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(aka The Vegepa for ME Scheme) – simply the most affordable Vegepa available whilst donating to crucial Biomedical Research into ME/CFS

Dear <<First Name>>,

Just to wish you Happy Easter and to whet your appetite for some of the sweet delights that (hopefully) you're able to enjoy at this time of year! 


And for those of you who are not (yet) able to get outside, this Newsletter brings a taste of Spring right into your lap ...

After all, illness is no Respecter of calendar dates and often ruins our dreams for Bank Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.  

Spring is Nature's season of renewal and to many Members brings some relief to our worst symptoms.


Please note - the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is
8 capsules every single day without wavering, until you can sustain a maintenance dose of 4 daily.  Other medical conditions may require lower doses.


As many of you have already found, it's easier to order after your first visit to the website as you don't have to Register again - just go to the website, click on


Enter the password melon and away you go!

My current stock is not due to expire until 2018!


Make your payment off the website by any of these 3 methods:-



Remember our low, low prices already include the shipping!

 As one of our 3,500 world-wide Members, you benefit by buying Vegepa at the lowest possible price whilst, at the same time, Vegepa Club automatically donates a % to crucial Biomedical Research into ME.

Currently we're helping to set up a unique ME BioBank which is vital for ME Research. Together we've raised over £48,000 so far!

Of course you can always donate a little extra with your order, if you like, so we can find a cure quicker!


Everything you could possibly need to know is on our website (even about my faithful assistant Ollie)

  Only Members of Vegepa Club are allowed to see my rock bottom prices so tell your friends and family to join the Vegepa Club  It's open (and free) for absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world, to buy this unique, clinical-grade supplement via Vegepa Club, (regardless of their medical condition).

So, Happy Easter, once again, to you all.

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