Of Owls and Aliens (what?) ...


and to Buy or  to Sell...

How did we get to December already? My stomach says, "turkey and apple pie” (or "swedish herring" and "saffranbröd" when the swedish half is talking) but my brain says “bike rides in the country”. Ah well… there’s always spin class. 

Yes, this gorgeous Barred Owl is real and he/she actually allowed me to take this shot on my iPhone as I was driving down the road from our upstate house in Dutchess County. I’ve had some cool and creepy (that's where the "aliens" part comes in) “wildlife encounters” this year - see below for some nifty and spooky anecdotes !

And since I am neither Jane Goodall nor Marlin Perkins (though I can dream) let’s chat for a couple of moments about the changing real estate market. Yep, things can change quickly and, indeed, they have. 

There is no denying that the market has shifted and we aren't seeing the crazed bidding wars we were seeing this Spring. Properly priced and well-marketed apartments are still moving quickly but this requires a seller’s agent with a deft hand and an ear to the ground of what is happening in the market in real time. It's still more of a seller’s market than a buyer's market but the ceiling of pricing has now become very tangible. 

For my sellers: I take the time to listen to their needs and then - together - we make a well-calculated plan on how best to price and market their home to achieve the best results. From pre-marketing/staging (which I love to do) to the closing table - I am with you every step of the way! 

For my buyers: I love working with buyers (I have been one 3 times myself!) For those who think you have an advantage bidding on properties directly with the seller’s agent - you couldn’t be more off the mark. 1. The seller’s agent works for the SELLER not you 2. Any agent that says you’d be better off putting in an offer without a buyer’s agent only has THEIR best interests in mind - oh and money. THEIR money. 3. Most importantly: a buyer’s agent works for YOU and costs you nothing. The cost of not using one? Not getting your offer accepted and not closing on your dream home.

If you are thinking of selling or buying - please call or email me and we can chat. I don’t push. I listen and give my honest opinion - and we’ll take it from there. If we have worked together - Thank you!
Please refer any friends or family to me!

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season!

Michelle Maryk
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
The Corcoran Group
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 Tales of Weird-Things-Happen-When-Michelle-Is-Alone-Upstate (WTHWMIAU)

3 Quick Stories from the country ranging from Lovely to Pretty Creepy…

1. I am driving down our road to head back to NYC and out of the corner of my eye I see what appears to be an owl sitting on a tree branch. In a state of disbelief I keep driving another 100 yards or so. Then I put on the brakes.

Did I really see that? And, if I did, why am I not taking some photographic evidence? I turn off the music and roll down my windows and - ever so slowly and as quietly as I can - back the car up. Sure enough, there is a Barred Owl sitting on a branch. It cocks its head at me and blinks. Trying my best to not make any sudden movements, I take the iPhone shot. We sit and look at each other for a moment. I am agog. Wow.

2. Watching TV in the living room. It’s around midnight. Suddenly I hear uproarious laughter coming from outside. “That’s weird”, I think. “Who of my neighbors is having a party? And they aren’t that close that I should hear them.” Then it sounds more like children laughing. Now I put the TV on mute. I hear the laughing and cackling and slowly go and open a window. It no longer sounds like humans laughing. And then the howling starts…and I realize it’s been coyotes all along. If you have never heard coyotes they have a very eery language all their own.

3. Sound asleep and having a dream within a dream. I am dreaming that I am in the house in bed and sleeping and can't wake myself up because I keep having a dream that there is a light that flashes into the bedroom. In the dream, I pull myself out of sleep and there is some kind of light flashing that is freaking me out a bit and I hear hooves or something on the deck (all kind of Close Encounters-y). Then I finally yank the real me out of sleep and could swear that - in my half sleep - I saw some kind of flashing but figure I am just being delirious. I close my eyes and start to fall asleep again. Through closed eyes I am almost certain that I see a light flash again. So I open them and still nothing. Then, just as I am about to close them again, a green light flashes above my head - pretty freaky. I then realize that a firefly or 2 has somehow gotten into the house and they are doing their thing. Let me tell you, it's bright when they flash inside! No longer freaked out, I get an eye shade and resolve to find the fireflies the next day. And then the coyotes started up again...


Tips for First Time Buyers NY TIMES

This is a great article from the NY Times.
Assemble. Your Team.
A Return to Sanity (a bit anyway) in the Real Estate Market?

Excellent piece that nicely puts what I have been saying about this changing market. No crashing, just adjusting...
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