Green Market CSA Newsletter #18 

Okra from the garden- grown by husband and wife-Joann and "Learie" sounds like Larry. You know this pleasant and humble couple from Pipiol (just down the road from the Green Market) for their crapaux back pumpkin and pimento peppers. During the week, you will find them at Mount Hope Complex- Joann sells food and Learie does maintenance. Yesterday was Joann's birthday so she decided to take the weekend off from the market. However, she wanted to participate in the farm-share baskets and provided this sweet harvest. Lucky us, we haven't had okra in the baskets for months.

Enjoy in calalloo, rice, curry, soup or even raw as a salad (it's not as fuzzy as you think). It is high in fibre, vitamin A, C and antioxidants such as beta carotene responsible for promoting skin, eye and immune health. Folate helps build strong bones. It is a good source of B vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc. 
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Farm Fresh To You 

"Mother, to the world you may just be one person but to us, you are the world". 

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrate all mothers of this program for all that you do to build a family, home and life with unconditional love. You make the world a better place, even with every meal you make. 
In your very green farm-share basket this week, you will find...

I am 100% local, 79% naturally grown, without use of direct synthetic applications.

Angela's grey sweet potato, Chaguanas
Christopher's aquaponic choi sum, Freeport
Judy & Roger's watercress and sapodilla
, Arima

Joann & Larry's green okra, Pipiol
Miss Pansy & Lisann's limes
, Paramin
Narvin's sikki ay bananas, cassava and *sugar loaf pineapple*,
Robbie's hydroponic *pak choi* and *
Trevor's mixed tomatoes, Arima
Zen's green string beans, La Pastora


Free-range eggs provided by Green Market & Kevin of Pamphoor Farms.

If I am in italic red, it is my first time in the basket, grown by this farmer. If I have an *asterisk * by my name, it means that at some point in my life, my farmer used a chemical pesticide/ fertilizer. Please wash me.

Outstanding payments due this weekend please. Cash or cheque made payable to "Green Market Santa Cruz"

In an effort to make it easier with egg subscribers, we would like to have nametags by baskets again. The program needs to buy more baskets as some have gone missing from old subscribers. Our apologies for anyone who had missing items this past month, we will do our best to double check.

Upcoming Project: Community Compost

CSA Family-Gabriella de Freitas- had a great idea this past weekend to start a community compost. Usually food scraps that families bring in, we feed to the chickens and ducks. However, if families brought scraps in to add to a compost pile, we could distribute finished compost when it is ready to use in the garden. Fantastic right? By next week, we will have a plan of action. It would be nice if we can provide standard white buckets with tops to each family interested. Let us know any thoughts. Perhaps a workshop?
What to do with your eggshells?

We would also like to collect egg shells (washed)! For those with egg subscriptions (if you aren't already doing it), you can also add to your garden as a natural fertilizer. Eggs are a great source of calcium, necessary for growth and development. Clean and crush them up roughly or into a power or even as a eggshell tea which allows them to sit and absorb in water for a few days.

No Farm To Table Cooking Demo This Sunday

Our apologies for those who have been enjoying Green Market Food Network. Sonja needed a break this weekend. We start back next weekend.

Mother's Day Fashion Show

Saturday May 9th in the Market  

Bring your mothers, aunts, friends and watch the display of local jewelry made by vendors and showcased amongst the green for all to see. Celebrating all that mothers in our community do. Hamper giveaway.

International Year of Biodiversity 

Saturday May 23rd 9am-12pm
The Field Naturalist Society of Trinidad and Tobago will be doing education and outreach. Learn about flora and fauna or how to become involved in their meetings and outings. Humanity's fate is tightly linked with biological diversity- the variety of life on Earth. It is essential for sustainable development and human wellbeing. 


Thank you for supporting our family of small-scale farmers.

Grown With Love ♥ ,
The Green Market

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