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It’s a wrap up!  When you walk with Jesus, life is adventurous, all about relationships, becoming completely dependent on Holy Spirit, good times and hard times, faithfulness of God, knowing strength through His joy and through it all, falling more in love with our Creator.  How many times have we said, “Amazed! Wonderful! Blessed! Potential! Purpose! Worship! Prayer! Praise! Glory! Healed! Saved! Delivered! Exciting! Forgiven! Loved! Powerful! Faithful! Hope! Outpouring! Anointed! Hallejuah! Amen!” and probably many more words that describe the moment or event. With our minds being transformed by the Word, our language begins to change because how we see things changes. The impossible is now possible!  Every thing the enemy meant for evil is now good.   Where there has not been hope, hope is revealed.  Captives are set free from bondage and torment to experience complete freedom through the Truth and Love of Jesus.  This is not living a life of mere existing, but this truly  is LIVING!

 This year has been one of cyclones, relief work, our bible school student’s growing in the Word and experiencing praise and worship that they will take home.  This year has been one of great joy and one of completion.  This year has been like none other and will remain with us for all eternity for it has been one of transition.

 When we were home last year, we visited many of you and explained our future plans to transition back to the United States after 19 years in the mission field as Afrika Wa Yesu.  We will always remain Afrika Wa Yesu as the DNA is intertwined deep within our hearts.  With the resignation of our Nacala Base Directorship, we wholeheartedly congratulate the new Directors  Chris and Deborah Maas who are now the Directors of the AWY Nacala Base accompanied by the qualified Mozambican team.    As we sat and listened to their fresh ideas, excitement and vision all we could do was rejoice and look to an exciting future that has begun for Nacala.  
All of God's plans started in 2015 when we were asked by Rodney and Ellie Hein to write out our five-year plan and then was confirmed a year later when our son Clint asked, “You knew when God called you to Mozambique, will you know when He calls you back to the USA?”   “And the LORD answered me:
“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” Habakuk 2:2-3   We wrote a five year vision for our area of the ministry, any construction to start and complete and then for ourselves personally.  This started something in motion because as we lived out the years marching forward to today, the checklist was completed. 

 What can we say about transitioning from one place to another? One area of responsibility to another?  Always honor your leaders and live a life of integrity and transparency.  Jeff’s favorite verse is Psalm 78:72, “With upright heart he (King David) shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand”, and this verse has and will continue to guide us in whatever we are doing.  When we started to sense the stirring in our hearts that the time of our transition was in the future, we first wrote Rodney and Ellie, then later met with them under the shade of the big trees at House of Joseph to plan for that future.  What a meaningful time that was on many levels; firstly, planning for the future with not only our Leaders / Founders Rodney and Ellie but with them as our incredible friends of 20 years whom we have learned so much and together have had many cutting edge adventures; secondly, to be writing a plan for our transition back to the USA in Inhaminga where the vision the Lord gave to us in 1990 was birthed in 1998 to join Afrika Wa Yesu of which was put into action in 2000. We had come full circle.
From that meeting until today, we have been walking in the fullness of the  plan and this month, July, was “a wrap up!”  It was a packed out and an emotional month with the Bible School Graduation, AWYesu Regional Leaders Conference and Team Conference, Nicky's 70th birthday celebration which was incorporated with an all AWYesu team Fun Day, closing the day with an emotional video tribute from all the team which included photos back to our first years.  Yes....tears have been flowing because of the abundance of love that has been flowing. 

What does all this mean?  It signifies the closing of our African missionary book(s) to start writing another book(s) as we follow God’s plans.  We may retire from missions, but we will never retire from ministry.  How can we?  How can anyone? The world is still full of hurting, lost and hopeless people.  Our next book looks like an annual day timer.  It has the year, month and day of the week…but what is to happen is not written as of yet.  We will be filling that part in as Holy Spirit guides and directs us just like he has up to now, every day.
Our family is over the moon, planning camping trips, visits, chats etc.  They laid hands on us 19 years ago and sent us, “To do what God had called us to do”, words we will never forget.  Now we return to “do what God has called us to do” and serve family, friends and those in need.   
We have been packing boxes full of our personal items of which mostly are journals we have written, notes from teachings, photos and every letter or card we ever received from family and friends. In 2020 and the years to come we will return to Nacala bringing friends  with us to enjoy all Afrika Wa Yesu has to offer and to meet Mozambique’s incredible people whom we love.   These trips will be short stints, but full!  Why don't you come along!
So it is with joy and sadness we share our hearts with you  who have been a part of our lives for oh so many years.  We are grateful beyond measure and look forward to all ahead of us.  Glory to glory, strength to strength, promise to promise, revelation to revelation.....He carries us every day.
Enjoy the photos and made it all possible.

Together for His Glory!
Jeff & Nicky Reetz
Afrika Wa Yesu 


"The Branch Managers".  Through the years the four of us have sat on many tree branches to strategize, have tea, laugh and enjoy one another's longtime friendship that shall never end.  The best of times!
19th Annual Nacala Base Beach Festival!  Graduating students enjoy a morning of fun & games.  This year we had three young ladies visiting Jeosafa & Simona Vasconcelos from Moldova.  They planned this event and it was the best ever!  Divided into groups students had to hold a fellow student up and one by one leave the group. It helps to have a tall friend holding your head up. 
Beach Festival Day ended with our graduation feast and entertainment from the students.  Thank you (left) Jeosafa Vasconcelos, Lucas Francisco and Agostinho Lisboa for teaching in excellence.  Graduation Day we celebrated the fruit of your hands. 
Before graduation Apostle Shammah Apwam imparted for three days into the lives of our AWYesu Northern Regional Leaders, Students and Team. Lives were transformed.  
FAMILY FUN DAY!!! When all of the AWYesu Team is together for our annual Team Conference and we set apart a time to Pula! Pula! (Jump! Jump!) Noemi Gravata's smile tells it all!  And yes...the Pula Pula Men chillin' out.
Legacy of anointing.  The last day of Team Conference Base Leaders were anointed by Founders Rodney & Ellie Hein, then they in turn anointed their teams. It was a moment of new beginnings for everyone.
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