget the expense easily.

Why not do the same for a bra custom fit to your body? 

That's why I've started a new, pre-pay subscription program for our custom bras. You can choose to automatically pre-pay over 6 months or a year. 

When you've completed your payments, we'll get in touch to book your fitting appointment and we make your bra. Simple! You don't have to waste your time feeling abnormal and fed up in a dressing room, trying on bras that were designed to be made quickly and cheaply, not to fit your body. 

If you're ready to make sure your own comfort doesn't fall off your priority list, click on the button below and set yourself up for the bra you need!

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