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A description of the Grand Canyon written in 1895 by a visitor aptly remains applicable until this present day ..."No language can fully describe, no artist paint the beauty, grandeur, immensity and sublimity of this most wonderful production of Nature's great architect.  (The) Grand Canyon must be seen to be appreciated." 

Dearest Friends!!!!

We write again from our USA office.  As most of you know we have been traveling throughout this great nation since September and we will return to MZ in January.  It has been an amazing time for many reasons as we have enjoyed family in our home, connecting with friends right here in Colorado and also by traveling to other states.  Just as He is magnificent and glorious so has been our adventures.  Family is everywhere...natural and spiritual family and we have benefited from communication systems that have kept us in touch with Afrika Wa Yesu Mozambique.  We quickly glean from the electronic snippets to subsequently share  ALL that is happening there.  WOW!  There has been an increase of empowerment and ownership throughout and the results are magnificent!  Thank you LORD! 
It was interesting to be in the USA during the primary elections this year and to vote not with an absentee ballot from overseas this time.  Some results were welcomed and others were shockers for sure! Our 'take away' is to remain clear minded because no matter where you live in the world we need to pray for leaders whether we agree or not.  Coupled with the commitment to pray is to govern in our areas of influence as members of the Kingdom generation for these times. Love unconditionally, speak to our families, our children, grandchildren, great children and to make our homes safe places for all to enjoy freely.  Rest assured God rules and reigns and all the events occurring at home and worldwide, point directly to Christ's return.  So take heart and praise Him that we have the privilege of living during these present times to bring in the harvest. 
As we travel and visit friends and churches, we are noting the heart of many for their local areas in conjunction with the continual outwardly look to the world.  The Great Commission is being fulfilled.  Driving across the states kept us en-route where pioneers had traveled to open the west from St. Louis.  Just as they pioneered and opened new territories, so are you Kingdom pioneers opening new territories in those around you.  
Thanksgiving came and went and everyday leading to the holiday and those subsequently there after, we remain grateful for each of you.  Some of you have walked with us these last now 19 years and others have longer connections with Afrika Wa Yesu.  THANK YOU!
1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
We thank Christ Jesus for your love, support and prayer covering.  
Together for His Glory!
Jeff and Nicky Reetz & All at Afrika Wa Yesu
Ministry friends, co-laborers were our landmarks throughout our travels.  From (left to right) Pastors Johnathan and Rebekah Merle at Jubilee's VENTURE night for world missions, to the Woessner Family whom we've known for 24 years, to Pastors Rick and Marjie Hufton of Faith Fellowship Church who have walked with AWYesu for m-a-n-y years, to Joston Benton who came on several short term missions trips, to Pastors Joe and Nancy Martin of C3Trinity Dallas , Rob and Ginger Carman, Don and Leslie Vaughn & Friends (whom are not pictured) ....Thank You! 
Meet our great grandson Jakoby Walsh.  All 8 months 26 pounds of this little guy.  Of course as great grandparents we had a responsibility to bring him his first cowboy boots. The Word is true, "If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it." Prov.22.6 BBE Translation  We're confident that includes footwear. 
"Mae Nicky????" was the soft voice of Deborah Jo as she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw us at CFNI to join her for lunch.  Thank you to Nickie and Sandi Geldenhuys for helping us surprise Deborah. It was very special to see her room, meet her roommate and see where she works on campus.  
All four AWYesu ministry bases had Kids Club graduations this month!!! Nampula, Nacala, Inhaminga and Gorongosa Bases did ceremonies in excellence! These little ones are holding the first of many diplomas as they are being trained in the Word of God to be the eternal legacy of Kingdom Leaders.  Congratulations All!
Through the AWYesu Alegria Project that applies money to relief situations, this widower has a new hut built by the help of the youth in the church.  Thank you for making this possible!  
Reetz Thanksgiving Dinner 2018!  All those smiles were seen all day long! 
An absolutely perfect day!  We are forever grateful!
"MESSRS.  Lewis & Clark
...have TRACED the MISSOURI nearly to it's source (land)...LEARNT the CHARACTER of the country, of it's COMMERCE & inhabitants." 
Thomas Jefferson's Sixth Annual Message to Congress, December 2 1806

NB:  Pres. Jefferson's message sounds like a missions vision. 
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