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Macán Clásico is deeply attached to its territory, Rioja San Vicente de la Sonsierra compiling centuries of tradition, knowledge and winegrowing culture from the foothills of Sierra de Cantabria. It expresses freshness, fruitiness and delicacy coming from its terroir which provides depth and complexity.

Behind this wine today, since 2004 holds immense effort in the selection, acquisition and care for the 92 hectares of vineyard and since 2009 (first release) praiseworthy work in the cellar. In addition, since 2016 the joint project between Tempos Vega Sicilia and the Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild in La Rioja DOCa includes modern facilities where innovation, technology and eno-science merge together.

Macán Clásico is a single variety, 100% Tempranillo. Its grapes grow on chalky soils with a sandy marl profile. Vintage 2016 was produced in the new facilities in Samaniego allowing a more precise, parcel driven vinification. For its ageing, new oak was reduced in 50% and 10% of barrels used were American oak built in Vega Sicilia´s own cooperage.

Macán Clásico 2016 offers the purest expression of Rioja's Tempranillo. It's a fresh wine, but at the same time serious, with persistence and depth.

The lack of rain in the summer, caused clusters to have smaller berries at the start of the campaign, but moderate rainfall in the third week of September was beneficial to complete maturation. These favorable weather conditions brought hope in the increase of productive expectations.

Harvest took place from the 17th of September to the 3rd of October.


This wine is ready to drink now holding a potential ageing window of approximately 10 - 15 years if kept in ideal conditions: constant temperature of 12-14 ºC, 60% relative humidity.

Optimum drinking temperature is 18 ºC.

Macán Clásico 深深地依附於其領土,Rioja San Vicente de la Sonsierra 匯集了來自坎塔布里亞山脈 (Sierra de Cantabria) 山腳下數百年的傳統、知識和葡萄種植文化。它表達了來自其風土的新鮮、果味和美味,這提供了深度和復雜性。

在今天這款酒的背後,自 2004 年以來在 92 公頃葡萄園的選擇、收購和護理方面付出了巨大的努力,自 2009 年(首次發布)以來在酒窖中進行了值得稱讚的工作。此外,自 2016 年以來,Tempos Vega Sicilia 與位於拉里奧哈 DOCa 的 Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild 之間的聯合項目包括將創新、技術和生態科學融合在一起的現代化設施。

Macán Clásico 是單一品種,100% 丹魄。它的葡萄生長在具有沙質泥灰岩輪廓的白堊土壤上。 Vintage 2016 是在 Samaniego 的新設施中生產的,允許更精確、包裹驅動的釀造。對於陳釀,新橡木減少了 50%,使用的橡木桶中有 10% 是在 Vega Sicilia 自己的製桶廠建造的美國橡木。

Macán Clásico 2016 為里奧哈的丹魄提供了最純粹的表達。這是一款新鮮的葡萄酒,但同時也很嚴肅,具有持久性和深度。

夏季缺乏雨水,導致葡萄串在活動開始時的漿果較小,但 9 月第三週的溫和降雨有利於完全成熟。這些有利的天氣條件為提高生產預期帶來了希望。

收穫時間為 9 月 17 日至 10 月 3 日。


如果保持在理想條件下,這款酒現在即可飲用,潛在陳釀期約為 10 - 15 年:恆溫 12-14 ºC,60% 相對濕度。

最佳飲用溫度為 18 ºC。

Macán is a modern and very personal take on the premium quality and highly expressive wines of the DOCa Rioja. It is a commitment to fineness, elegance, complexity and power. And it is the flagship of Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia, the project launched by Tempos Vega Sicilia and the Compagnie
Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 2004.

2009 was the first vintage released on the market, and this 2016 Macán endorses the work achieved over these years. Knowledge, effort, patience and a spirit of constant improvement have boosted the growth of a project that currently resides on a 98-hectare estate of high-quality vineyards and cutting-edge production facilities that fuse technology, tradition and innovation.

Macán is made only from grapes of the Tempranillo variety, from a meticulous selection of mature plots found on high terraces with poor gravelly soils of a loamy-calcareous nature.

During fermentation, in the winery´s first year, the extraction was very precise and the evolution of the oak lead to a better blending in the ageing phase, which took place in barrels (50 % new) of French origin and a 4,000-litre Foudre for sixteen months.

