Priceless Things Seen at GSF
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Gwartney's in Uganda

Walking Path, Bricks, Culverts

A Walk Across Campus

Walking from the GSF Administration block to the office at my house last week, there were several tangible observations.
  • School latrines are being upgraded with new masonry.  
  • The roof is being replaced on our P7 classroom.  
  • Dirt was flying out of a huge hole in the ground, to replace a clogged soak pit.  
  • Last week, the dirt was flying out of a new trash pit that was being dug.  
  • Two new staff housing units are aflutter with final details as the structures are being completed within the week.  
  • Behind the central kitchen, there are mounds of fresh-cut firewood harvested from eucalyptus trees grown on our land.  
  • The tree harvest also made room to expand our sugar cane fields on the farm side of campus.  
None of this seems to bother the monkeys that roam our forests and frequently find their way into our back yard, sometimes even peering in the doors to our house!

Things Unseen

As you walk across campus, if you only see the dirt, bricks and wood, then you have missed some serious things!
  • The student who gave his life to Christ at staff Bible study on Tuesday.
  • The grandmother whose disabled grandson laughed as our therapists evaluated him.
  • Discipleship studies that build up our staff.
  • Prayer times for our communities, for outreach programs, for the ministry.
  • Counseling and prayers with children, staff and families in the villages.
  • Answered prayers for one of our drivers to be released from jail after false charges.
  • The grieving GSF guard who lost a son and an aunt in a house fire last month.
The last two items above brought our staff together in corporate prayer in beautiful ways. Blessings come from trials!

Price Tags vs. Priceless

The things which are seen are temporal and have price tags.  The things which are unseen are eternal and are priceless.  We invite you to help us with the price tags, so that the priceless takes place all the more!  See below for ways to Get Involved!
Nansubuga Ruth, Liposarcoma
Health Care: Good medical care is unattainable for many people in the village.  The young lady pictured above is one example.  Her jaw is swollen from Liposarcoma, a rare cancer with little hope of healing. Her condition is much worse than the above picture indicates.  The hospital sent her home this weekend saying that there is nothing more they can do.  Pray for Ruth to know the peace of God in such a time. Gifts of any amount enable us to assist needy people around us with life-giving medical care. Prayers to the Author of Life provide unseen backing for the miracles that are needed in such cases.
Goal for 2016:  $5,000
New one-bedroom house for Child Care Manager
School latrine under repair
Nico surveys piles of firewood
  • School Playground - We hope to partner with East African Playgrounds later this year to construct new playspaces for our nursery and primary school.
    Estimated Cost:  $10,000
  • Chapel Remodel - Discovering ways to make the GSF Chapel a cleaner, peaceful place for prayer and worship is on our hearts.
    Estimated Cost:  $4,000
  • Farm Development - The sugar cane field extension must be developed before it can start generating income for GSF.
    Development Cost:  $4,000
  • Staff House - Our master plan calls for a third housing unit to be constructed for our staff nurses.
    Cost:  $39,000
  • MK School - Our kids receive an amazing education at no cost to us, thanks to a teaching team whom God called to serve here at GSF.  Our family would love to contribute toward construction of additional classrooms for the GSF missionary kids.
    Goal:  $10,000 or more!
  • Landscaping, Latrines and Loose Ends - The 120-acre campus that we call home constantly needs care and modifications to meet the needs of the ministry.  It is a blessing to have funding available for the dirty work of latrine renovations, the beautification work of landscaping and all kinds of other small projects that arise throughout the year.
    Goal for 2016:  $10,000
We will be glad to share details about any projects listed above.

 Donations for these projects can be designated accordingly in our account (#2691) or the
GSF Special Projects Fund (#1144).
Use the Support button below or mail a check to:
Global Outreach International
PO Box 1, Tupelo, MS 38802
Global Outreach does not charge administrative fees.
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