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The red jade vine, Mucuna benetti, blooms on our mahogany tree at the farm. Native to Papua New Guinea, these cascading clusters of brilliant red create an unforgettable floral show.

Farmer Highlight: Michael Milne and his wife, Jacinta grew your arugula this week. He belongs to OASATT (Organic Stakeholders of Trinidad & Tobago), a group focused on organic food production in our country. What inspires you most about agriculture? " We are the keepers of the environment in sync with the creator of all things. Also, the ability to work as a team with a common focus makes a difference. I enjoy farming with my wife- it is positive and lifegiving- a wonderful opportunity to grow together. I eat anything she makes- my wife is a great cook. As for me, my children ask, "Daddy why don't you cook more". One of my proudest moments. this year-  I always wanted to grow eddoes. I reaped 2 crocus bags full. The beauty of God's creation."
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Farm Fresh To You 

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"- Vincent Van Gogh

Just like that, we are at the end of February! It is so special to see you every weekend, exchange recipes, hug the kids, learn about healthy lifestyles as we continue to improve. To change a food system into a more sustainable one- it comes down to the family, the farmer, the community and the collaboration with other groups. Great things are stirring, thank you for being a part of it. 

In your basket you will find,

I am 100% local, 100% naturally grown 
meaning without use of direct synthetic applications. 

Angela's cassava, Chaguanas
Angela's friend "Tantie"
lauki, Londonville
Larry & Joann's crapaux back pumpkin and asian eggplant, Pipiol
Green Market's
white grapefruit and shadon beni, Santa Cruz
Judy's baby bok choy, Arima
Jacinta & Michael Milne's
arugula, Arima
Kevins' lemons, Maracas St.Joseph
Narvin's silk fig
Zen's pak choi, La Pastora

"If I am in italic red, it is my first time in the basket"

"If I have an *asterisk * by my name, it means that at some point in my life, my farmer used a pesticide/ fertilizer. There are none this week. However, they do not classify as "organic" as there is no standard in Trinidad- organic encompasses more than spray- it looks at soil and seed as well.

Lauki, Lagenaria sicenaria, also known as bottle gourd, white squash, dudhi, calabash

An edible gourd with pale green skin that grows as a vine. It has a slightly bitter taste but high nutritional value. Highly revered in Indian ayurveda known to balance liver functioning, help with weight loss, urinary disorders and even said to prevent premature greying of hair. It aids digestion with its high fibre content and alkaline nature. Just like cucumber, it has a high amount of water and will have a cooling effect on the body.

Steam, stir-fry, saute, juice

Arugula, Eruva sativa also known as salad rocket

A mediterranean leafy green vegetable with leaves similar to spinach but with a slightly spicy taste. Compared with icebergy lettuce one buys at the grocery, a serving of arugula contains about 8x the calcum, 5x the vitamin A, C and K, and 4x the iron and lots of antioxidants.

Salad, pesto, juice, stuffed in meat/ veggies, on top of pizza, in sandwiches, 

by Wendy Rahamut, author of Modern Caribbean Cuisine

This recipe can be made 
without the meat.

1 large eggplant
1/4 lb ground beef or chicken
4 dried Chinese mushrooms, reconstituted in warm water
2 tbs minced fresh ginger
3 tbs minced garlic
1/2 cup chopped chives
3 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sugar
1/2 tbs vinegar
1 tbs chili garlic sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbs water
3 tbs vegetable oil

Slice and salt eggplant, let rest for 15 minutes. Rinse, pat dry and cut into julienne thin strips.
Season the meat with one-tablespoon ginger, one-tablespoon garlic, 2 tablespoons soy sauce and one-quarter cup chives.
Squeeze mushrooms, remove stems and slice thinly.
Make sauce by combining sugar, remaining soy sauce, vinegar, chili garlic sauce, sesame oil and water.
In a wok or frying pan heat one-tablespoon oil, add meat and mushrooms and cook until meat is brown.
Remove meat from pot, wash pot and return to the heat.
Add remaining oil and when hot add remaining garlic and ginger.
Add eggplant and stir constantly, cover and simmer until eggplant is tender about 15 minutes.
Add meat and stir, add sauce and stir until well combined.
Taste and adjust seasonings, sprinkle with remaining chives.
Serve hot with steamed rice.
• Serves 4


Renewal for April. Please let us know by Monday at 5pm if you will/ will not be continuing our program. Also, include your pickup day. Payments are due in full next weekend $600. We have a limited number of egg subscriptions available- let us know.

Honey & Apiary Tour. Interested in learning about the life of bees and what it takes to have that bottle of honey in your kitchen? End of March in Moka with ATTAC (Apiculture Trinbago), it is a family workshop. Please let us know if you would like to participate. 

Grown With Love ♥ ,
The Green Market

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