Macán 2016 is the consolidation of the sought-after style. It is a wine with density, but at the same time, it is fresh, concise and deep.

In summer, a shortage of rainfall resulted in bunches with smaller berries at the beginning of the season, but the moderate rains that fell in the third week of September helped complete the ripening process. These positive climate conditions increased production expectations.

The harvest took place from 17 September to 3 October.


This wine is suitable for drinking now, but it can be stored for 10-15 years in optimal conditions: 12-14 °C / 54-57 ºF and 60 % relative humidity.

The recommended serving temperature is 18 °C / 64 ºF.

Macán 是對 DOCa Rioja 優質和極具表現力的葡萄酒的現代且非常個性化的詮釋。這是對精緻、優雅、複雜和力量的承諾。它是 Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia 的旗艦,該項目由 Tempos Vega Sicilia 和 Compagnie 發起
Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild 於 2004 年。

2009 年是第一個在市場上發布的年份,而這款 2016 年的 Macán 認可了這些年來取得的成就。知識、努力、耐心和不斷改進的精神推動了該項目的發展,該項目目前位於佔地 98 公頃的優質葡萄園和融合技術、傳統和創新的尖端生產設施上。

Macán 僅由 Tempranillo 品種的葡萄製成,這些葡萄來自精心挑選的成熟地塊,這些地塊位於高階梯田,土壤貧瘠,具有石灰質肥沃的礫質土壤。

在釀酒廠的第一年發酵過程中,提取非常精確,橡木的演變導致在陳釀階段更好地混合,這發生在法國原產的桶(50% 新)和 4,000 升Foudre 十六個月。

Macán 2016 是廣受歡迎的風格的鞏固。這是一款有密度的酒,但同時又清新、簡潔、深沉。

在夏季,由於降雨量不足,在本季開始時,漿果較小,但 9 月第三週的溫和降雨幫助完成了成熟過程。這些積極的氣候條件提高了生產預期。



這種酒適合現在飲用,但它可以在最佳條件下儲存 10-15 年:12-14 °C / 54-57 ºF 和 60 % 相對濕度。

推薦的食用溫度為 18 °C / 64 ºF。


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The harmony of beauty

Macán Clásico emerged from the heart of La Rioja. A wine of yesterday and today that respects the most authentic and typical style of a prestigious region.

A wine that searches for harmony by turning to its roots. The nature of its origins gives it a special elegance, a lingering mark, wrapping it in an unforgettable balance of sensitivity and expressivity.

Red wine wholly made using the Tempranillo variety. After the alcoholic fermentation, the malolactic process is carried out in barrels and in tanks. The ageing takes place in extrafine and fine grain French wood, the majority in new barrels and the rest in one-wine barrels. It remains in wood for 15 months and then in bottles until it is sold.

Macán and Macán Clásico are the joint vision that two great names of the wine world, Rothschild and Vega Sicilia, have of La Rioja. They are very elegant wines, where the harmony of their aromas and flavours show the authenticity of the land from where they come and its capacity to produce great wines.

Macán Clásico is very approachable and expressive, more pleasant and pleasurable when drunk with a marked character of the land from which it comes and a simplicity that makes it very attractive.

Its co-existence is due to the desire to preserve the Bordeaux tradition to produce a first and second wine. Both always coexist and are treated exactly the same from the wine to the classification tasting. The different wine batches of the vintage are then separated, with the two wines being considered individually and showing the differences between them.


Macán Clásico 誕生於拉里奧哈的中心。過去和今天的葡萄酒,尊重著名地區最真實和典型的風格。


完全使用丹魄品種釀製的紅葡萄酒。酒精發酵後,蘋果酸乳酸過程在桶和罐中進行。陳釀在超細和細粒法國木材中進行,大部分在新桶中,其餘在單酒桶中。它在木頭中保存 15 個月,然後裝瓶直至出售。

Macán 和 Macán Clásico 是葡萄酒界的兩個偉大人物 Rothschild 和 Vega Sicilia 對拉里奧哈的共同願景。它們是非常優雅的葡萄酒,香氣和風味的和諧展示了它們原產地的真實性以及生產優質葡萄酒的能力。

Macán Clásico 非常平易近人,富有表現力,喝醉時更加愉悅和愉悅,具有原產地的顯著特徵和使其非常有吸引力的簡單性。


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