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From NPR: Why Police Departments Across The U.S. Use Different Tactics To Handle Protests

WWU Assistant Professor of Sociology Pat Gillham was on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" yesterday talking about his research, which specializes in police response to crises such as riots or mass protests, and what his data shows in terms of what the best way to de-escalate these events are. Gillham, who has spent the last 20 years working on this topic, talked about why some departments continue to choose to use hard-line tactics even though all the research points to other methodologies being far more effective at de-escalation - because the police are often unable to differentiate between peaceful protesters working for social justice and looters bent on causing havoc and destruction.

Read or listen to the NPR story here  >>

A NOTE: Many of you are heading to protests today and through the week to make your voices heard. Know this: We are proud of you. We support you and your right to speak your truth. But please: Stay safe. Wear your mask, and socially distance whenever and wherever you can. 

Campus Life

Office of University Communications spring Visual Journalism interns Cody Clark and Hannah Gordon-Kirk will spend their quarter shedding light on the most unique and challenging academic term in Western's history. They will use their cameras to document the online-only campus experience and show Western's resilience and sense of community in the face of the coronavirus crisis.
In the photo above by Hannah Gordon-Kirk, Western students Sophia Regimbal and Claire Howerton peacefully protest on the corner of Chestnut and Railroad.
In the image below by Cody Clark, Alexandra Fernandez, an Engineering major from Bothell, stands next to her car and talks to friends.

See the archive of Spring Campus Life images here  >>
Alexandra Fernandez, an Engineering major from Bothell, stands next to her car and talks to friends.

Coronavirus site FAQ updates

Western's coronavirus site is a living document that is getting added to on an hourly basis; we will track the daily changes and additions to the FAQ here so that you can find them more easily.

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Be #Viktorious

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Telehealth options available to students

telehealth flyers with a description of hours and services

Off-Campus Living to host series of Q&As about student resources

MABEL image of the week

Above: A screenshot from a WWU promotional video from the 1980s; click here to see the collection.

MABEL is an online database of collections centered around the past and present of Western Washington University and the Pacific Northwest region. You can find photos, videos, oral histories, and much more to enhance your research and academic studies at

State's Lt. Governor's Office issues 'The Washington Mask Challenge'

home-made surgical mask

How epidemiologists respond to outbreaks

Steve Bennett and his team in South Sudan

What is the difference between viruses and bacteria?

computer image of the MERS virus

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Next Western Insights webinar set for June 5

Next Western Insights webinar to focus on how to manage re-opening or continuing to run a business during the pandemic

A virus' worst enemy

"virus killer" bar of soap

New WE Connect platforms brings together recent grads and alumni for career networking

CLIMATE CHANGE: 10 stories of how WWU faculty, staff and students are making a difference

Counseling Center offering remote resources

flyer with information about counseling center resources
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Western rolls out 'Complete Guide to Spring 2020' resource site

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