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Welcome to April Edition Bead At Home Newsletter

We are always glad to see you stop by for a visit with us and no better time than today.

As spring moves along and we enter into April it signifies a few things in our household...

1. My daughter's birthday
2. Spring Break
3. Preparing for end of school year

This year our spring break came a bit earlier than normal but we are living further south so that may have something to do with it. We did a bit of traveling visiting friends and an area we have grown to love...Franklin, NC.

Having friends living in the area introduced this lovely part of the country to us. We try to make it out at least every other year.  When we do, we always enjoy our time together and taking in some local attractions. They have a lovely mountain home so it makes for a very restful trip and no internet. It's a nice change of pace from electronics.

Franklin, NC has an extra draw for us and that is the area is drenching in gem shops, gem museums and mining fields for gems.

I'll be sharing with you as the month progresses of our trip to the NC mountains. It's a topic of interest we have on our list of articles and with our visit still very fresh this is as good a time to share. So be watching for that.

If you are unfamiliar with the area or of it's local attractions then take a visit now on-line to familiarize yourself with the 'Gem Capitol of the World'...Franklin, NC. I hope you come back to visit as we share more with you of our grand adventures there.

Now in addition to what we have coming this month here are some other fun and notable celebrated dates in April we thought amusing. 


13th - Scrabble Day
18th - Patriot Day

22nd - Earth Day
28th - Take Your Daughter to Work Day
29th - Arbor Day

For a list of daily April events or to see more on the ones shared here you can visit Holiday Insights to read more.

We'll be looking forward to spending time with you this month as we continue to share our favorite topic, beading and other favorite hobby interest.

Now let's get on with more bead talk for today.

Jewelry Artist of the Month
Tara Hutchinson

As we continue on with our 2016 jewelry artist interview series, 'Everyone Starts at the Beginning', this month we meet with another jewelry artist whose story is very moving...Tara Hutch Fine Jewelry.

Tara provides a very different feel for the meaning of beading therapy. We have discussed beading as a therapy before in a previous edition of the Bead At Home newsletter but Tara takes that to a completely different level.

Learning to make jewelry was Tara's life line and I hope you join us as she shares her story about the events that lead her to her art and what she is doing with it today.

This is a must read. Her story is so moving and inspiring that it will break down any bearer we may have for not moving forward with learning new techniques.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and visit now.

But I must warn's surely to change your perspective and motivate you to continue down you own road tackling those hurdles that get in your way.

Come on in, we'll be waiting for you and be sure to join the conversation. 

Project of the Month
Scrabble Jewelry

Our 'Project of the Month' is inspired by today's calendar event 'Scrabble Day'.

Now seriously, Scrabble Day? I personally love playing scrabble, grew up on it...but to name a day after it?

Oh well, who am I to argue with leisure time or any excuse to talk about one of my top ten favorite games to play mixed with my all time favorite making.

So it was a win-win. We hope you enjoy what we have to share. 

Oh and by the way...Happy Scrabble Jewelry Making Day!

April Birthstone
Diamond and ...?

April's modern day birthstone is the Diamond...

But this doesn't look like a diamond? If you were mining for diamonds this is exactly how you would find them by their shape, size, appearance and color.

As we talk more on mining for gems thru the month there is another gem mining field on our family's wish list to visit; Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

Care to join us?

You can find all you need to know at their website.

Even though the diamond is considered the 'modern day' birthstone for April were you aware that there are other stones that represent the April birthstone as well?

The Zodiac gemstone for Aries is the blood-stone and the Ancient traditional birthstones range from sapphire to topaz.

You can visit to read more on this.
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What's New At Bead At Home Beading Jewelry 101?

If you have been around for a bit you may have noticed by now in addition to Beading Jewelry 101 we have opened a new home for you to

Here is where we do our blogging on beading at home...

Bead At Home is our main hub/home where we talk all things beading and jewelry making.

Beading Jewelry 101 is just one room to the house, it is our instructional classroom.

Once we had all the basics to begin jewelry making in place we have been redirecting our focus to begin building, as we call it, the main home or hub.

It will house other planned rooms coming down the road.

There was so much we wanted to talk about beading jewelry other than the instructional side we felt it was time to get the blog finally up and running. But with this new home in the building process BJ101 had taken a temporary back seat.

Bead At Home will be full of more beading and jewelry making information for you to read and help you to build on the fundamentals and basics to beading. We have so much planned for you. We are working hard to be patient with the process because we want it done yesterday...but as we share with you as you start your journey, we also know we have to be patient with the process.

We will continue to work getting more added at BJ101. Our next focus will be introducing more and more jewelry making supplies adding simple tutorials of how to use these supplies. We feel that is really the next direction for you to head once you have the basics down and are comfortably creating jewelry.

This next phase will be called 'Beyond the Basics' or 'Continued Techniques'...Do you have a suggestion? What sounds like the logical next phase after 'Start Here - Basics'...It is still all focused on beginners and basics, but it takes us a step further from the beginning.

We want to hear your suggestions, share your thoughts and opinions as they are always welcome.

Feel free to place your vote:

'Beyond the Basics'
'Continued Techniques'
'Your Suggestion...fill in the blank'

Cast your vote here.

In Conclusion:

If you have not visited then we invite you to visit now. We have not yet done an official unveiling since we are still moving in but by all means we invite you to stop by for a visit. We have lots planned for this home and look forward to sharing more of it with you.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Bead At Home Newsletter and we look forward to continuing to serve your beading needs. If you know someone you feel this may help then please feel free to share it with them by clicking your social preference. 

We look forward to visiting again soon.

Until next time always remember:

I have filled him with all kinds of skills to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:3-5

Beaded Blessings!

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