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Bead Art From Your Heart

Welcome to our February edition of The Bead At Home Monthly...

Guess what?...It's our birthday!!!

Bead At Home Newsletter is officially 1 year old.

It's hard to believe but then it's not so hard to believe. Time has gone quickly in one regard but then there has been a lot to happen over the year, so much so that we are feeling it.

2015 was a year full of lots of changes

We've done lots of moving this past year...headquarters moved south back in Sept, then the newsletter changed platforms between November and December and if that wasn't enough, we have been trying to find a permanent home for Bead At Home.

Beading Jewelry 101 is the learning site but Bead At Home...well that's something much more. That's where we talk and learn about so much more than just basic stringing.

Beading and jewelry making is such a diversified topic...but more on that another time.

Okay enough about us. February 14th is Valentines Day so naturally love comes to mind. What kind of 'sweet' things do you have planned for this month of love?

We have lots of treats for you in this month's newsletter so let's not waste anymore time. Let's get to it.

First Up...

Jewelry Artist of the Month

We continue our interview series 'Everyone starts at the Beginning' . We would like to introduce you to someone near and dear to us here at Bead At Home and to me personally.

Our February featured jewelry artist guest is Margaret Schindel.

Beginning her journey as a child influenced by her mother's love for jewelry, beads and other pretties, Margaret comes by her addiction for jewelry making honestly.

Who knew she would be so influenced at such a young age that it would stay with her through her entire life. 

Margaret shares her years of experience as senior and technical editor of a metal clay artist magazine…how intriguing! 
We hope you enjoy your time with Margaret getting to know a little more of her world through her unique jewelry making experiences with beads and baubles.

Let’s visit more now with Margaret Schindel our February Jewelry Artist of the Month while she shares of her adventures from where she began to where she is now…

After all...
‘Everyone Starts at the Beginning’.

Next up...

February Project of the Month

As a nice compliment to this month's theme and our guest jewelry artist, our 'February Project of the Month' comes to us from Margaret as well and is right in line with our love theme.

All of this just in time for Valentine's Day.

This lovely little dangle earring tutorial incorporates several elements of elegance, grace and style using the same basic techniques and tools you find right here at Beading Jewelry 101

We hope you enjoy spending a bit more time with Margaret in this session of creating your very own...'Queen of Hearts Dangle Earrings' 

You may even consider changing the beads out to suit your taste of bead style or color scheme. Just one thing sure to stop by and show yours off to us. Send us pictures and we'll get them posted. 

We'll be waiting to see your creations.

Winter Blues vs. February Blahs

February is here and we are in the middle of winter. I'm curious to ask you...Does the weather effect your moods?

You know the 'winter blues' or February 'blahs'.

Our surroundings definitely have something to do with think?

As I have seen from some FaceBook postings of very beautiful snow scenes they look beautiful, soft and dreamy. I personally love the snow but haven't lived in a cold climate for many years although we have not been far enough South [until this season] to experience total balmy spring/summer like weather year round either.

This particular picture is from family in Nebraska taken right outside their window...Wouldn't you just love to go jump in that? Temps are in the low 20's so probably wouldn't be out there for long. Thanks Uncle Jimmy for sending them along.

I love watching the weather channels and watching weather in general...may sound strange but nature inspires creativity and the weather is nature.

If you are one of our Aussie friends that live down under then you are in full swing of summer...

AHHH, the seasons of nature!

So let me ask again...does the weather effect your moods?

Here is a little snippet of some insight on weather effecting moods and how to cope with it when the 'blahs' take us over. I found it helpful for this one gray day sky watcher.  I hope you find this helpful as well, if not helpful then at least informative.

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Pantone Spring Color Palette 2016

As we continue through winter with the cold and snow and colorless days we like to dream of warmer days ahead to battle those winter blues.

Here in the south we are already having warm balmy weather. I understand it's been an unusually warmer winter than normal [boy, I hope so]. At this writing we hit 81 degrees yesterday and today's forecast high 70's...I'll leave you to decide if that is what you would like in your part of the world.

February can sometimes be the longest month of winter even though it's the shortest month of the year. But it also means that Spring is just around the corner and soon there will be a bloom of colors beginning to peek out.

We thought it would be fun to help with that day dreaming to take a peek at some of the color palette for Spring 2016 from Pantone. We have focused on colors that blend well with the Valentine's Day palette.

We introduced some of color trends for 2016 in the newsletter...Do you see them? 

Here is the Valentine's Day color palette in the newsletter.
  • Page Background - Rose Quartz
  • Live Links - Fiesta 
  • Article Dividers
    • Fiesta
    • Peach Echo
    • Lilac Gray
As I said this is just a small sampling for spring. How will you work these soft colors into your jewelry designs for the season?

For more on the upcoming color trends for spring let me send you to Pantone's Top 10 Colors: Spring 2016

What's New at Bead At Home

As we continue to grow, here are a few things we have been, or are currently, working on:

Wanna be more social? As time allows, come join the Bead At Home Facebook Group. We'll start here. You need to be a member of Facebook to join in. Facebook not your cup of tea?...believe me I understand more than you know. More social locations opening soon and you can always find me right here. But if you are a FaceBook-er then come on over and join in the conversation. 

Have you been looking for a list of resources? For now you can find a list of jewelry supplies resources with this list compiled from our years of buying supplies for classes. If you have a suggestion then please let us know and we'll continue to grow the list. If you by chance have a 'bead shop' in your area we want to know about that too. Follow this link here to tell us about your great bead shop find in your area. So we can share it with others. 

Still trying to figure out which order to follow to learn how to make jewelry? We have created this step by step guide to get you through the lessons at Beading Jewelry 101. You can download the PDF, keep it in front of you while you work through the on-line lessons. Check off each step as you complete it and write down any additional questions you may have once you are done with each lesson. Then contact us to ask your questions.

Ready for some more tutorials?  We are too! We've just about completed all the information for 'Beading for Beginners' jewelry making tutorials. That will complete Phase 1 of BJ101. Then it's on to Phase 2...'Continued Techniques, Upgrading the Basics'. Soon after that Phase 3 will begin...'Beyond the Basics'. We hope you stick around and please let us know if you have any questions through the process.

Looking for some face to face class time?  Well if you are in the southern GA area then come on out and let's have a class at Hobby Lobby at either the Statesboro or Savannah, Ga area. Classroom space has been set aside for us and we're on the schedule. Don't live in the area but traveling through? That works too...we would love to meet you. 


In Conclusion:

We are always glad to get to spend time with you here. We have come to cherish our time together and hearing from you motivates us because that lets us know that you appreciate what we have to share. 2016 has just begun and there is a lot ahead for both of us in learning how to make jewelry.

While we are still moving in to the permanent digs, the unpacking will continue. We'll keep you posted when  we are ready to present our 'Grand Opening' and on all the happenings around Bead At Home.

We invite you to come on over for a little social time in our new FaceBook Group for now, but again we understand if FB is not your cup of wasn't mine for a very long time and I only visit so I can meet up with those of you that want to be there. More locations will be opening soon.

That's it for now, until next time remember...

I have filled him with all kinds of skills to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:3-5

Beaded Blessings,

Betty Beader [a.k.a. Teri]
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