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January Featured Jewelry Artist Interview

Hi All,

In the January newsletter we shared we had planned an interview series for 2016.

The theme of the interviews is - 'Everyone Starts At The Beginning'.

January's interview is now posted and what a great guest to start the year with.

This month's featured jewelry artist is Tracy Matthews.

Tracy was first introduced to jewelry making in 1993 when she signed up for an elective course she chose to take while she was in college. Little did she know when she signed up that it would influence her life's direction.

Tracy graciously shares with us nuggets of wisdom she has learned over the years. As you learn more about Tracy you'll find that her path wasn't always the easiest, it got very stressful at times. But she loved what she did so much she regrouped and pursued her passion with a new set of dreams. 

I first started following Tracy about a year ago through training that she offers others at her website Flourish and Thrive Academy [F&TA]. This training is focused specifically to jewelry makers that want to start a business.

She understands what it takes and is willing to help others eliminate the struggle that she experienced. 

Visit now to read more about Tracy Matthews, her start and the services that she now offers to the jewelry making community.

As you read her story remember even she had to start at the beginning.

Free Training in January

I hope you received the gift I sent you last week for the free training Tracy Matthews is currently offering.

There are 3 videos about 6-10 minutes each and it's available right now. Make note, these training videos won't be up much longer though.

Even if you are not interested in being a jewelry designer but you have any interest in starting a business with your beading skills then this training will be valuable to you as well.

I've sat in on the training and I always find it good adding to the beading business arsenal nuggets of wisdom that others are willing to share. 

If you haven't opted in for the training yet or if you have just joined the newsletter and hearing about this for the first time then there is still time.

Take a moment now to listen to Tracy's training, Laying the Foundation - 3 Steps to Your Thriving Jewelry Business.

I hope you find it helpful in your jewelry making journey.


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This was a special occasion for us to contact you as often as we have since the first of the year because of this special training and also to keep you informed of the start of the interview series we promised.

Otherwise we'll keep our word to only contact you once a month [unless it's just too good not to share].

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Beaded Blessings,
Betty Beader
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