Dec 2015 - From Maban, South Sudan

Dear family and friends,


Since 2014 and throughout all 2015 many of you have generously helped us and for this we are grateful. As JRS team here in Maban (Jesuit Refugee Service) we are fillled with hope despite all the challenges.

Thanks to all of you we have enjoyed the best gift: to be able to share our lives with our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters. Together with them we greet you in this festive season as we continue serving, accompanying and defending their rights in this deeply troubled land. With these pictures we wish to celebrate with you a hope that keeps growing.
We are grateful because one more year a good number of teachers have chosen to improve their skills so as to be able to better support their students.
We are grateful because where children could not go to school today a nursery school opens its doors every day (more pictures available here).
We are grateful because the invincible joy keeps shining in the faces of all, especially the children.
We are grateful because those whose voice had been stolen have been able to tell their story with words that reach out to the hearts of many. (You can view 2 videos of teacher Leila here and here).
We are grateful because there is no lack of resources able to stop the modest but daring power of education.
We are grateful because the community has made possible that the newly displaced children could have a safe place for them to learn and play together.
We are grateful because a new generation of girls is dreaming of a new future, thus becoming the agents of change in their communities.
We are grateful because in this corner of the world we have still been able to share the Ignatian tradition of offering quality education that aims at building a more just and peaceful tomorrow.
We are grateful because where life seems to be most threatened and abandoned, God's tender presence becomes a source of deep joy and consolation.
We are grateful because the most vulnerable have taught us a resilience and joy that encourages us to keep on moving.
We are grateful because we have been able to offer basic counselling training to community volunteers who visit regularly the most forgoten ones and help them live with meaning this time of exile.
We are grateful because the youth are really enjoying the sports and recreational activities which strenghen the bonds of unity and peace.
We are grateful because the youth have helped us to celebrate with renewed joy the 35 years of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).
We are grateful because in the midst of an overwhelming ocean of urgent material needs there is always opportunity to celebrate life in community.
Refugees, internally displaced and host community,
all of them our brothers and sisters
in our journey in this corner of the world.

One more year thanks for remembering us.
United in the heart of the poor which is the heart of God

Alvaro Sánchez, SJ - Pau Vidal, SJ - Conchi Jiménez
(you can watch a recent interviewin in Spanish to Pau here)
In good company, enjoying our Christmas present: our house decorated by the parish women.

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  The kids of Gulawein Nursery school (Bunj town) singing together to start the day.

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