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March is National Craft Month

Welcome to the March edition of the Bead At Home Monthly...We're always glad when you come by to visit.

March has officially arrived and as we begin to say goodbye to winter and dream of warm spring days ahead we can easily see March as a transitional month...transitioning out of winter into spring.

There will still be some winter-y days for some while others begin enjoying warmer days. Before long the colors will begin to bloom. 

I took the liberty of capturing some of Pantone's top ten 2016 spring color palette to incorporate into the newsletter. It was so much fun last month we decided to do it again, featuring the 'springy' colors from the collection.

It's been splashed every where. We'll talk about them at the end.

Are you aware that March is National Craft Month? What a perfect month for this to take place and celebrate all things crafty.

So exactly what is National Craft Month and how did it get it's start?

Crafting is a great past time hobby for those days when winter still sneaks in to let us know that Old Man Winter isn't quite done.

Crafting and beading can be enjoyed both indoors and out of doors as well. It's a great diversion to keep you busy when you've become tired of feeling cooped up. Or it can also be a great incentive to take a project outside in the sunshine allowing the daffodils to inspire you as they showcase their brilliant buttercup yellows. 

Let's do some extra crafting and beading this month shall we? We have lots of reasons to. March 2016 brings three outstanding events...

  • Spring
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Easter 

What's on your calendar? Will you schedule some extra beading time for those events?

To commemorate 'National Craft Month' we have some things planned for you.

The Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) will be featuring '31 Days of Crafting' spotlighting CHA members throughout the month.

Plus, Bead At Home Weekly will be providing a weekly mail out on Wednesdays throughout March as well. Our theme...'Crafting'.

We'll be looking forward to spending time with you this month as we continue to share our favorite topic, beading, and other favorite hobby interest. Register now so you don't miss a single week.

Hope to see you there.

Now let's get on with more bead talk for for today. Enjoy...

Jewelry Artist of the Month
Ravit Stoltz

As we continue on with our jewelry artist interview series, 'Everyone Starts at the Beginning', this month we meet another beading buddy, Ravit Stoltz.

Ravit first caught the beading bug around 2007. Her story, interesting indeed and begins when she was faced with moving to a different country. She had to find a way to deal with missing family and friends in order to support her own family with the transition.

She was introduced to beading and it turned into love at first sight. Ravit finds out she has a natural talent instilled from her own parents handcraft skills. This new skill has allowed her to become an instructor herself while remaining as a stay at home mom. A beading buddy resonated with my own heart.

Read more of her story, where she started, where her journey led her and where she is today; instructing others to 'catch the beading bug'.  Read more...

Project of the Month
Tassel Jewelry

Our 'Project of the Month' is inspired by a jewelry trend setting program that we will be saying goodbye to this weekend...Downton Abbey. With the popularity the show gained instantly, it became the show to watch and influenced trends. Jewelry trends took on a new meaning.

So I thought it was time to finally share with you, one of my many favorite styles that has been a popular and showing up everywhere...tassel jewelry. We discuss different elements, a little history and look at a few tutorials for not only making tassel jewelry but tassels as well.

Actually the more I wrote on the topic the more I found I had to share with you, so we will turn this into a series of articles to work through. I hope you enjoy this introduction as we begin the topic...Tassel Jewelry, is it a Hassle?

March Birthstone

March birthstone is the aquamarine. Today we will be visiting Fire Mountain Gems, our all time favorite on-line beading store and resource to look at a few tidbits about this tranquil colored stone. We hope you enjoy your visit.
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Playing with colors, matching, mixing and coordinating are effortless when Pantone provides for you the palette of the 2016 top ten spring colors for the upcoming season. 
This month we feature 3 more colors from the list of 10 for Spring. Each has it's own vivid color scheme and each speak the different moods, feelings and emotions they create.
Colors are an emotional equation to our everyday living and designing new jewelry.

Pantone's 2016 Top Ten Color Palette for Spring

This month we are featuring 3 more colors from Pantone's 2016 spring color collection...Color is a necessity when designing.

Snorkel Blue
Green Flash

Buttercup Yellow

We were drawn to these three vibrant, beautiful and workable colors for this season. 

Visit Pantone for more on each of these colors and their selection from the full palette that are best paired with each color.

Take a little time to live with the colors. Let the colors speak to you. Allow them to tell you what you may want to consider in your next design or project.

Color is the very fiber of our life...let it become part of the equation of what your jewelry creations become as well.


What's New At BeadAtHome?

As we continue to move forward to serve your beading needs we find we have hit some road blocks that have slowed us down. We continue to diligently work through them to get a better grip.

February was a prime example of that and if you are a subscriber to the Bead At Home Weekly then we need to apologize for our lack of communication the last half of the month.

We experienced some technical difficulties a.k.a. growing pains [but that's a good thing right?] and were unable to deliver the weekly correspondence.

We know you understand [cause that's just who you are] that life happens and so do electronics. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our system.


In Conclusion:

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Bead At Home Monthly and we look forward to continuing to serve your beading needs.

Until next time always remember:

I have filled him with all kinds of skills to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:3-5

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