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"Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them."
Psalm 139:16

Dearest Journey Partners!
There is nothing better than going to a good ole American baseball game at the ballpark.   To sit among the crowd as the home team is cheered on to victory and the atmosphere fills with excitement.  Meeting new people who are encouraging the same team and celebrating the big moments of a point scored   and standing together when a player is called ‘out’ to the point of defending when there seems to be an injustice.     Then there is that electrifying moment when all three bases are loaded.  The pitcher is on his mound looking out of the corner of his eye to capture a player too far from his base to fire the ball to the baseman.  And yet, they wait on the bases swaying back and forth ready for that moment.  The one when the ball cracks off the bat with a sound that only means “It’s Gone! Right out of the ballpark!”  Each baseman runs home and is tagged ‘safe’ to score.  Those players waiting in the dugout run onto the field celebrating the victory, the triumph of a homerun with the bases loaded.
So what on earth does this mean to us who are missionaries who have returned from the field, retiring from missions, but never ministry?  It means, the team was trained and the bases were loaded with potential and it was time to hit the homerun.  Holy Spirit strengthened us and empowered us and the team ran all the way with us and now we are all called ‘safe’ and ready for the next ‘game’.

What lies ahead for Nacala in particular is incredible.  Please keep following Chris and Deborah Maas’ updates to see what happens when anointed and gifted team leaders and team stand to the plate ready to hit their homeruns.    See what happens when the next generation implements new ideas.  Needless to say, we smile, rejoice and continue to cheer team on to victory for the nation.  
You are probably wondering what are Jeff & Nicky up to?  We’ve been catching up with family and friends here and there, trying to update the home after our furnace decided it was time to quit and now we are waiting for the shipping container we packed in Nacala to finally arrive sometime in November after the ship arrives in Virginia.  From there the container will make its journey from VA to CO by train then to our home by truck.  Jeff has been diligently sending one document after another to the clearing agents and we are reminded how much this all reminds us of Mozambique.  There is always one more document needed.   We are fully aware that when the metal doors of the container swing open at our home, the reality of being home will be confirmed.  Our kids say, “Mom and Dad are in Africa mode.”  What does that mean?  We make a plan and get on with it.  This is actually a famous Zimbabwean idea to,  “Make a plan” that we learned and appropriated from Rod and Ellie Hein and Chris and Deborah Maas.  We highly recommend it!  
We have returned to the USA with absolutely no regrets and we celebrate what God has planned for our future.  Yet …. wrapped into all the excitement is a sense of leaving family, friends and a nation we will always love on the other side of the world.  In April of 2020 we will return to Mozambique for a few months taking friends with us who have desired to see the work.  What a privilege to be an Afrika Wa Yesu tour guide, so to speak, and to introduce people to an incredible people, family and ministry. 
Thanksgiving is on the horizon, the menu is being planned with family to bring their favorites and invitations are out to anyone who would be alone.  Soon the guestroom will be full, the kitchen crowded with family, friends and laughter as the turkey roasts in the oven.  Nicky is responsible for all the pies so of course the orders are in for individual favorites.  Best start baking!
We will always be Afrika Wa Yesu.  It’s in our DNA and as we continue to receive your support and gifts, we will immediately send on it to Afrika Wa Yesu.  Your input is fuel for the Kingdom of God work that is running hard and fast throughout Mozambique using well trained men and women of excellence. You are part of a very large picture.
Remember, as you seek the Lord with all of your heart, He will always be found and we all just need to respond in confidence.  “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10
We are so very grateful for each one of you!  Family and friendships that shall remain as they are grounded in Him.  We look forward to catching up with you at some point once again here in the USA. 
                    Together for His Glory!!
                            Jeff and Nicky

We are grateful for our Mozambican workers who helped us load the shipping container at our home in Nacala.  Loaded up and prayed over we now await its arrival in Colorado.   Leaving MZ our first stop was Australia to visit friends and enjoy fellowship, fun and LOTS of food together mixed with ongoing laughter.  Jeff even had a chance to ride his favorite horse Hank once again.  Hikes and beach walks were abundant...and yes, the pelicans there by every fish cleaning station are big.  
Thank you one and all for an incredible time!
Next stop HOME!
We arrived home just in time to help Elmer celebrate his 90th birthday.  Jes & Kim put together a lovely reception to make it a memorable day for  not only Elmer, but her mom too, Faith.  Now all the grandparents are close to family.  
Winter came quickly then as it is in Colorado, the beautiful fall weather returned.  We had made a plan to build a metal carport so we attacked the project with gusto.  We believe the entire neighborhood could hear our celebration when we finished. Yes, we are quite a team! 
Make a Plan and Get on With It!""
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