In our last update, we shared about our hopes to join with Iris and our plan to move to a coastal town here in Cambodia called Sihanoukville. Our process with Iris is moving along well. We have had an informal interview with the directors here in Phnom Penh, completed our applications, and will be spending the next several months engaging more with members of the team down in Sihanoukville. We know several of them already and will be connecting more on their vision and future plans as well as developing deeper relationship with their team. 

You may be wondering, “Why Sihanoukville?”  Beginning in January, we plan to share a bit about how this desire developed as well as some of our hopes for future work. 
After Aaron’s adoption was finalized, we immediately began working on the U.S. side to help Aaron becoming a naturalized citizen. This is important to us because Aaron would have a U.S. passport and be allowed to travel to and from easily. It also makes education and other opportunities easier for him in the future. After several meetings with the embassy here, we were granted permission to process his immigration from Phnom Penh instead of traveling back to the states for an extended period of time. This is great news! It is much easier to complete this process here. Unfortunately, we have to wait until September 2016 before we can be approved because of the United States’ two year waiting period. Since our official foster care custody for Aaron wasn’t granted until September 2014, we have not yet met that requirement. 

What does that mean for our planned trip home this summer? We are a bit disappointed to announce that we have to postpone our trip home until October 2016. After Aaron is approved in September, he has to travel to the United States within a certain timeframe to finalize his citizenship. It simply doesn’t make sense for us to travel in the summer and then come back again 6 months later. We are now planning to be in the States for the holidays! You can tentatively mark your calendars for October 2016-early January 2017. You will be hearing more about our trip in this coming year and we are really looking forward to extended time to connect with all of you.
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We hope you have a wonderfully merry, meaningful Christmas and New Year filled with joy. We love having you as a part of our lives!

Jacob, Noelle, Aaron, Caleb and Jack
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